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Blog name: Gary A

I’m a 32 year old Sagittarian (ok fine, I will be 33 in a couple weeks) who lives in Manhattan (New York). I work in casting and reception for a TV commercial production company called Hungry Man. I became a follower of “brotha Howard” during the Fall of 2002 when George Bush was OBVIOUSLY rushing this country down the path to an unjustified, dangerous war in Iraq. I discovered Dean and became a follower of his campaign and quickly became a convert. I’ve never really had an active interest in a political campaign before, certainly never contributed any money to one, until now. I’m also a student of astrology and for those in the know, my Moon is in Virgo and I’m a Taurus Rising, therefore I am a practical kind of person and Howard Dean’s no-nonsense telling-it-like-it-is attitude is something I really appreciate. I am also a gay man and have a partner of 8 years, Marc, who is also an active Dean supporter. We constantly talk to our friends, co-workers and strangers even about how Dean is the prescription for change that this country needs, and I’m happy to say we’ve shown a few people the light. I am particularly proud of Gov. Dean for doing what his conscious knew was right, despite public and political backlash, when as the Governor of Vermont he signed Civil Unions into law in his state.

But most of all, as a survivor of the horrible attacks of Sept. 11th (I lived just two short blocks away from the World Trade Center) who lost his apartment and just about everything in it because of the collapse of the South Tower, yet still managed to escape with my life and my dog, I am especially disgusted by the current administrations attempts to justify the war in Iraq as if it had anything at all to do with Sept. 11th. To say that it does and then use that justification to start a war where hundreds of thousands of more people die is deplorable and a snub in the face of all those poor people who lost their lives, and thousands of others like me who were directly affected by it in other ways. Dean is the only candidate who can take our country back!

Blog name: Garry K Kiser

I am 52 years old, retired US Navy Lieutenant, mustang officer. Currently work for a silicon valley company. Born in Texas, left for the service when I was 21 and just moved back a little over a year ago. Divorced, no children.

While in the service I could never directly participate in any campaign (Although the Clinton Bashers had free rein in my last years) This is my first real involvement in a campaign and the first time I have contributed significant money and time. I will max out for Dean before June at current donation rate. Starting to support congressional candidates as recommended by Dean Campaign.

I have seen nothing but Dean stickers here in Dallas, and the local conservative biased newspaper confirms this. We are not huge numbers but the only ones sporting our signs. Unless ya count a wrecked truck behind somebody's house which still has a Perot sticker on it.

In the service I was what's called a Nuke! Not weapons, power production to drive ships, make electricity, water, and heat etc. Went to work for semiconductor captital equipment company when I retired. Currently working software and hardware support for the machines we sell and service. The ABraham Lincoln was my last active command before retiring, not by choice, did not make the next rank.

I don't miss the service, but I do miss the people (troops) they were the best part of serving. Some I served with and some I helped train are over there now. I am disgusted at the war for profit, world domination path that has escalated under Bush. Under Clinton the service was improved and leaned up to be more effective and less wasteful. The so called iraqi war was won by Clinton's military, Bush has been doing nothing to improve it, instead adding on tactical nuclear weapons and star wars which will go mostly in military industrial corporation profits as always, screw the troops and get them to die for corporate profits and world domination and hegemony.

Smedley Darlington Butler, A four star marine general before WWII, 3 time CMH winner, and more popular than McArthur at the time wrote a book about this. It was nothing if not applicable to our entire foreign policy experience and plans since world war two. The Bush Adminstration has simply escalated to break neck speed in this quest for hegemony. It has to stop, we need to join the world not own it.

I am using my Bush tax cut, which was more substantial than most due to my luck at still having a job with a good salary, to attempt to remove George Bush and as many republicans, and right wing democrats as possible from office. I will use more than that to help this fine man to attempt to lead us out of our greed and apathy. I understand the apathy, every day people I meet say it will not do any good to vote. Well I say it will do a world of good with this man.

I too, joined the national guard when I got my draft notice a long time ago then later joined the Navy. I did finish my service, and I would have not got in the Guard in my town without the influence of associates and friends in the Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) and others, plus I am white (really sick pale color), appeared to be Christian, and at the time pretty good ole boy (read redneck, so of poor farmer and oilfield worker). System was always set up to grind the very poor and people of color into the grist of war. I did not have as much influence as Daddy Bush, CIA since it began to get my son in the guard but I got in.

If I had of known, what I know now, I would have joined at 18 instead of attempting college on a football scholarship. With my grades in school and ability I would have never gone into combat, unless I would have been stupid enough to go to OCS which was offered. I have felt guilty all those years at the friends and relatives and just people known to me who died or got hurt horribly by that terrible CIA war for profit.

I could talk forever, but I did try to pay back by serving in the Navy for almost 22 years, but now I am energized to try and get this country back to its promise and bright future. I will never stop speaking against the corruption and lies and if this country does succumb to it's current stupidity, I hope I am brave enough this time and knowing this is a fight that is necessary (not for profit) that I can survive whatever happens.

Blog name: gette

My name is Brigette Cooke. I live in San Jose California. I'm 45 years old. I have 2 children, one son, one daughter. Both teenagers. I own and operate a small Preschool within walking distance of my home. Last summer, my wonderful husband asked me to go to a fundraiser rally at Representative Zoe Lofgren's house here in Northern California. I really knew nothing about Howard Dean, but I love my husband and he didn't want to go alone. So I went and I shared small conversation with the Garden Party Goers. Enjoyed the music. The Party was filled with inquiring people, some who new the good Doctor well and were already sold, some who were just curious. Some were like me, just tagging along with our dates.

After Zoe Lofgren introduced Howard Dean and he began speaking. I realized how intelligent he was. I saw in him a good heart and he projected a strong presence. He began speaking of renewable energy sources and a clean enviroment...a subject which my husband cares deeply about. I do to, I have children and I love this planet. But the thing that nailed it for me is when he began talking about education and Bush's "No Child Left Behind" policy. My ears perked up. He actually understood what a disaster this policy is for our nations children, teachers and schools. He was so knowledgable on the subject and he was actually speaking my words. I am a preschool teacher. When he began talking about developmental stages of a childs life (duh he's a doctor) I started yelling YES! YES! My blood got pumping. My eyes began to swell up in tears. A candidate who actually understands young children! It was an amazing speech and I was left in a daze.

I started logging on to this website, reading the morning news roundup, educating myself, reading the papers, getting to know the issues and Howard's policies. I know more about politics and the world we live in now. NEVER in my life have I felt COMMUNITY like I feel with this campaign. It has given me hope, in a world I thought was lost to corporate rule. Howard Dean and his campaign has given me a renewed sense of purpose. My husband and I will begin walking our precinct here in Northern California in just a few days (our primary is on March 2) We've been trying to do our part, by writing letters, attending meetups, looking forward to the party tomorrow night, and hitting the bat as often as we can. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this revolution. After all we are Americans. It is our duty to make things right.

Thanks for the Hope Howard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us hope!

Blog name: Gina in Texas

I'm 37, work for a large human-services company and live in a part of Austin where it's still socially acceptable to be liberal ;-) I'm married, no kids, have pet rabbits. Although I always vote, I have never before volunteered in any political campaign. I remember my very first sighting of the name "Howard Dean." I was leaving my polling place after voting in a low-turnout municipal election, and next to the exit driveway there was a nicely homemade campaign sign with a pocket of trifold flyers. I didn't take one, but I remember thinking, "This is a good idea. Whoever this guy is, he's got some committed supporters who will do creative things to get the word out on their candidate."

Of course, I also volunteer and contribute because I support Dr. Dean himself. I tend to thoroughly mull over my decisions on whom to support politically. When Dr. Dean started getting a little national press, I
remembered my first "sighting" and was particularly interested in checking out his policy positions and the progress of the campaign. I had turned out for peace rallies before the war started, so of course his position on the war made me sit up and listen. I knew, though, that the Democratic nominee had to have a lot more going on than being against the Iraq War. I lurked quite a bit on the blog, looked at policy papers on the site, read stuff in the news. In a Web straw poll last summer, I voted for Dean, and
subsequently made small donations to Dean and Kucinich, my first ever political donations.

The more I learned about the campaign and the positions and tactics of the other Democratic candidates, the more I was drawn to become involved. Now I'm writing letters to Iowans, posting on the blog, trading email and ideas with other supporters, pursuing my pet "Sit on a Domain Name for Dean!"
project (email me at domainsfordean at yahoo dot com for more info), going to Meetups, writing response letters to reporters and editors, wearing a campaign button (even that is a first for me), talking to friends, planning to become a precinct organizer, considering traveling to another state to
assist the campaign there.

Dr. Dean and his campaign have awakened me from my slumber, where I dreamt I would always have the freedoms this country was founded upon, and the opportunities, if we bothered to exercise them, to affect political life. I and the other members of this community are ready now to go to work for
those freedoms and for a true representative democracy.

The campaign (especially the blog!) is imperfect, it is frequently messy, but I believe it represents a hopeful sign of empowerment that I will work to continue even beyond Dr. Dean's run for the Oval Office. We are countering apathy, fear mentality, and cynicism. We can make a difference in people's lives, at the political and even at the psychological level.

I have pledged to do my best not only to help Dr. Dean gain the nomination and the presidency, but to advocate within the community of souls who form the aggregate campaign an ever more positive vision and energy.

If you'd like to see a postcard I made, check out -- it's the rabbit one titled "Buster."

Blog name: Gloral in Iowa

I was born in 1944 in Hannibal, Missouri. When I was two years old, I was adopted by a Des Moines, Iowa childless couple along with one of my real sisters. We were raised in Des Moines. When I was 18, I started going to Drake University, and I payed for it by myself. My adopted mother died in 1960, when I was 16. It was a big blow, but I've been trying to live a decent life ever since. I've had a lot of different jobs. For my first 10 years of work--between 18 and 28, I worked for Doctors and hospitals in all capacities except the Doctor. I understand Doctors. They are gruff and angry at times, because they need to be to make sure their patients get the best treatment possible. I became endeared to some of the Doctors, because they saw that I was sincere and a compassionate worker that wanted the best for their patients too. One doctor, at a Des Moines hospital--a very gruff Doctor--after a whole day working on his patient to help the Doctor keep that person alive, well that Doctor hunted me up at the end of my shift and told me this, "You saved your patient." He beamed a big smile at me and I'll never forget that day. All the other hospital workers in all capacities feared that particular Doctor, but I just respected him and what we had to do for his patient.

After the medical work I did, I became an office "Girl Friday", in other words, what had to be done I did. Then I was just an office clerk.

After that, I became a COBOL programmer. Well, that computer language is rather obsolete now, and for some reason I can't learn any other languages except HTML, and I'm still learning that. So far, I'm not a normal HTML writer as my website attests. It is an extension of my personality, and I enjoy the opportunity to do it my way. But if I would ever have a job as a business website designer, I'd have to learn a lot more things than I have learned right now.

I am a disabled American Citizen now for the last 14 years. I have a horrible time with crowds and face to face communication, but I like to write. So I do blog for Dean from time to time. I try to write blogs that might be interesting to people, but I do not get many replies, so I have no idea if I help anybody at all. This is all part of my illness, though, so I struggle on in the name of Dr. Dean. I respect him highly,because he and his wife are Doctors. From long ago, they, Doctors, earned my respect and I think I earned theirs. Dr. Dean understands hard work and a lot of pressure in his chosen profession. He has to get angry sometimes when the life of his patient is on the line. So, that is the source of his "anger". He's just being a Doctor, you see. He sees an ailing America with many ailing citizens and must do what he must to save the life of the United States of America and the lives of its citizens.

Blog name: Gooserock

I'm a 50-ish laid-off computer analyst & support worker who has never been active in a political campaign before. I'm son of a NASA engineer, boyhood sail race winner, lifelong player of military music--yet a strong liberal since the days when I expected to pay for it. I now have a tiny home business using rational methods and testing to help revive a declining art. It's a perfect fit with the Dean Movement! I tend to live 10-20 years in the future, and I'm terrified that humanity's technical powers are becoming almost magical at just the time that so many opportunities are becoming the private property of a tiny few. We needed this movement 20 years ago, but Dean--thankfully--has exactly the right mind to turn the public's attention at last to the nature of our challenges. We all need to understand how our world works and how it's changing--or even winning won't matter.

Blog name: Gordon

In 5th grade I was asserting my independence by endorsing John Anderson for President (remember him?). I continue to assert it today by supporting Howard Dean. I am a Child and Family Therapist in
Western North Carolina where I live with my wife and two dogs.

Blog name: grace

I'm 37, single, and I teach English to foreign students . I enjoy helping people with health problems using a holistic approach. I am also a spiritual teacher whose focus is "Presence". I've travelled alot in
recent years and have not been politically active for many years. I've followed the career of Dr. Dean for several years and always hoped hewould run for President. Even when I disagreed with his policies I
noticed a genuineness that was refreshing. What I didn't expect at this time, was a grassroots movement that had enough power to actually change American politics and inspire movements around the world. This to me is the most important aspect of what we are doing.

Blog name: Grandma J

I am 58 years old, 3 grown children, 6 grandchildren, a retired legal secretary and disabled. My children gave me a computer last Mother's day so I would yell at the computer about Bush and not keep calling them up to yell at them about Bush."

Blog name: Grandma Marcia in OK

I am a 63 year old Registered Nurse,, now disabled. Have 2 grown sons, both married, one grandson and a another grandbaby due this month (a girl this time). Divorced for 21 years, life long Democrat but this is the first campaign I have worked for or given money to. I live with my "tuxedo cat" who gets tired of my ranting at the T.V. He naps then I blog. Good kitty.

Blog name: Green 4 Dean (Green4Dean prior to blog registration)

Well, as the name implies, I'm Green at heart...I actually was a registered Green until the good doctor came along. Anyway, I am a married 43 year old mother of a three year old daughter and a one year old son. My husband (Steve G) and I live in Maryland where we and our children periodically dance around the computer room.....ok, we do it several times a the September Meetup Video! I never thought that I would feel such a sense of community---family really---with a political campaign. It truly is quite extraordinary! I am so thankful for the hope that Howard Dean gives us, for the thoughtfulness, helpfulness, and sheer silliness of the bloggers, and for the energy and dedication of all the campaign staffers and volunteers that are driving this campaign to the White House.

Blog name: Greg in TN.

I'm 40, married with one daughter who is 8. I discovered Gov.Dean after the primary. When I checked out his website I found that I agreed with about 85% of what he had to say. I also found something strange called a blog. I've never given money to a candidate before. I've never handed out buttons or flyers before. I had never posted on a blog before. I barely missed being able to vote for Jimmy Carter for President in 1980. I voted Democrat in every Presidential election for the last twenty years. I'm a Christian and Southern Baptist and have been repulsed by George W. Bush and other Republicans who claim to be Christian but walk in the opposite directions of the teachings of Christ. Another thing I've never done before was create a website. I've gathered links posted by people on the blog and compiled them into a website.

I have lived in MS KY GA & TN. I love all the information & entertainment I get from fellow bloggers. I love my country but fear my government. I want that to stop. I don't just support Howard Dean beacuse he can beat George W Bush, I support him because he gives me hope.

Blog name: GuyZ in Memphis (A ParrotHead for Dean)

I'm 43, married, and have two lovely teenage daughters. We're middle class, and am one of those who never contributed money to a campaign before and have never been involved in national politics. Dr. Dean got my attention when I started looking for a alternative to the Republicrats. Dr. Dean is it. I agree with about 85% of his policies, but he is the ONLY viable candidate that has the backbone to go against BushCo and win. I've been in this since March of 2003, and have seen it grow into a movement. I created the word document stationary that many of us use for our letters to IA and NH that People-Powered Graphics has been nice enough to put on their site. My wife, an independent, has signed onto the campaign too. We do this for our children's sake and we look forward to November when we take our country back. See you at the Blogger's Ball!

Blog name: Harpseal

Hi yall! I'm a 23 year old female from Pennsylvania. I have a BA and in Psychology. I'm currently
underemployed as part time PC Support. I suffer from no health insurance, and a bad economy. I'm registered Republican, but am in the process of changing so I can vote for Dean. I am in the process of setting up a List Serv for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Area. I am interested in the poltical process but know little.I'm learning on the job :)

Blog name: Heather in Mass.

I am an almost 41-year old physician. I am a married mother of 3 kids (ages 12, 10, and 6). I am an avid computer user, but only recently (last week) discovered blogging. Basically I am so excited by Howard Dean's people-powered campaign that I want to know what is going on all the time.

I've never been active in politics before, and yet I've now spent an afternoon calling people in Iowa, I've held a house party (New Year's and was one of the top-20 fundraisers), I've gone up to New Hampshire with my 10-year old daughter to help out - and I talk to everyone I see about Dean.

I love the creativity and enthusiasm that I see on the blog. I feel like I'm more informed then most of the media these days!!

My blog name now is Heather in Mass, because I figured out the dangers of being too easily identified by Trolls - in fact I've just figured out what that meant!!

So we're not all 20-somethings with time to spare!! As President of my district medical society I have to graciously host the president-elect of the AMA on Tuesday - and I'm pretty sure he's not voting in the democratic primaries...

Blog name: Heather in OR

45 years old, born in L.A. but moved to Oregon in 1977. Spouse owns a small seafood company and I work for it and teach gymnastics at the Y in Tillamook (director of homeland flexibility on the fiziwig list!). 2 kids, one in second grade, the other in her first year at Tulane in New Orleans. When I first discovered Dean and the blog last spring I was relieved. There is hope for this country.

Blog name: Heather in Tokyo

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My mother has always been an avid Democrat; she even has an autographed picture of Bill and Hillary on her wall. I did not follow in her footsteps, however, until I had a child of my own and realized that I needed to do everything possible to help him inherit a better world.

Now I live in Tokyo with my loving husband, two year-old wonder boy, and fabulous miniature dachshund. Because my link to American politics is the internet, Howard Dean's campaign has stood out as the best way for me to change my country. It helps that he is such a strong leader and gives my concerns and hopes a voice... but what keeps me coming back for more is the excellent web presence and ability for the grassroots to take the campaign and run with it.

Presently I'm the owner of the Tokyo4Dean yahoo group and co-administrator of the Expats4Dean weblog and Expats for Dean forums . Like Terri, I too am looking forward to receiving my Tokyo4Dean samurai t-shirt next week. :-)

Blog name: Hector in Louisiana

Married to Lisa. She is a visual artist and I am an architect and a professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am 54 and a native of El Salvador. I came to the US to study at LSU in 1966 and never left. I love this country and fear the fascistic tendencies of the Right Wing. Their ideology's total disregard for the best values of the American people makes it most urgent that we change the direction this country is heading. I believe Dean alone can deliver the goverment back to its people. I believe this because of the energy and enthusiasm he's been able to arouse throughout the diverse spectrum that is the strength and beauty of this country. The last time I felt this inspired was during the short and tragic campaign of Bobby Kennedy.

Although I just began bloging, I've been supporting him for a while. I love the blogs for what they tell me about what HD has been able to attract and incite: hope, passion, intelligence, humor and, above
all, a caring for the future of democracy!

Blog name: Helen in OR

I'm 54, a New Englander who moved to Portland, Oregon in 1975. My husband and I have two kids--the youngest is a staff sergeant in the Air Force. His older brother is the lead singer/songwriter for the local band, "Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory." All four of us are Dean supporters. I worked forever as a receptionist & secretary, now I'm a homemaker and loving the chance to help with the campaign.

Blog name: Henry in Richmond

I'm 63 years old, head of a non-profit (can't name because removed from politics), like to write poetry, was active in McGovern and Carter campaigns and for Henry Howell, populist lieutenant governor of Virginia who ran for governor; went to Iowa to volunteer for Bill Bradley (almost froze), have been out of politics because the process seemed so corrosive; have never seen anything remotely like the Dean campaign. My wife is reserving judgment (doesn't like Gov. Dean's stands on guns) but I'm confident she will support him. Haven't done much yet, sent one letter to Iowa, pledged a small amount of money, posted three blogs, went to a meetup, but am getting more and more enthusiastic.

Blog name: hopesprings

I've blogged a few times under hopesprings since the campaigns left Iowa and New Hampshire. My actual name is Suzanne Harris and I'm a teacher living in Los Angeles. Like so many others, I began paying a lot of attention to Gov. Dean when he spoke out so forcefully against the war in Iraq. Attended my first meet-up in September '03 near USC and was positively thrilled to see so many young people. Since then have attended meet-ups every month in Pasadena and felt compelled to write 200 letters to Iowa. I want to believe that every single person I wrote to went for Dr. Dean at the caucuses. I'm an avid reader/news junkie, so send lots of articles from various news sources to friends & family that detail Bush's continuing failures, along with Dr. Dean's accomplishments. We are SO ready in California for the primary on March 3 which he will win.

Blog names: Ike/Barbara/Kenn's Mom/Heidi and Kenn's Mom

I am 67, live alone with a wonderful cat in Kirkland, WA and have 2 children. Heidi's 34 and a lesbian. Kenn's 32 and is Howard Dean's National Database Administrator. I'm proud of both of them and I'm doubly blessed! I taught first grade for 10 years before Heidi and Kenn were born. After the divorce, I worked several years for the local public school district, and then spent 14 years working as a secretary working with grad students (including some wonderful military officers) and professors at Civil Engineering at the University of Washington. As I'm retired, I can take time to travel to both Iowa and New Hampshire to help take our country back.

Blog Name - Inanna

I live in Chicago, the actual city, i have 4 grown children, 8 grandkids - i'm 63yo and
slightly disabled, so i am mostly homebound.

I write, and i call and i read and i email - whenever i write a letter i always say i am
writing on behalf of my grandkids, cause i AM.

I have to admit that the first "call" to me to the campaign was the electronics of it, the ease
of connecting and donating - i want to be part of a new generation of campaigners.

But by now, i am very involved with the issues and the support for Dr. Dean that i can give.

I have two nieces in the military, so i am totally bummed by the treatment of the troops
that has been happening.

I don't post too much, but i am reading a LOT, and working as much as i can here to take our
country back - i just don't know how far back...*L*....maybe to '01 and begin again?

Blog Name: Irene

I am 39 and create the D-E-A-N-shaped crosswords celebrating the campaign at, in honor of Howard and Judy's med-school hobby.

Moved reluctantly from NJ to VT 6 years ago and quickly grew to love it here! Active in my church. Home-birthed both children. Have sung Howard Dean's praises ever since my first "Welcome Baby" visit five-plus years ago. As a new and exhausted-from-a-breech-birth Mom, I couldn't believe this state cared enough about me-the-recent-transplant and my newborn daughter to send a friendly, experienced mom over to give us useful info, free board books, and a "1-800-Parents" number to post prominently. Just looking at it 10x daily, when my daughter was So Hard to Care For and I had Nothing Left to Give, gave me the strength to go on.

Attended Dean's Announcement Speech in June because I lived close enough and found a babysitter. Couldn't see him from my perch in a parking garage, but his "You have the power!" refrain grabbed me deep inside and still holds me. I canvassed blue-collar Berlin, NH on a bitter-cold October day that I'll never forget. Attended Meetups in PA and VT. Volunteer at HQ answering e-mails as often as I can.

Rarely post to the blog, but love reading others' comments. Mine was chosen the #3 slogan for UNH Debate: "The Doctor is In ... Let the Healing Begin."

Blog name: Jackie in OH

I am a 52 year old grandma of 2 with one on the way. I spend a lot of time with those grandkids, and I would say they and issues that affect them are about my most important concern right now.

I have also been self employed for the past 17 years, in 2 different sewing related businesses. Right now I have an embroidery business which I do from my home. I am self employed mainly because I like the Independence it provides. I do not like to be a cog in a corporate machine.

I support Howard Dean because he, more than any of the other candidates represents the values I grew up with. He is in this for the good of the country, not for personal gain. He sticks to his guns about things that are really important, but is able to compromise on details to get things done. He will be a leader who will help to heal our wounds while leading us to greatness.

Editor's note: Jackie's Blacklick Bears site is the source from which people have been ordering their warm, hand embroidered polar fleece Dean wear.

Blog name: Jan / Dykes for Dean

I founded Dykes for Dean in early August after reading in USA Today that Gov. Dean showed stronger support amongst men than women. Dykes for Dean boasts nationwide membership and is the only Grass Roots group exclusively for lesbian and bi women who support Howard Dean.

Like many others, I have never before cared about nor been active in politics. I was already aware of Gov. Dean because of his signing the VT Civil Unions bill, but what really drew my attention to him was his plan for Health Care. He's "a doctor and a governor, and [he's] done it". What cemented my allegiance was the poll. When I chose Gov. Dean as my choice, I truly thought I was voting for the underdog - - imagine my surprise when he received 44% of the vote!

Through Dykes for Dean I host fundraisers here in San Francisco. I also guest-speak, table, volunteer, participate in visibility events & outreach, and attend MeetUps. I'll be pounding the pavement in Iowa from Jan. 15-19, 2004, prepared to freeze my butt off to make sure Gov. Dean is the Democratic nominee.

I truly believe this will be the most critical election in my lifetime. I've met & seen Gov. Dean up close & personal 3 times to date. I like him, and I like most of his policies, and I want my country back! I believe he's the man who can do it.

"Give 'em Hell, Howard!"

Blog name: Jane

I'm 63, born in NYC, but a life-long New Englander. So I've always been a 'liberal'. I've also been teaching, high school and art college, for almost 40 years. As an video artist I am tuned to the cultural pulse, and am always eager to note the interests of my students. I have not been politically active since JFK. Then I was a college campaigner and couldn't vote. I supported all the Democratic candidates by voting for them, but had no confidence once Reagan was elected, that the Democratic agenda would prevail. And indeed it is fading fast.

Then I saw Howard Dean on Meet the Press in March, and was hooked! I am doing what I can to inform my students, and writing letters, and donating regularly. I am so hopeful. The Dr. is great but equally strong and beautiful is the community that supports him. I don't post often to the blog, but read it avidly. Daily, really. It's brilliant!
HOWARD DEAN IN 2004!!!!!!

Blogger name: Janelle in NM

I'm Janelle in NM. I'm a 37 year-old Network Engineer. I moved from Texas three years ago and absolutely hated GW as the Governor of Texas. I still miss the days of Ann Richards. I've never been political until this past winter when I saw Howard Dean speak at the DNC Winter Dinner on C-SPAN. I
knew that, after Dean's "I want to know" speech, I was listening to the next great President of the United States. Since then, I've become more and more involved. I have a serious addiction to the blog but am also stepping away from the computer and talking to people one-on-one about Governor Dean. This weekend I practiced for my January visit to Iowa by canvassing here in Albuquerque with the Californians as part of the Southwest Voter Express. Thank you so much fellow bloggers for giving me hope that we will indeed take our country back!

Blog name: Janette Sexton

I am a 54-year-old Hispanic woman who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Through the years, I have lived in Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Mississippi. Pasadena, Texas has been home for the past 21 years.

English is my first language; I am a technical writer/editor by trade. I am divorced and have one wonderful son and one beautiful granddaughter living in Pennsylvania. I am an advocate for the environment; global warming is my pet issue.

This is my first foray into grassroots politics, and I've only been involved for 5.5 months. While I have contributed to political campaigns in the past, I have never volunteered as much time or contributed as much money as I have to the Dean For America campaign. This entire experience has been exciting and thrilling beyond belief; I had no idea this could be so much fun. Of course, we are blessed in that we have the best candidate that money cannot buy.

As a Texas Ranger, I traveled to New Hampshire in late September, along with 140 other Dean Patriots, to stump for Dean. It was a fabulous trip, and it felt so good to be doing something positive for the campaign and for the future of this country. After attending the main Meetup in Houston for three months, I decided to branch out and start a Meetup in Pasadena. Dr. Dean's message needs to be carried to every community, and that is why I play Subway Serenade's DeanMix CD loudly and with my car windows rolled down as I run my errands in and around Pasadena. It's a rolling Dean Boom Box! Go, Dean!

Governor Dean inspires me to believe in the precepts on which this country was founded and in the greatness to which this country aspires. He brings out the best in each of us, and I am confident that this country will prosper and be a better place for all when he's sitting in the Oval Office.

Blog name jb

I am 46 yrs old, mother of a 12 yr old girl, married for 17 yrs..I'm a performer in an eclectic folk group.....after the last sElection...I saw Bush quickly establish his extreme right wing agenda...I realized I could not sit on the sidelines, but must act...I signed petitions, wrote to my congressmen and senators,traveled many hours to protested the war........

In my despair , last April I started to take a look at who was running for president.....not expecting to be too thrilled...I read about each candidate.....and then I heard Deans' "what I wanna know speech"....whoa....this guy was REACHING ME.....I looked at his stance on the issuses....and although I dissagree with him on a few... I believe he is a strong leader, honest man and can beat GWB.....I had never given a dime to a national candidate before, walked door to door for signatures, attended monthly meetings,or wrote letters to undecided voters...but I have now.............the pundants are in shock.....they think this is just another election cycle.....sorry...we must evict this pResident.....Dean is the right man at the right time.

Blog name: jd in Calif.

I am 36 years old, mother of 2 school-age children, married to a Republican (he has other very wonderful qualities, and he won't vote for Bush), and I own my own small business. I went from a 20-something idealist to a 30-something cynic as I watched my party sell out to special interests and insider back-room deals. I was ready to sit this cycle out, except I knew that Bush had to be defeated. And suddenly along came Howard Dean. I haven't converted the Republican husband yet, but I'm on my way, and I suddenly find myself at meetings, passing out flyers, writing letters, donating more money than I've ever given before, signing up to be a precinct captain, traveling to Iowa...Because this campaign is not only about Howard Dean, it's about US. It's about Democracy, and I have never been more proud or more hopeful.

Blog name: Jeanie D

My name is Jeanie Diamond and when I comment on the Blog, which is only every now and then, I go by Jeanie D. I'm married; we have two grown's married and they have two daughters and the other one is living and going to school in Savannah, GA AND she's a very staunch Dean supporter. We live in Roswell, GA, in a nice conservative neighborhood, in a house where I have a Dean poster in every front window (there are three) and a Dean yard sign in the yard. There are also Dean bumper stickers on my car and my husband's truck.

I've never been involved in politics before, and what caused me to become involved in this Dean campaign was Dean's stand against the war. I was totally against the war, even way back in February when so many of our "friends" were pro day I just happened to hear something about Howard Dean, I looked him up on the Dean for America website, visited the Blog, and the rest is history. Other issues drew me to him, too, though. The fact that he's pro-choice, for civil unions, and since I'm unemployed right now, his plan for healthcare and keeping jobs in this country, all make him a very attractive candidate. (And yes, I do think he's rather "attractive", too! Doesn't everyone??) Anyway, that's my story. I'm proud to be a part of history in the making, and folks, that's exactly what I think we're all doing. I look forward to meeting every one of you in Washington, DC, in January 2005 at Howard Dean's inauguration. GO DEAN!!!!!:)

Blog name: Jeff in East Lansing

I am a 38-year-old "recovering attorney," now a development officer (fund-raiser) at Michigan State University. My wife and I have a 4-year-old son who has met Gov. Dean and who recognizes him and his signs EVERY time he sees them! I am a co-host for the Dean Meetups in the greater Lansing, Michigan area and have been active with the campaign on a volunteer basis since April 2003. I guess I'm mostly a native of Florida and Virginia, although I have lived in ten different states, and I am a survivor of the 2000 election in Florida, where my wife and I lived (and voted) in Volusia County, one of the four counties where Gore sought recounts. I enjoy spectator sports (I'm a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and St. Louis Blues), singing, and playing golf. Save for one cousin, I'm from a hard-core Republican family, but I take it as a badge of honor that my stepfather called me a "flaming liberal" and that another cousin's kids booed me when I told them that I was working hard to elect Howard Dean, who is opposing Bush for president. (They said, "Who's Howard Dean," so I told 'em!) Being a cigar aficionado, and according to the list maintained by mainefem and fiziwig, I am officially Gov. Dean's "Secretary for Cigars!"

I enjoy my work for the campaign and look forward, as time permits, to branching out into phone banking and canvassing, both of which are well underway in mid-Michigan. This is my first active foray into politics at ANY level, although I was a political science major in college with designs on working on Capitol Hill, and I've always been an interested, if detached, observer. I ended up going into teaching instead, then law. Anyway, I am a committed, and literally card-carrying (I have my "membership card" in my wallet!) Deaniac, and I look forward with great excitement to January 20, 2005, when we dump the Liar-in-Chief and replace him with PRESIDENT Howard Dean - a true candidate of the people, by the people, and for the people!

Blog name: jeff in swansea

I am 50 years old, married 15 years to the lovely Paula, two kids, Nathan 12 and Lily 9, all committed Deaniacs. Born in Washington, DC, now living in Swansea, Illinois. I'm a graphic artist by day and teach computer classes and perform in comedy murder mysteries by night. I actually voted for Bush's father, then Clinton, then Nader, and now I'm doing everything I can to make Howard Dean our next president. As the campaign's official Secretary of UFO Sightings, I will continue to probe the Bush administration
until the truth comes to light.

Blog name: jennski in alabama

My real name is Jennie Mitchell, I am 41, divorced, but with a sig. other, two dogs, a cat and an aquarium. I am a graphic designer in Huntsville, Alabama, currently working for a subcontractor for NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center.

I have always believed strongly in true democracy, but have lost faith over the years in our political system. Dean gives me hope that we can change that. Although I've always voted, this is the first time I've actually donated money to a campaign or become active in one. I've written 22 letters to Iowans and emailed friends and family about Dean constantly since October 2003, along with regularly hitting the bat!

Unfortunately, Alabama's vote always goes Republican, a main reason I believe we should fight to do away with the electoral college so that every vote counts! I am planning to go to SC and campaign though. Maybe we will have a chance there. Finally, I sincerely hope we have a system in place by
November to ensure that this election is not stolen as the one in 2000 was.


Blog name: Jerome Wiley Segovia

I was born around the time Nixon was impeached and left office (a positive omen of my future role in American politics?) -- when I was four months old, our family moved from the Washington, DC area to Asuncion, Paraguay.

I lived in Paraguay and Brazil for 18 years, eventually moving to Indiana for college (Hanover College). I lived and worked in Indiana for nine years, then moved to Florida for a year, and now have been in the greater DC area for two years.

My father was a diplomat with the State Department, and my family has always been very internationally focused. It is with disbelief, and then outrage that I've watched this Administration lie to its own people so they could launch one of the deadliest, yet least necessary conflicts of this decade. Although I marched against the war, it felt great back in June when I realized how much more effective it would be for me to join a campaign such as Howard Dean's.

I've been pouring every free hour since into Latinos For Dean and we're now in 21 states, which is great.

I have a wonderful sister and mother that are both supporters as well, in Cambridge, Massachussetts. And two cats.

And I like to play soccer when I get the chance.

Blog name - Jerry C

I'm a retired writer/producer of educational videos. I am best known for occupational health and safety
training programs created for Fortune 500 companies. My main claim to fame is that I helped launch public awareness of repetitive motion injuries back in the early 80s.

My main fear is that someday an American city may experience an industrial incident as devestating as
that suffered by Bhopal, India. Bush's lax attitude toward corporate responsibility in occupational health
and safety is making such a tragedy a real possibility. While most Bloggers focus on Bush's
misguided war in Iraq, I'm more concerned with his war on worker safety and his war on the environment which ultimately will affect the entire planet.

The first campaign I ever became actively involved in was for LBJ in '64. Goldwater scared me to death. On election night, I was working for NBC news tabulating votes as they came in from the precincts. I can still remember the excitement we all felt as the magnitude of LBJ's landslide became apparent. Bush scares me more than AuH2O ever did. But if we all work hard enough, I truly believe Dean will be elected in a landslide equal to LBJ's.

I like to joke around on the Blog and often say things with tongue firmly planted in cheek just for the fun
of it. Let others tout civility, a writer's first duty is to create interest and avoid boredom.

Blog name: Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl is a transplanted Easterner, now in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (but still occasionally homesick for the great Garden State), and determined to stay in high tech despite its 12-15% unemployment rate, and more and more jobs being outsourced overseas. A Seattle Meet Up leader, I became involved in the Dean campaign after my 17 year old cousin heard me considering Clark, and told me to check out Dean. I've killed innumerable trees in getting the word out about Howard, and any one close to me knows to ask how the Dean campaign is going first, before asking about me. Oh, and have I mentioned how much I HATE George Bush? :-)

Blog name: Jessica

I'm a real estate agent in Marin County California and also rescue abandoned and abused pet birds. I am currently living with 14 of them (mostly cockatiels) and since I have a home office, they get to spend most of the day out visiting with me and each other. As soon as I realized that Bush was going to take us alone into Iraq, I started looking for a Democratic candidate to support. I've never really been "in" politics but I realized that I had to do something. I considered the democratic candidates who were senators to be part of the problem so that pretty much left one electable person to take a look at: Gov. Dean. I went to my first Meetup in May and was hooked. I was caught first by his position on Iraq but have since become a strong supporter due to his passion and positions on issues I care about.

I don't post alot, but I do read most of the blog on a daily basis and for me there is one word that describes this campaign: hope. When I see Gov. Dean in person or on video, my heart just starts singing. I've never felt this way before, especially about a "candidate"(I mean, good grief!!), but it feels great and it's what drives me to spend the long hours on this campaign. Currently, I run the Marin for Dean website, and I'm co-chair of GOTV for Marin County. It's going to be a long and exciting run until November 2004 but we will be successful and Governor Dean will be the next President of the United States.

Blog name: Jim in Arizona

I am a transplant to Scottsdale, Arizona, having moved recently from the Upper Valley on the Vermont/New Hampshire border. I was a teacher, and later a school district administrator in a small southern Vermont town. In my job as admnistrator, I met Howard Dean a number of times and came to admire his understanding of the synergies between education and the community as a whole. Later I worked as a systems administrator for an ISP in the Upper Valley. I am presently a videographer for television commercials and infomercials (don't hate me! and am an avid cyclist.

Blog name: Jim in Berkeley

I am 60 years old, married for 36 years to the same wonderful woman (Cindy - C B Ware on the blog; she introduced me to Howard Dean back in May). We have two grown children and a very special 11 year-old lab/golden retriever combo named Otis. I have to admit to being registered as an Independent most of my life - but I have voted for every Democratic Presidential candidate since LBJ in 1964. Howard Dean has reawakened me politically and I am now a legitimately registered Democrat, am nearly maxed out on contribitions to DFA, and am spending more and more time working personally to take our country back. We co-host a Meetup, host houseparties, write letters to voters and to editors around the country, and tell everyone we know about Howard Dean. I am self-employed, the co-founder of a small think tank and membership organization called Future of Work that conducts research on how the Internet and changing social values are converging to transform the workplace, the workforce and in a sense the entire economy. So the Dean campaign is a living laboratory for me. I am absolutely, positively dedicated to changing the leadership of our country - and to changing the way politics works as well. We are not just a campaign, not even just a movement - we ARE the future of citizenship and community. I am thrilled to be helping make it happen!

Blog name-JMM or later-JM

I am a 47 year old married mother of two and a banking professional with a large company. I am locally politically active as a moderate Republican in New Jersey, although I am really more of an independent.
I voted for Al Gore in 2000, but was not terribly alarmed when Bush got elected. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible for him to turn out to be this bad of a President. He first totally
horrified me with his environmental policy, then his arrogant and dangerous foreign policy, and his irresponsible spendthrift fiscal policy just put me over the top. The corruption of the legislation for
sale mentality of the Bush administration is very apparent to anyone that regularly reads the financials and it is the worst example of the sale of the public intererests to special interests that I have ever
seen under any administration. I desperately started to look for an alternative to Bush that I could work for, and the field did not look too promising. Then I saw Dean. Here was a guy that wasn't a wimpy
Democrat, saying what needed to be said, and had the courage, tenacity, toughness, and stamina to take on the Republican smear tactics. Then I researched him, and found that he has lead an exemplary and honest life. Best of all, he is a fiscal conservative that is socially progressive, what is known in the Northeast as a Rockefeller Republican. I have converted many other Republicans I know since.

Blog name: Joby in MD

I'm Joby in MD., and I've been absolutely re-energized by this campaign. A year ago I was working as a Park Ranger, and to relieve the boredom of a very slow winter season, my co-worker and I, who are really into politics, began to do some research on Howard Dean. He had already announced he was running for President, so we got on the internet and printed out everything we could find relating to him.

At the time, I had switched from being a life-long Democrat to an Independent because I was so disgusted by the "Bush Lite" behavior of the Dems in Washington. Why weren't they standing up to Bush, who had stolen an election and thus had no mandate to ram his extremist policies down our throats? I vowed to my co-worker that I would not vote for another Democrat unless he/she stood up for the values the party was supposed to represent. After researching and hearing Dean, it soon became clear that he was that candidate. He gave voice to everything I was feeling, and stood up to Bush when few other Democrats would. Needless to say, I re-registered as a Democrat because Dean made me feel proud to be one again.

As a history major, I am really excited by this campaign's revolutionary nature. It's no coincidence that we now have another "King George" who is infringing on the people's power, and the people are rising up again to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. This IS the Second American Revolution, and we ARE patriots. For the sake of our democracy and the future of our country, it is absolutely imperative that we succeed. I know we will, because the truth (as well as the spirit of our Founders) is on our side, and WE HAVE THE POWER. Keep the faith, fellow bloggers.

Blog name: Joby Todd

Fellow bloggers! Greetings from Yorktown, Virginia where American Independence was won in 1781. Howard Dean is the harbinger of the Second American Revolution. He is our General Washington. My name is Joe Emerson. I'm a public school teacher and have been a loyal follower of the good doctor since he first assumed office many years ago. I'm single, never married, but feel this campaign is for my yet-to-be-born children. Let us unite, in spirit, song, and fellowship to usher in "A More Perfect Union."

Blog name: Joe A.

I just turned 34 and am living in Central PA. I have been spreading the word about Governor Dean ever since I drove up to Burlington back in June to witness the Great American Restoration speech in person. I will never forget the rousing "YOU have the power, YOU have the power" at the end. Afterwards I was able to shake his hand and exchange a few words about senior issues (which I'm passionate about...I'm a gerontologist).

All the great people who contribute daily to the blog are my inspiration, as are all the seniors who have been actively writing letters to folks in Iowa and New Hampshire. My best blog memory is when my friend Imi Higbie was featured as part of the Seniors for Dean effort. Imi is an 85 yr. old retired professor of social work and sociology and a huge Dean supporter in Rhode Island (where I lived until this past August).

Blog name: Joe in Vermont

age: 53
occupation: Travel Agent

Hoosier born and bred, but Florida resident (Palm Beach County) for over 20 years until 1994 when we moved to Southwest Vermont. Married 20 years, no children, one Burmese cat, Abbot, who can't stand George Bush. My motto is "trust the cat". Considers himself a "Rockefeller" Republican who can't stand what's happened to the GOP and the country under Bush II. Was a Mc Cainiac in 2000. Never voted for Howard Dean for Governor of Vermont due to sign off on Act 60, statewide education property tax. Always respected him and have met him several times. Prize correspondence, and I'll open my state records, is from Howard Dean when I blasted him for aforementioned Act 60. The letter starts "Dear Joe, That's your opinion!"

Biggest jackass in politics award goes to (tie) Rove, Delay and Bush. Neither of them has one iota of understanding or appreciation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Happiest day of my life? January 20, 2005 when Howard Dean is our President.

Blog Name: Joel K in AZ

Hello everyone! I'm 31 and currently residing in Tucson, Arizona. I worked for years as a software developer and then went to law school here in Tucson. My plan is to do intellectual property law. I graduated last may and am currently looking for work!!! Considering relocating to Atlanta, DC, San Diego, or San Francisco...just can't make up my mind. I support Dean because he is the only candidate I trust. That pretty much sums it up.

Blog name: John in CU

I am 50 years old, an IT guy living in Champaign, IL. I worked 8 years for a consumer activist organization, I've worked lots of campaigns for the local Democratic party. I've been an area coordinator, run a phone bank, been a runner, a precinct committeeman, just about anything you can name except
running for office. I saw a Salon article about Dean in the summer, checked out the website, liked what I saw. We are going to win.

Blog name: John in Flagstaff

My Blog Handle is "John in Flagstaff". I'm not a regular contributor (once a week or so), but I'm an avid, addicted reader. Despite all of the really silly stuff, the off-topic posts, reposts, and multiple posts, this is a fascinating, vital and lively forum.

I'm 66 years old, and have been retired from the Federal Government (Department of Interior, Geological Survey) for 5 years. My wife and I are both dual citizens of the U.S. and Canada, giving us a different, perhaps unique, perspective on events as they are currently unfolding. We spend the fall and winter here in Flagstaff, the spring and summer in Grand Bend Ontario. I became addicted to the Blog while in Canada, and made my first contribution to a DFA bat last August. Since returning to Flagstaff in
October, we have been regular meetup attendees, and I have written several responses to anti-Dean press pieces as a member of the AZ Dean Rapid Response team.

Hats off to you and Demetrius for your enthusiastic and creative efforts on behalf of the Governor and this wonderfully incredible grassroots community!

Blog name: John in NH

Hi my name is john and i post as John in NH. I am a 17 year old male and live in NH, i go to a small school in maine where i am the go to guy for dean or most anything political. both my parents have been state legislators in the NH house from Strafford county. i got involved with Dean back in April when he came to a house party in Portsmouth, i have been hooked ever since. I have really become involved at the end of the sleepless summer tour and now get the chance to work at the local dean headquarters when homework permits. The reason i chose dean to support (even though i am unable to vote in the primaries) is that he says what he feels, i hate the tiptoeing around the question and wondering what the special interests will think. He really gets me motivated to express my views and to find out more information about decisive topics. I get blasted from all sides from my two libertarian friend and the kerry supporter, but like Dean i am able to keep my head above the fray and continue to spread the message. well that's it about me luckily my birthday comes in time for the actual elections so i will vote for any democrat that is put up, i am doing all i can to make sure that person is Howard Dean

Blog name: John in NYC

I am a 27-year-old medical and graduate student at Columbia University. Although my research focuses on genetic forms of Parkinson's disease, I have also had a longstanding interest in issues at the intersection of the environment and public health. I have followed the Dean campaign with keen
interest and have been most impressed with his genuine, no-nonsense approach to both domestic and foreign policy. I believe that his record as Governor speaks for itself and that his legacy of fiscal discipline and social progressivism are readily transferable to the rest of the country. I am also a student editor with the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and put together a special feature on the public health implications of global climate change in the May 2002 issue of that

Blog name: Jonathan Dalecki

Howdy. I use my real name, first and last, as my blog handle, mostly because I want people to know the real me, and not just a nickname I go by. I've been reading the blog for a while now, probably since late August, and I just began posting about two weeks ago. Most of my posts take the form of
short (to long, at times) speeches, or at least that's the way I "hear" them when I'm writing. I'm 24 years old, I live in Wilmington, Delaware, and have all my life. I'm currently a student at the University of Delaware, although I took a leave of absence to get married and work to save some money. I'm a History Education major, and I may end up becoming a high school history teacher some day.

However, my present aspirations are a little more political. Next November I'm running for state representative for the 6th District here in DE. It's actually part of a career path I first laid out when I was 15. State Representative, Lt. Governor, Governor (2 terms), Senator, President, Supreme Court. Admittedly pretty lofty, considering DE has never elected a president, even when there were less than 20 states. But next November is the first step, and I think I'll give a pretty good accounting of myself.

In case anyone wonders where I get my writing style from, I personally think it comes from reading a lot of history as I have. I'm especially fond of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, but I also like the style of Martin Luther King Jr. I'm very big on Revolutionary era concepts, which is why I've enjoyed being a part of this campaign so much. I think we've lost sight of the ideals set forth by the founder's of this country, and it's nice that the Dean campaign harkens back to that.

So what do I believe in, you might be wondering? Well, basically here's what I'm for: I'm more or less pro-life. As a Christian, I'd like to live in a world where every child conceived has a chance to be born and grow up. However, I recognize that not everyone feels that way, and that there are times where an abortion is necessary. I think the decision to have an abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, not the government. Basically, I'd like to live in a world where abortion is legal but rare. I'm very strongly pro-education. I think that the next great idea in this country is public higher education. Where as, once long ago, it was decided that evey American has a right to an education through 12th grade if they wanted it, I believe that, here in the 21st century, 12th grade doesn't take us far enough. It's a rapidly changing world, with new technologies, and I think the government should be guaranteeing at least publicly funded colleges in order that everyone who wants one can get a Bachelor's degree.
I also believe the government should fund trade schools for those who don't want to go to college.

Lastly, I very much believe that Democrats in Congress have failed in their responsibility to be an "opposition" party. I've said on the blog that I'm tired of waking up in the morning, opening up the morning news paper, and seeing the worst sort of legislation passed because there aren't enough
Democrats with a spine these days. But I believe that with Howard Dean leading the way we're going to take back all branches of power from those who abused them (Bush and his cohort) and those who never used them to their fullest potential (all too many Democrats nationwide). We're going to take
them, and we're going to give them back to the people of this country on whom our country is founded. Freedom!

Blog name: JonSmiley

I'm a 22 year old graduate student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, studying the structure of our galaxy. I spent the past four years in Vermont at Marlboro College earning my BS. One of my fellow graduates drove to Dean HQ in Burlington the day after graduation. He was responsible for introducing me to Howard Dean. I admit that I'm quite the idealist but I am hoping that this might be my very first election where the candidate I vote for actually wins!

Blog name: JudyforPeace

I am one of the grandmothers, also a wife, mother, stepmother, mother-in-law, daughter, aunt, sister, you name it, who is also still employed (thankfully!). I am looking forward to retirement as I have spent almost 40 years in the work force, although not all with the same employer. I spent my college days working part-time to help offset educational costs not covered by scholarships, back in the days when that was still possible, so I know about waitressing, retail sales, switchboard operation, etc. as well. I was born 60 years ago in Montana, am a resident of Maryland and currently live and work in Western Europe, where I have access to less censored media which provide more facts than the daily drivel generally served by our once proud press.

My employment has been primarily in the public sector, both domestic and international, although I have enough private sector experience to know that I could probably set myself up in business and do fairly well on my own, given that my professional background includes education, business management and law, supplemented by good French and Arabic and still growing but moderate understanding of other languages. I believe that I have more positive impact where I currently am, in the public international sector, where I thoroughly enjoy daily professional interaction with people of all cultures, primarily young professionals who truly wish to make the world a better place for all. I am firmly convinced that the youth of our globe will be our salvation.

Having been firmly committed to the twin causes of peace and understanding around the globe for as long as I can remember, I am appalled when US Government officials, who should know better -- SHAME on them! -- espouse a cockamamie (and illegal) doctrine of pre-emptive intervention. Taken together with unprecedented tax cuts that have undermined the economic structure of American society so that the great and wonderful country I was born and raised in has been taken over by feudal corporate lords and unelected neocons with their own agendas that run counterproductive to the interests of most Americans, I am outraged that the Democratic Party that I was once proud to be part of has not gone raging into the dark night to confront the lies, lies, and more lies that BushCo spew daily, with no heed as to how many innocent people may suffer at home or abroad for their follies.

Looking back over this, I see that I have ranted more than I have provided bio facts, but I know that Howard Dean has struck a chord in me that no other candidate has and has inspired me fully as much as the last candidate who did, that is, JFK. Even though I recognize that other candidates are brave persons, each with his or her own ideals, some have truly disappointed me with their self-serving words and actions that give fodder to wingnut Republicans.

I want my country back -- for us all! I believe that Dr. Dean wants the same thing.

Blog name: Judy in FL

Although I do not contribute regularly to the blog, I spend many an hour reading all the comments. I first became aware of Dr. Dean back in February when I found out he was against the war and, like the rest of you, I was screaming nightly at the TV. I read all I could find about Dr. Dean, then saw him on Face the Nation (in February or March), and I knew right then I found someone I could support 100%. Until now, I had not been actively involved in a campaign since Jimmy Carter. I am 58 years old, divorced, a vegetarian, a treehugger, have two grown children in Alabama, and live with my two dogs, three cats, and horse. Oh, I work as a paralegal.
P.S. The good doctor and all of you saved my sanity!

Blog Name: Judy in Phoenix

I'm a 64-year freelance travel writer, and my blog claim to fame is I'm the lady who made the blog sometime in September when I had gall bladder surgery. My husband wrote "Vote for Dean" across my tummy before the surgery, and you can bet there's a surgical team at Desert Sam Hospital that will never forget the Dean name. I work at Dean HQ here, and do a lot of tabling at local libraries and events. I started to dislike Bush when I realized how destructive his environmental policies are. I write frequently about ecotravel and the environment, and cannot stand the way he's trashing our world. Dean, on the other hand, became involved in politics when he helped promote a Rail-Trail in Vermont. He gives me hope that we can leave the world a better place.

Blog name: Judy in Washington State

I post as "Judy" on the blog. I first noticed Howard Dean back in January, and wrote to his campaign office on Jan. 7th, asking if I could join up. I got a reply stating that they hadn't formed an organization in my area yet, but would add my name to the volunteer database and notify me when Washington State was ready to roll. As you know, Seattle's "Sleepless Summer" tour was a huge event! I'm disabled and no longer work as a mental health counselor. I'm unable to pound the pavement, but I do other things. My husband is retired Navy and works for our County in the Assessor's Office. We have 3 grown and married daughters and ten grandchildren. We participate in Meetup, and have been able to convince quite a few people to join the Dean Campaign. I write letters to voters in Iowa and I contribute as much money as I can. I have also started selling vintage clothing on eBay, and will send the campaign more money from that endeavor. My goal is to send $200 every month. I contribute to MoveOn in order to support ads, and I invited our Meetup group to the MoveOn screening of the Iraq movie which had a total attendance of over 300 people in Bellingham, WA. We were able to get many people interested in Dean. We want a secure future for our family, but we also want a secure future for the planet. George W. Bush is leading us into a dark hole. Howard Dean has brought light to politics...he has brought hope and a sense of unity to our country. I believe he is the ONE we have been waiting for, and I believe he is destined to lead us into a better future, free of fear, free of oppression, and free of the "business as usual" political landscape that looks more and more like a barren desert. I believe in Howard Dean, and I
am placing my trust in him. My children and THEIR children need a safe world to live in, but ALL
children should grow up free and healthy. Howard Dean has THE PEOPLE behind him...actually, he has the people BESIDE him. WE ARE HOWARD DEAN.

Blog name: Julia in Pasadena, CA

I'm 38 year old and just recently (Nov 15, 2003) got married. We have 4 cats. I live in Pasadena, California and am a PhD statistical genetic epidemiologist at UCLA. I used to be a libertarian but changed my status to vote for Dean. I am fed up with politicians lying to me - telling me the wrong reasons to go to war or that they didn't inhale. I have never been involved in politics before, but have now been to a few Dean fundraisers and have several tshirts and hoodies.

Blog name: Julie in Idaho

My name is Julie Fanselow, and I do live in southern Idaho. I'm 42 years old, married, and the mother of an awesome 9-year-old, Natalie. I'm a full-time freelance writer who left the newspaper business a dozen years ago in part so I could be more political. Although I spent most of the 1990s doing travel writing, I've been lately transitioning to writing on more substantive matters. My motto is a twist on Gandhi: "We must write the change we want to see."

Like many people, I was dismayed when George W. Bush was named president in 2000, despite Gore's popular-vote victory. (I am a staunch advocate of abolishing the Electoral College or at least reforming it so electoral votes are awarded proportionately, rather than winner-take-all ... but don't get me started.) And like most Americans, I was willing to give W the benefit of the doubt after 9-11, when it briefly seemed he was trying to bring us together around the tragedy. That's why I was all the more outraged when the dogs of war began braying about Iraq, and when Bush relentlessly sought to divide our nation and drive up our deficit via his misbegotten tax cuts.

Howard Dean got on my radar last winter with his strong and steadfast opposition to the war. But two other things convinced me to get personally involved in the campaign. First, I marveled at how Dean was actually paying attention to Idaho, a state most Dems write off as unwinnable. Second, I am a strong fiscal conservative, and I appreciate Dean's proven record on sound fiscal discipline. I felt in my gut that Dean was willing to take stands no other electable Dem was willing to take.

I somewhat impetuously organized a Meet-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho, in September. (My family is moving to Boise mid-2004, and I look forward to being involved there, too.) I've learned more about Dean as I've gone along, and although I continue to admire his fiscal watchdog ways and his opposition to the war, I am most impressed by how he's strengthened Vermont with his innovative early-childhood programs and widespread, affordable health-care coverage. These are real family values. Dean walks the walk, and I truly believe he has the potential to be a president nearly all of us (except the far right) can rally around.

In addition to leading the Twin Falls Meet-Up, I helped nearby Blaine County (Sun Valley) start a Dean group; I've been doing lots of outreach via letters and phone calls to Iowa and will travel there for caucus weekend in January; and I've launched a blog, Red State Rebels,, dedicated to promoting resistance against the far right, especially in GOP strongholds. I also am the owner of the Unitarian Universalists for Dean Yahoo list at I am proud to be a part of this historic, people-powered campaign.

Blog name: Julie in MD

Occupation: Sales at a newspaper, web design home business

Hi, I'm Julie, and I do indeed live in Maryland, just outside Washington, DC (Silver Spring). I'm 55, pondering early retirement from my day job to concentrate on my growing business.

After the 2000 election debacle, I SWORE that in '04 I'd get involved supporting the Democratic nominee. Little did I know I'd get excited about a candidate THIS early! I've been a Dean supporter since March, when no one thought he had a chance to win (and I had my doubts, too). How much has changed since then, and will change as OUR compaign moves forward.

WE have the power, through OUR campaign! Thanks, Howard Dean, for reminding us of that.

Blog name: JulieMidVermont

I'm Julie Thayer, JulieMidVermont, an artist, some-time teacher of English, Social Studies and Science, an environmentalist, a gardener, a writer, a one-time breeder of thoroughbred race horses, at 58 the mother of two flown chicks, but no grandchildren (yet). I am a 6th generation Vermonter, the first of my family to go to college, a graduate of Brown and Yale (where I shared on-campus years with Dr. Dean-to-be, but certainly didn't know it!), who wakes up every single morning thanking the powers that be that I have seen the day this great community began, and that I have the power to, finally, help change this grand and beautiful, but beleagured, world for the better!

We (my mother, with whom I share a home, and I) tended to take Governor Dean rather for granted (having voted for him at every possible opportunity, even though we didn't always agree with everything he did or said), until I happened upon the blog near the end of September. You could say I got a blog up side the head! With only a few days notice we had a House Call House Party, and since then we've been canvassing, tabling, lettering (that's Mom's forte!), and most recently, helping create the materials for the new New Year For America House Parties web site!

I cannot say why I am here any better than all of the wonderful, eloquent people who are already listed! The blog is addictive because it is inclusive, because You are inspiring, because YOU HAVE THE POWER, and YOU are using it!

Blog name: JustinforDean (formerly JustininPAforDean)

I am a registered 21 year old Green who actually heard of Howard Dean via
Ralph Nader, and have stuck with the campaign ever since. I am committed to
do whatever it takes to win the White House for the good governor.

I am from a small, mostly republican, yet poor town in Southwestern
Pennsylvania. I hope to change this trend by educating the voters, and
getting more people involved in politics. I have been working to signing up
members and doing what I can for the campaign, even though I can not
contribute as much as I would like to. I am a senior in College, California
University of Pennsylvania, a psychology major. I look forward to the year
ahead, and am excited to be in on the ground floor of a revolution.

Blog name: Justin in Queens

Let us mobilize with our words, and fight with our actions! Everyone in this country has a role to
play in taking our country back! Hey Everyone! I'm Justin in Queens, and yes my name
is Justin and I live in Queens, NY! Im working on my Masters degree in Computer Science at NYU, and I also work at a startup company that sells IP-based conference calling. I love the energy of this campaign! That's what I've found most compelling: the energy and depth of perspective of the people who make up this campaign. I was an undergrad in Minnesota at Carleton College where Paul Wellstone once taught, and I was a huge fan of his. His passing was very sad, and he cannot be replaced, but his inspiring convictions on Democracy and Hope are being played out within our
campaign. This is my first time being involved in a Presidential Campaign, and Im loving it.

Blog name: Karen

My name is Karen, and I live in Lebanon, NH. I started going to meet-ups in August, and in December I was fortunate enough to lead our very first Lebanon meet-up where former Governor of Vermont Madeleine Kunin visited us. (Our meet-ups had previously been for our whole region instead of the specific towns. In December, our regional meet-up broke into 3 groups that were all well-attended!) It was truly inspirational, and I feel so proud to be a part of this campaign.

I'm a Republican for Dean, and I'm confident that after the primary season is over, we'll be able to attract a lot more conservatives who are out there looking for an alternative to Bush. A while ago someone said to me, "Bush ran on a platform of compassionate conservatism, and all we've seen is the conservatism." To which I replied, "We haven't even seen conservatism!!" With unfunded federal mandates like "No Child Left Behind," tax shifts that increase the burden of our state and local taxes, and a federal budget that is totally out of control, George W. Bush has shown that he is neither compassionate nor conservative.

The most fundamental difference I see between President Bush and Governor Dean is that Dean is not an ideologue. With Bush we've had "faith-based" governance, whereas with Dean we'll have "fact-based" governance. Governor Dean's training as a medical doctor taught him to make decisions based on an evaluation of evidence. Right now we have a president who blatantly ignores evidence, e.g. current situation Iraq, while at the same time fabricating evidence to support his radical worldview, e.g. Iraq before the war.

I live with my fiance - a proud "Deanocrat" - and my 4-year old daughter who is only too happy to answer the question, "Who is going to be our next president?" She always shouts, "Howard Dean!!" We also have a dog named Ripple. (And just to throw off those who like to put all of us supporters into little boxes... we go to church every Sunday!!)

Blog name: Karene for DEAN

I am a currently unemployed, mother of one, forty-nine years old. Thanks to being unemployed, I have many (about five at current count) volunteer positions to keep me VERY busy.

The good thing about being unemployed is that, once I found Gov. Dean, officially on June 23rd, 2003; I have been able to devote many countless, happy hours to helping this movement.

I have been politically active to some degree for over a decade now. But, like many that "found" Howard Dean, I have NEVER DIVED this DEEPLY IN before!!!! All was possible, if it was anything that would help spread Dean's message, and get people out to vote and to volunteer! You know what that means, the phone calls, the door knocking, the letter writing, the money donating, the endless Great American Conversating in all locations, the flyer creating, the speech making, the Meetup hosting, the Dean Corps-ing, the sign waving, the tabling, the chanting, the organizing, the Texas Rangers and Iowa Stormers Hosting, the House Party Hosting, the Precinct Leading, the editorial letter writing...does this list actual have an ending!?! Probably NOT because this movement is still ongoing....still evolving...therefore I might indeed have more to add, at a later date.

And that is indeed GOOD NEWS! I finally found a candidate that I could whole-heartedly support with everything I had! I often remember what Senator Tom Harkin told us Iowa Precinct Captains for Dean before Jan. 19th...He said, "This is the candidate that I have waited my entire adult life for!" That speaks VOLUMES...and it speaks for ME! I made phone calls to Missouri and Michigan, and then I traveled to Wisconsin. I was in Wisconsin for four days, and I really didn't feel I had a choice. I had to go, I had to try...that one last try...Wisconsin was geographically close...and "OUR Last Hope".
I do NOT regret going, for many reasons; but I surely would not have easily faced myself if I had NOT GONE!

This Saturday, we here in Scott County, Iowa will continue on for Gov. Dean as delegates; when our County Convention is called to order. We will continue on at our Meetups, and working on new Dean Corps projects around town. We will stay together and advance our members into Democratic offices throughout the state and the country. That is what we DEAN people do, that and reaching out every single every single American...and showing them the AMERICA Howard Dean showed to us!!!!

Blog name: Kate in Montclair

I'm 45, a consultant/community activist living in the NYC suburbs. Ex-Wall Streeter, married, mother of one college student son. For 18 years, a single parent working very hard to raise my only child; I don't want to see him sacrificed to a resurrected draft or Bush war. Bush scares me; I want our freedoms back! I went to my first MeetUp in April 2002, despairing, unsure. What an affirming moment: I met a diverse, egalitarian group of committed, intelligent people. Working with them has restored my optimism. Now, I host the local MeetUps and coordinate a county committee, and I believe it is possible to restore an energetic, humane, progressive, and responsible America. I've met Dr. Dean twice -- that's very cool -- I think maybe we really will win the White House in 2004.

Blog name: katew

I'm Kate Willette, and I sometimes post on the blog as katew, but mostly I'm a lurker.

I live in Bellevue, Washington with my husband and two teenaged daughters. I'm 51, he's 48, and we're both Dean supporters since we heard him speak last August in Seattle. My husband was disabled almost three years ago in a skiing accident; before that he worked in telecommunications as a manager of software developers. He's also a video projection artist. I worked for twelve years as a high school
math teacher; I'm also a writer, currently working on a memoir about what it's like to hold your family together after your partner breaks his neck. I go to the blog a lot because it makes me feel hopeful! We
live in the kind of suburban white privileged neighborhood that people think of as monolithically Republican . . . not so! At least a third of our neighbors are Democrats, and another third are either disaffected or Independent . . . this is Dean territory.

Blog name: katiethomsen

I'm Katie, a 25 year old from Columbus, Ohio. I currently work in the evil media, as a non-threatening newscast director and graphics artist. (I made sure our coverage of Gov. Dean was fair and true) I got involved with the campaign because the last three years have been the hardest of my life, and I don't want 4 more. This country needs Gov. Howard Dean. My husband and I have been trying to pick up the pieces since he was laid off 2 years ago. He got another job, but we had to move from Chicago to Columbus. I struggled to find a job once we moved and our finances never recovered. Our health insurance is terrible. Going to the doctor costs us an arm and a leg. This country needs help at home first. I think that Gov. Dean is helping us fight the war to "insure domestic tranquility" promised to us in the Constitution. That is why I continue to work for Democracy for America. I don't want any other family to go through what we have.

Blog name: Kelli

I am a 24 year old forensic analyst living in Euless, Texas. I am currently living with my Bush-loving Republican boyfriend who has many other redeeming qualities (he fixes my computer problems). I come from a long line of Republicans and growing up I just didn't understand who these crazy Democrats were. I didn't think there were very many of them. I went to Michigan State University for college (GO GREEN!), and really woke up during my time there. I was at college through the 2000 election and went to a couple of Gore rallies. It was very exciting for me, but that excitement turned to anger after the Florida fiasco. In June I decided I needed to find a good candidate to support. I kept hearing about this former Vermont Governor, and decided to check out his website. Thank goodness I did! It has changed my life. I was even a Texas Ranger in Iowa! I can't wait to cast my vote for the good doctor, and in the mean time I will do anything I can to help this wonderful campaign!

Blog name: Ken from Arlington Virginia

I'm Ken Bernstein, 57, high school teacher and soccer coach (Eleanor Roosevelt HS in Greenbelt MD); mariied (Jurretta Heckscher, PH.D. who works at Library of Congress), with no children and 4 rescued cats, and yes, I live in Arlington VA (since 1982). I became a school teacher in my late 40's because I wanted to do somedthing where I made a difference. i teach government, so I have a professional reason to be interested in politics. I have been politically active in the past - in local politics in Media PA and in Arlington, but have not been involved with a presidential campaign since Fritz Hollings in 1983-84 (I like plain speakers). Attending one of Don Beyer's info sessions this past summer persuaded me to support Dean. I volunteered at the registration for the 1st Sleepless Summer event in Falls Church, have spent a long weekend volunteering in Nashua NH, done some phone work in the Falls Chruch Virginia State headquarters, and bugged everyone I know electronically and in person. After being nudged by several people, including Geri from Virginia, I have agreed to serve as Virginia coordinator for Educators for Dean. So if you know any Virignia educators, have them contact me at

Blog name: kevin lyda

sorry for the uncreative blog name. i was born in brooklyn, grew up in kansas, went to high school in long island, ny, university in buffalo, ny and worked in boston, ma. around 1998 after four years of the contract on america and watching what seemed like an entire nation obsess over clinton's dick (sorry) i decided to move to ireland. it wasn't just politics - i was single, young and renting and i knew when i got older it would be harder to make such a move. but politics played a role. clinton wasn't anywhere as near to the left as i'd like, but the bile directed against him even in "liberal" boston was mind blowing.

5 years on i'm still getting used to a country with a national health care system, radio discussion shows that use the phrase "welfare state" as a goal not a put down, where community rights can sometimes trump individual rights and where my tax euros go to un mandated irish peace-keepers. and those taxes aren't high - they're about what i paid in the states.

this isn't utopia, there are flaws, lots of flaws, but in some areas it seems like its a step closer down the journey of a sustainable society.

which kind of makes the contrast with bush just that bit worse.

initially not knowing much about the candidates i supported kerry. then i read a bit about dean and just thought, "wow, but no way he'll win." but reading the blog, watching the polls and watching the fundraising it became obvious i was wrong. so for the first time in my life i donated to a candidate - i'm 32. and the further bush carries his "i say strong but i mean weak" dollar policy, the more i can (and will) donate.

Blog name: Kimberly

I'm a luscious 43, a lifetime Texan probably going to relocate to DC, widowed, no kids, 3 cats, 1 kitten, 1 dog. My job title is "recovering lawyer" which means that I went through law school and practiced law but I'm taking my experience and education in a new direction. I'm getting my masters in law librarianship at the University of North Texas. I may, however, take next semester off because my masters can wait, but taking my country back cannot. I didn't know of Howard Dean a year ago, but one year ago I knew that I could never support a candidate who supported this hideous war in Iraq. That struck a lot of names off the list, and I was discouraged that anyone would rise to the challenge of leading America in the direction I feel to be best. My heart took wings when I began learning more and more about Howard Dean, and grew to know him as an honorable and intelligent man with a good record in Vermont and a good plan for America. Since June 2003, I have been deeply involved in local Meetups, in local organizing, and, of course, connecting with my far-flung Dean family through the Blog. I have
met Dean friends who mean the world to me, and I plan to meet many more. We are a family of choice, of the heart, and together, we are creating a newAmerica. It's the time of our lives. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else during this wonderful journey.

Blog name: kjaba

Nearly 68 and cute as a bug’s ear. Retired ten years ago after thirty years going to sea as a merchant mariner. Never before much of a political animal, I’m a social liberal and economic conservative like so many New Englanders. We don’t like a passel of rules and are as tight as the skin on a grape.

When ashore, lived most of my adult life by Moosehead Lake in central Maine. Live in southern Connecticut now, a state some think isn’t really part of New England. After living in Maine I tend to agree.

The blog: Am an avid reader, infrequent contributor. In other words, damn good listener but ain’t much for talking.

Several months ago I happened to tune in to PBS’ NewsHour when Jim Lehrer was interviewing Howard Dean and was instantly riveted by what I heard. Unlike most other politicians, Dean’s words were straightforward, honest, direct and to the point. They fairly leaped off the screen, demanding my attention. I had to learn more about this man.

Soon thereafter I found and read Dr. Dean’s speech of 23 June in which he announced his candidacy for president At the end of the speech it was all I could do to keep from leaping from my chair and bursting into a full-throated rendition of “God Bless America.” Here, suddenly, was a man, a candidate for president, who had given me hope, who had spoken to my heart.

At my age, with my life experience, why should he affect me so? Because of my age and experience! I’d known the lies, deceit, and deceptions of the Nixon-Watergate-Kissenger-Vietnam years and knew that things could never get that bad again, that the American way of life could never again be so imperiled. How wrong I was.

I have to admit I’ve been wrong since then. Twice. Yes, yes, I know; it’s almost too much to believe, but there it is. Not long after George Bush was presented with the Presidency I thought he was about as clever as a hockey puck, a man with an I.Q. smaller than his shoe size. Not so. The man is a master of cunning, a brilliant deceiver, a person capable of swoggling any horn he cared to and as dangerous as any Texas rattler. I also thought there was no hope of changing the course of this country, that I was powerless to prevent my country being taken from me. Wrong again, thankfully. And what made the difference? One man. Howard Dean. His clear words have given me hope and the realization that I, along with others, have the power to take the country back. It’s a heady feeling. I’m empowered. And I’ve never felt more confident

One small addition: Throngs of people from as far as three feet away have approached me, tugged at the hems of my garments and asked, “Why, pray, ‘kjaba’?” KJABA was my laundry mark when I was a cadet at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy nearly a half century ago. Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Peace and happiness to all, Jake.

Blog name -- KR in WIS

Life-long resident of Wisconsin for my 53 years, I have always been proud of our progressive tradition, which has been tarnished a lot lately Of course this has been taking place on a national level and that is one of the reasons why I am on this campaign.

I have a great wife who is working in the not so-great lately airline industry. My two twenty-something daughters got interested in Dr. Dean about 30 minutes before I did at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention in June. But after hearing his speech, I was hooked and thought, “Damn, I feel good again about being a Democrat.”

The blog is a great place to exchange ideas, get inspired, relate and spread a little humor. I do too much of it.

Oh yes, I do other things -- cook, travel, read and try to get exercise.

Aside from the fact that I missed the last revolution and now is a good time for another one, I want to take away two issues that George Bush and the Republican Party think they own…

Religion – I am appalled at the way Christianity is abused by this administration. No wonder the world hates us.

We all approach faith in our own way, but mine leads me to appreciate the need to loose ourselves in a cause and in practicing our faith, that what counts is community in the form of a “covenant family.”

As someone on the blog said the other day, conservatives have the impossible task of proving the morality of selfishness.

Small Business – As an owner of a one person public relations firm, I became one of the organizers of because this is one back bone of the GOP that we can and should break. Getting back to our roots as Democrats, Thomas Jefferson believed that small business is the engine of democracy.

By the time this campaign is done, we will convince a large number of small biz owners that they have gotten lip service – if they are lucky – from those friends of big business the Bush administration. After all, their credo is tax breaks for large companies, big monopolies, gutting the Small Business Administration, untamed health costs that suck profits from our pockets into those of the HMO's and drug companies, hemorrhaging deficits that will soon starve capital out of the economy. This group, Governor Dean, will be the source of those additional voters you are looking for to beat George Bush Jr.

The future folks, depends on us!

Blog name: Kurt

I'm Kurt, a 46 year old father of two boys 9 and 13. I've been married 23 years. To earn a living I work as a tradesman at a major automotive parts supplier... yes there are a few factories left in America. No thanks to our current chief executive geedubya! I speak to everyone I can about our favorite candidate Howard Dean. I first saw the good doctor speak at the Ohio State Democratic Party Dinner in May 2003. Attending with fellow UAW political activists I was very impressed and decided soon after to start attending meetups.
I've written countless letters to Iowans and even toyed with traveling to the first caucus state. Instead I've decided to help get ready for the Ohio Primary. I have always voted but like so many others never before donated directly to a candidate at any level. I read somewhere that only .3 of one percent ever do contribute. The 100 dollar revolution will change the way politics works in this country. Perhaps when we take back our government we can have a system that values policy debate over reporting of the "Horse Race." I suggest we all write our local media outlet and demand they investigate the consequences of policy decisions in all contests for political office.

Blog name: Kydan

39yrs old, married, 2 children. Live approximately 20mi outside of Louisville, Ky. My job requires that I work 12hr night shifts, which is when I spend most of my time on the blog. Keeping up with things at the workplace make it difficult to keep up w/ the blog, even in the wee hours, thus I do much more lurking than posting.

Like so many others, this is the 1st time I've ever been more active, politically, than just voting. And, I had never even considered giving $$$ to a candidate. I first recall becoming aware of Dr. Dean around May of '03. I saw a clip of one of his speeches, and I remember thinking, "That guy seems intelligent, well spoken, and he seems to actually be saying what he thinks and feels. He's got no chance."
There are many reasons that I support Dr. Dean, but I'll just list the top 2. First, it seems to me, that when he speaks, he is individually challenging all of us to ask ourselves the same question he asked himself - "Are you going to just keep bitching about it, or are you going to get up and do something!?" Amen. Secondly, nothing gets under my skin more than those who insult my intelligence. (and believe me, we're talking about a pretty average level of intelligence!) In today's environment everywhere you look things have been taken down to the lowest common denominators. Whether its the media, politics(both parties), the so-called press, or the government, we are being talked to and treated as though we are fools. I am not. And neither are most Americans.

I believe Howard Dean challenges us - physically, spiritually and most importantly mentally. It is a trademark of true leadership.

Thanks to all of you in our new community. It is very comforting to know there are so many bright, interesting and involved people in my world. Now lets go take our country back!

Blog name: L&R

We are 29 and 28 years old {not telling which is which :} A husband and wife who are both going to college full time for Archaeology/Ancient Religion and Geology respectively. We have been devastated since 2000 when Bush took over the White House, but we had never been apart of politics as anything other than armchair activists until we found Dean. Actually R found him after doing an online search of all the candidates with her sister. Everything we found out about Dean {and we did some serious digging} filled us with an excitement we had never had for another person in public office. We knew he was our guy! The one who could finally bring us together so we wouldnt keep repeating the same mistakes that had been the downfall of all the great civilizations of the past. Personal history: L is an extremely left brained, mathematically minded genius, with the sense of humor of a twelve year old and a big, soft heart {oh and he can really cook!}. R is the complete opposite, published poet, singer...addicted to the Discovery channel, the History Channel, and now-the blog {and she cant boil water} We thought there were no others like us-who felt as we did. We came to the blog, afraid for the future of this country, uninsured, unemployed-trying to find something to give us hope again. We found it here, with all of the wonderful people of this community, and with Howard Dean.

Blog name: Laini

"I'm Laini. I'm 37, and married 3 years to the love of my life, Allan, a Canadian who moved to Texas to be with me.

I was almost completely apolitical most of my life until the mid 90s, when I had an unplanned pregnancy. When I realized that Roe vs. Wade was in danger, it woke me up to the fact that I'd taken much of my political rights for granted. That got me voting for the first time. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I did not vote until I was around 30.

I was digusted by the election in 2000, but still never realized what avenues were available for me to change things.

My husband was the one who got me involved. He reads EVERYTHING written by liberals, surfs the Web constantly in search of new information, and discovered a Website called Through one of our acquaintances there, we found out about Governor Dean's appearance in Dallas last July. I was blown away by the Governor. I immediately began signing up for events, and traveled to Iowa in September as a Texas Ranger. I know now what's at stake, and the Dean campaign has made me braver than I ever thought I could be.

I'm now leading a meetup in Rockwall, Texas, trying to reach out to the smaller towns just to the east of
Dallas, and we're having even better results with our new Yahoo group. I'm going back to Iowa in January. I am SO invested in our victory! We CANNOT LOSE, and WILL NOT LOSE because if Bush wins another term, Al and I are moving to Canada."

Blog name: LA Mom

I am 36 years-old and have been married for 8 years. We live in Los Angeles, California, and have a 7 year-old son who attends our neighborhood public school, which is sustained by the fund raising and
volunteer efforts of the parents and the community.

I was raised in the woods of Mendocino, California by tie-dyed wolves, an experience that taught me a healthy skepticism of the extremes of both left and right-wing ideology. In 1984 when I was a seventeen
year-old punk rocker we knocked on doors in San Francisco on election night to get voters out, we were too young to vote that year. Reagan won, and that was the last time I had any more than an armchair
involvement in politics. My son brought me into the campaign in late March, I wrote about it in
my first blog comment on the 'Sleepless' thread. When my boy was six years-old, he was so disgusted with the war and the state of the world that he decided to run for President. He prepared a speech, it started with:

"We shall fight with our mouths, not with our fists; we shall turn our flag from a flag of lies, to a flag of truth."

Needless to say I knew it was time for action. I began researching candidates on the internet and I came across Howard Dean; I got goose bumps as I read his positions and his record of service in Vermont, I just couldn't believe it. Then I watched his announcement speech in Burlington and was struck by Howard Dean's obvious love of our country and his willingness to fight for it. After being told again and again that disagreeing with the Bush administration was unpatriotic, it was profoundly moving to see someone [a politician!] stand up when it was unpopular to do so and say the things that I felt.
Before I had a child I volunteered with children and have seen what terrible lifelong damage can be done by unsupported parents and the children who get left behind. Dr. Dean's record on this issue says it
all: Vermont has seen a 43% decrease in child abuse, and a 70% decrease in sexual abuse of children... I now split my time between work, volunteering at school, and working with my son [LA for Dean and Dean Majority's youngest volunteer] on the Dean campaign. Claims to blog fame: I hold the cabinet position of Deputy-Grand Poobah of The Funded Education Mandate, a Sub-Committee of The Department of Leave Bush Behind, on the list started by Fiziwig, and I got an honorable mention for my haiku submission for the virtual steak-fry.

Blog name: Larry in Austin

I'm a 47 year old systems analyst at UT Austin. Previously I was a high school band director for 18 years. I was born in Texas, lived 12 years in Southern California, then moved back to Texas after college at Cal State Long Beach. I am married and have 2 small dogs. My wife (Beth) and I love to travel, especially to places where there are mountains.

I have never been involved in politics before, beyond voting and arguing. After the 2000 (s)election, I figured OK, we'll just have to survive 4 years of an incompetent, ineffective President. After 9/11,
the Patriot Act, and the Axis of Evil speech, I began to sense that our country was headed in a very dangerous direction. I remember visiting Dachau and the Holocaust Museum in DC and thinking of the haunting question,"If you had lived in Germany in the 30's, what would you have done?"

I was so disappointed when I felt like the Democratic Party leadership rolled over and played dead for the 2002 election. As I watched the buildup toward the Iraq war during the winter, I couldn't believe the
arrogance with which we were treating our allies. I also couldn't believe that the Bush Administration was about to send our military to war without proof that Iraq was an imminent threat to our country. Beth
got tired of hearing me yell at CNN and told me I needed to get involved and do something about it. She was right. I attended a protest here in Austin (my first) the day after the war started, because I
wanted the rest of the country and the world to know that there were many Texans who were not just going to play along with what the Bush Administration was telling us. I also wrote emails to state officials about the Texas Congressional redistricting process and attended a rally in support of the Texas Senators in Albuquerque.

I started looking around for a presidential candidate to support and knew nothing about Howard Dean, other than I really like Vermont, and would rather the whole country be run like Vermont than Texas. I saw Gov. Dean on C-Span last winter while channel surfing and really liked what I heard, but didn't know if he could survive the overwhelming support for the war. I visited the web site a few times and told some
of my Democratic coworkers about Dean (one of those coworkers later traveled to Iowa as a TX Ranger). During the summer I was tickled hearing about the turkey sandwich fundraiser and thought the attitude
of the Dean campaign was just my style. I saw Dean again on C-Span in late July talking to a group in Iowa. Beth had not been paying much attention up to that point. I asked her to sit down and listen to him. After it was over, she asked me, "Are we going to send him some money?"
For the first time in a long time I remembered what it was like to feel "patriotic". I HAD to support him. I began going to meetups and getting involved in campaign activities here in Austin. Getting involved and
meeting people who feel the same as I do about our country have been great therapy for me.

I'm happy to say that I am no longer yelling at the TV. I usually just turn it off instead. My wife and friends think I'm obsessed. I think of it as focused. I think of the upcoming Nov 2004 election now as a
personal long term goal and that I have the power to do something about it.

Blog name: Lee in MT

I am an English teacher in Great Falls, MT. I started following the Dr.'s campaign in May. I contributed to my first primary campaign in June, on the bat. I read every word that Kate O'Conner writes because she makes me feel like I am there! I have written letters to Iowa and left Common Sense in the teachers' lounge. I recruited a few friends including a hospital administrator who is now a Deaniac! My daughter will be 18 and vote in her first presidential election for Dean! My oldest daughter serves in the Air Force in Japan. We are hard working middle class Montanans bowing under the ridiculous yoke of Republican misdeeds. Go Dean!

Blog name: Left Coast Jane

I live in Sherman Oaks CA (part of "The Valley" in L.A.), where I'm a newly minted 60, empty-nester, and since the kids are grown, we spend several months a year back east in CT, where I grew up. Hubby (a Deanster, maybe not quite a Deaniac) runs his own business (computer & high tech security stuff), and I work part time for it from home.

Since hearing/seeing my first little video on my computer monitor, of the Doc's speech to the Calif Teachers maybe about a year ago, I noticed the tears in my eyes, and my arms gesticulating wildly at that tiny square in the middleof the screen! I knew I had found the guy who could DO it.

Since that day, I've had to go to every meetUp, watch every debate, write letters to IA and NH voters, rapid-responses to distortions in the media, blog, hit the bat, go to organizing meetings and fundraisers, etc etc. AND, my respect and admiration for his clarity, thoughtfulness, strength and
passion have only grown.

We have not been swept up by Dean's momentum, we have created it, One by one, we've "gotten" him, by paying serious attention and choosing the only one who represents a better way of framing what is wrong with the status quo. When he says "I want my country back!" and "the power to take our
country back is in YOUR, hands, not mine--" those are not just empty slogans. Dean has always been a centrist, not radical in any way. He says our economic and political way of life is the best there is--when it is working the way it is supposed to. That's all. And he's frightening all those who have purposely taken us in the wrong direction.

He says we have been hijacked by the corporate interests who can buy and pay for influence, and who in exchange get only THEIR needs met. He says the needs of the vast majority of people must outweigh the needs of the greediest and the excessive profiteers. Pretty straightforward. Jefferson
Smith Goes to Washington. How come WE can understand this perfectly, and yet about 95% of the "pundits" and news/tabloidizers just don't get it? Because we listen, and they don't. They get their "news" off press releases, "talking points", and other pundits' cleverocity.

I know when people start HEARING him, instead of hearing ABOUT him, Dean will win.

Blog name: Lenore in MA

I'm 30 years old and I live in Massachusetts, and I'm married to a wonderful man who is also a
Deaniac. I was born in Kentucky, grew up in western Massachusetts, and have also lived in
Ithaca, NY and Toronto. I've been mostly house-bound with two chronic illnesses for the
last three years. Before that, I was in college for a very long time! I majored in linguistics
and cultural anthropology, and also studied a lot of Native American/aboriginal studies, women's
studies and communication disorders. Before I got sick I was in the process of applying to a grad
program in communication disorders, which I still hope to do someday.

I've always been a liberal yellow-dog Democrat, and I grew up in a very political Quaker family.
The last few years I had been losing faith in the Democratic party, and politics in general-- but
Howard Dean changed that. I was devastated when Paul Wellstone died, and I believe that Howard
Dean has the same kind of integrity and fighting spirit. I have real hope for the future of our
democracy, our country and our planet because of him. This campaign has inspired me and helped me
personally in more ways than I can say (I can honestly say that Dr. Dean has helped me more
than any other doctor!). The biggest thing I've contributed to this campaign is probably writing
lots and lots of letters (though I'm nowhere close to Charles Sullivan!:)

Blog name: Linda in LR/Linda in Ar/rflush

40ish Black Female

I am divorced and the mother of a 17 year old son who will be voting in his first presidential election. I took a buyout from a telecommunications co. three years ago and I plan to pursue a 2nd career in real estate next year. My son has aspirations of becoming a model and I've been encouraging and supporting him in this dream.

I decided to research the presidential candidates back in May after a friend told me about Howard Dean. That's when I discovered the DFA website and the Blog. I read as much as I could and researched his background. Then I saw him speak on TV; I don't remember which speech but after I heard him speak, I was so inspired and I felt compelled to become a part of the grassroots efforts surrounding this campaign. When Howard Dean spoke, I listened; he sounded like he was speaking from the heart, he made me feel like I could trust the things he was saying. This man did not sound like the average politician!!

During the month of June, I became hooked on the Blog. I didn't post much, but I lurked every day. It was also during this month that I realized something big!! was going on and I was part of history. The internet was playing a major role in politics. Then Joe Trippi came up with this amazing idea (The Famous BAT!!). On June 30th I did something that I had never done before; I contributed money to a presidential campaign. I think a lot of us had the same idea on June 30th. We wanted to be the one that caused the BAT to explode by reaching the $$ goal. I'll always remember where I was at midnight on June 30th, 2003; I watching the BAT!! on the DFA Blog.

I live in Arkansas and after Wes Clark announced in September, someone asked me if I was switching to Clark. I said that Clark would have to give me a reason to switch.

My heart was already with Dean and there's nothing that can change that.

I believe it was the Florida Democratic Party chairman that referred to a quote by former Pres. Clinton --- "During the primary you fall in love and then during the general election you fall in line".

I sooooo….. understand that quote!!!

Blog name: Linda in Wisc

My husband teases me about lurking on the blog so much, but if I haven't been on my usual 3 times a day, he's sure to ask me what's new. Since we are retired - (well, he's 68 and retired, and I'm 56 and at home because that's where he wants me. Wouldn't call it retired) - we have lots of time to keep track of things in the world. We are regular letter-writers, contributors, and attend MeetUp faithfully. We've been with Dean since March and every time I hear him speak, I cry. I didn't think I had an ounce of hope left for politics in this country, but I guess the Doctor found it. I'll do everything I can to get this man elected.

Blog name: Lisa in DC

I'm 24 years old and unlike many Deaniacs, I have been closely involved with many political campaigns. But nothing has matched the enthusiasm I feel about the Dean campaign. I work in a political job, and have been part of the Democratic "establishment," but I have become increasingly frustrated with the timidity and compromise that have come to define the Democratic Party. I have been a Dean supporter since December 2002 (I had already liked Dean before that, but was one of the last Gore loyalists... I didn't switch my candidate until Gore withdrew from the race). I was at the DNC winter meeting the afternoon Dean gave the famous "What I want to know" speech. I had to leave to go back to work before the gov. took the stage, and walked back to my office and watched that speech on a little black and white TV on my desk. The people I worked with were NOT Dean fans, but I couldn't get enough of that speech. I taped it that night on C-Span and showed everyone who would watch it with me. It was so refreshing to have someone stand up and say exactly what I had felt for the past couple years. I will do everything I can to make sure he gets elected, and that the hope, the energy, the enthusiasm, and the emergence of a better Democratic Party does not end.

Blog name: Lisa in MA

My name is Lisa Kleinholz. I'm a mystery novelist and freelance book indexer. I indexed Jonathan Schell's The Unconquerable World and Chalmers Johnson's The Sorrows of Empire--two must reads for Deaniacs. My husband is an elementary school music teacher. We have two children, one a sophomore in college, the other a junior in high school. I worry about their future in a world reshaped
by Bush Republicans--no help financing college, no healthcare, no jobs, no public education for their children, no environmental protection, no Social Security, no Medicare, no Bill of Rights, and perpetual war.

As a longtime Democrat, I was initially attracted to Howard Dean's campaign because he was a mainstream Democrat standing up to the Republicans in a courageous way that I wished more Democrats would. I am thrilled with the Gore endorsement. I am even more thrilled to see how many everyday Americans with those old-fashioned values of work, community, caring for others, freedom of speech, and honesty in government--are flocking enthusiastically to the Dean campaign. The people-powered campaign is beginning to restore my belief that American democracy will survive ... because we are going to take back our country!

Blog name: Lisa in MI

I'm 37, mother of two, married and living in SW MI. We are self-employed and plugging along in this economy, trying to keep our heads above water (or oil, however you want to look at it). While I'm
active in trying to change our local criminal justice system, I pretty much stayed away from politics and voting for the last 15 years. Then Bush drug us into an unjust war where thousands of innocent people are dying, and where millions of Americans and people around the world protesting this unjust war went unnoticed. I felt so insignificant. Earlier this year, one of my friends at a local peace group started
talking about Howard Dean. His enthusiasm about Dean intrigued me, so I went to the dfa site and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks to Howard Dean and the grassroost campaign, I feel like I matter again. I feel that my small donations make a difference. As Bush plows through every aspect of our country; the environment, the economy, jobs, civil rights, the common good for all people and the goodwill we enjoyed with other countries, giving it all to the highest bidder, I have found a way to
filter all of my insignificant feelings into a new energy that makes me eat, sleep, and breathe politics. Not just politics as usual, but the "politics" of Howard Dean and this campaign that have brought a new hope to this country and the world. I'm so excited about the world that may be when Gov. Dean is elected; the world that looks so much brighter for my children than the one they have to look forward to now.

Blog name: Lisa in San Diego

I'm a 34-year-old stay-at-home mother of a 4-year-old girl in Southern California. Came fully on board as a supporter in July (of course Dean was here in June--waaaa!) and there's been no looking back. Every day brings a new outrage at what the current administration is doing, but new excitement at what an informed and energized populace can dream and do. Go Dean!

Blog name: L.I. Soundview in CT

I am a retired IBM engineer, formerly specializing in automated optical pattern inspection. I currently am retired here on Long Island Sound, but I lived in VT for 22 years, and had been impressed with the way Howard Dean had been running VT for some time. However, I had no idea he was planning to run for the presidency. The 2000 election left me a CSPAN junkie, with a deep desire to find any hope that our appointed president could be replaced in 2004.

About a year ago, I was surprised and utterly overjoyed to see Howard Dean speaking at the Jefferson Jackson dinner on CSPAN, and particularly to hear him say he was, "from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party." From that moment, I have been haranguing my friends, sending emails, and making a general pest of myself to all my acquaintances, trying to convince them to get out the vote for Howard Dean. I even gave a Dean Tshirt to our mayor here. What has made me more politically active than I would normally be is the fact that my husband, a former IBM engineering manager, retired on disability from complications from an aortic aneurysm operation, who should have no worries about medical coverage (being eligible for my IBM coverage, his IBM coverage, VA coverage + Medicare) is finding that through the policies of the Republican party that none of these 4 plans is going to be covering him the way things are going. IBM dumps you on to Medicare the moment you qualify (also true for your Medicare eligible spouse). IBM promised us for years that we were getting paid less, because we had life time benefits. You can work all your life for something, and have it pulled out from under you when you have no recourse. Also the pension plan, part of the same package, has been severely cut back, resulting in a court case still in appeal. The Bush administration has been right beside IBM on this all the way. Insult to injury,Ski makes slightly more than the amount the Bush administration wants to allow for veterans to keep their medical insurance., Our servicepeople signed up with the armed services without any word that the promised benefits would be yanked if you earned too much money. Once again, promises not kept. And the same theory being worked into Medicare, which we and IBM have paid for, year by working year. Finally people talk about greedy seniors who say they are entitled...well he is. When you have paid for something 4 times over, you are entitled to get it. But we are all entitled to affordable health care, and thanks to Howard Dean, we may all get it.

The only thing someone might recognize me for, I was one of the two women who cooked the food for the Burlington VT headquarters holiday party. (The other one is my friend lunchlady, who also posts on the blog.).

Blog name: listener

Greetings, Blog Fam!
I'm a contemplative, married since 1974, have five adult children and eight silky grandcats, and have lived in Vermont since 1981. My lifework is as a listener, as I meet with people seeking spiritual guidance ~ hence my blog name. I am also a writer, photographer, artist, help with my hubby's home based software business, and work part time in a small ecumenical/interfaith bookshop.
I first encountered Howard Dean when he was our Lieutenant Governor and my family and I were central to getting home schooling legislation passed that upheld a good balance of the rights of the state, the parents and the children. In January of 2003, I protested the Iraq invasion until my feet went numb, and got quoted in three newpapers the next day, expressing my concern that such an action would destabilise a significant part of the region.

The day Howard declared his candidacy, I was standing on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont with my hubby and three of our five children, listening to the whole wonderful experience beginning to unfold. The whole marketplace was jammed with people, even folks standing and sitting on every level of the nearby parking garage. There was a platform for all the camera folks, from the local stations to ABC, etc.. It was pretty exciting for us as Vermonters, to see our beloved Governor getting all this attention! I was 47 then.

Our eldest was very involved locally from the beginning and got the rest of us interested in helping too. After another son's wedding at the end of September that year, my hubby and I began to volunteer at H.Q.. What a time that was! H.Q. was full-size and bursting at the seams, with staffers working late into the evening and ordering in junk food so to keep going. Some of us brought good snacks in whenever we could, such as veggies and dip, and the occasional cupcakes or cheesecake just for fun. Nothing lasted on the common table for more than 20 minutes! In addition to spending hours and hours putting together general mailings and Meet Up Packets, I began to help with answering the phones. That was the wildest part of all, as the phones were ringing constantly! I took a call from NPR wanting Howard to be interviewed that same day, calls from numerous reporters, a Senator, lots of hopeful citizens calling in their support, one guy who wanted to bend someone's ear about all the things he thought were wrong with the campaign, and a dear older woman from Texas who called to say please keep on because we down here know GWB well, so we know we need a change!
It was during this time of answering phones that I finally "came out" and began blogging instead of merely lurking. Dina Wolkoff, who trained me and had oversight of the phones, was known to be a serious lurker too, and that somehow made me feel all the more connected. I remember the request that we all share our age on the blog, and was amazed to find I was in the mainstream, not a granny after all! Ha!

I was also on the phones before, during and after Iowa. Our two eldest flew to Iowa and helped with the Perfect Storm. Several of us froze our feet canvassing in NH. I was putting together Meet Up Packets the day Joe Trippi walked out, and remember wondering over the faces of some staff members even before I'd heard the news. My family and I were present at the Sheraton when Howard announced he was withdrawing from the race. I was in Norwich, Vermont (unawares) the day Diane Sawyer interviewed Howard and Judy at the Norwich Inn. Two sons and I became notaries and got out the vote. Last year at the end of October, I was one of the many people who stood in line at Borders Books, about a block from where Howard first announced, to get seven copies of You Have the Power autographed, and ended up being seen on the evening news talking with Howard. I told him that day that I had left the Democratic Party because of how he was treated in Iowa and I was waiting to see what they did after the election. A few days later I worked at the polls. A few months later Howard was made DNC Chair. Later on the original Blog continued to slowly deteriorate. It was the Mother Blog and we need to respect it. Maybe its time, for purposes of this community, has reached retirement. I am grateful for the Shadow Blog and the new life it inspires.

And here we are...several special quilts later, having come through so much together through the pages of the blog, through Deanfest, through reaching out to one another, encouraging one another, being willing to go the extra mile, offer the extra couch, sharing the road and the load ~ always looking to the future, holding in our hearts the hope that Howard gave us, remembering that we have the power because of that hope, and holding open the space for all that is good and worthy in this country to keep its foot in the door. We embodied the hope, and I truly believe we couldn't have done it separately enough to keep it alive. Because of the blog and the connections it made possible and sustained, we knew we weren't alone, we knew what was happening on the front lines, and together we pushed that front line to new horizons. Mousepads and shoe-leather, compassion and elbow grease, Crushies and whale ties, Flat Howard and real Howard, and many many hours of getting out the vote, and the truth. Never ever forget that we are the people of the Union and, together (hopefully with good leadership) we have the power!

Blog name: Liz

Just started testing the waters of the blog. I'm older than 30! Dem. from the old days of feelings, and differences between the parties were clear. Against this war, not against finding and snuffing the life out of the 9/11 scum. Saddened by the uncaring attitude in the news, and on the streets toward our troops in Iraq. (their deaths are not even front page news) My hope is that Dean can get us out of Iraq, and finish the war Osama started in Afghanistan. I take an active interest in politics. Bush gives me the horrors. He does not care about anything really and is not smart enough to see that they are just using him. My biggest fear? That the neo cons will "create" a security problem right before the election. Hope Mr. Dean has security around him.

Paranoid? sometimes. Bobby Kennedy was an early ideal and I know what can happen to your dreams. on a brighter note, Mr. Dean is allowing that heartfelt dreaming to live again.
good luck to us all and to America

Blog name: LLCoolD or Thomas in PA

My real name is Lynn, I am a 47 yo clarinet/flute teacher, and advocate for special needs children. I am married to a retired university professor, with an 11 yo autistic trumpet-playing son. We live on the edges of Amish Country in PA. Mostly we have cows and Republicans around here.

We have always had problems getting services from our school district, it is not financially well-off since we are rural and most of our taxes come from the residents. This year we had two whammies: 1) My son lost his Medical Assistance card, because he received a Social Security payment courtesy of his retired father, and 2) NCLB regs were forcing my son to take testing that is almost two years above his level, testing that he could never pass.

I knew I had to do something, so I started researching and contacting government agencies to change the MA law, and also looking for ways to change NCLB. In the process, I found Howard Dean. I wasn't looking for a candidate, but when I read his stance on the education issues, as well as the rest of his site, his words made me feel like *I* could do the job, and inspired me to do more.

Long story short, we were able to get the state MA regs changed, so that all disabled children who receive Social Security can now keep or get their MA card! I am still working on NCLB and the ridiculous testing requirements....But because Howard Dean's inspiration gave me the confidence that I could actually change things, I also started a blog( and a website ( . While the website is still being "defined", it's original purpose was so parents could compare all of the candidates' education views. Now hopefully I can use it to try and help as many people find their way through the red tape of special ed and the schools, and to help get people elected that can Truly help our children.

Blog name: Lobsters in AR

I'm a 30 year old stay at home mom of a 3 year old daughter. I really really was disgusted with the way the 2000 election turned out. As the last 3 years have passed by, I've felt very helpless to do anything to change the things that were happening in America. I determined that this election, I was going to research all the candidates and make an informed decision about who I wanted to be the Democratic nominee. That's when I discovered Howard Dean!! This is the first election process that I have ever been involved in (except voting) and I'm very excited for what lies ahead. The Tea is in the Harbor! Dean for America!!!

Blog name: lois in Vermont

I'm a soon to be 52 year old Taurus who lives in a log cabin on a mountainside in Vermont with my husband of 22 years and my dog of fifteen years. I earned a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology in my forties. Here in Vermont, a recession in the counseling field occurred at the time I graduated from grad school at so I never did find a good job in my field. I volunteered for Dean for America after Christmas because my husband's health insurance benefits got cut drastically and I got angry, and stayed that way until I started to feel the hope of a real movement taking shape in our country. And I think Democracy for America is at the forefront of that movement. At seventeen, I wanted to change the world (it was 1969), then I gave up. Now at 52, I know we can and must change our country, at the very least. And I am dedicated to making that happen! Thank you all for giving me hope again.

Blog name: Lou-a-vul or mrc in ky

I'm Michelle in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm 45, divorced, have a 25 year old son, a 23 year old daughter and a 7 year old grandson. I am a project manager at a local tech company. My brother from San Diego turned me on to Dean early last spring when I was looking for someone who didn't buy all the war BS. I have always been a registered democrat, but never really active except for voting. Since "meeting" Dean (on the internet only, I wish in person, though) I've worked the Dean State Fair booth, donated blood, collected signatures to get Dean on the Kentucky primary ballot, written Iowa letters and gone to some of the Meet-ups. I've also driven friends and family cRaZy with emails and conversation about Dean, Dean, Dean. :) I wear my button all of the time and more and more folks grin and flash thumbs-up, ask questions and want to get involved. I had one guy stop me, shake my hand and say "thank-you, thank-you" over and over. I'm excited to think that we can really make a difference, one person at a time!

Blog name: Lunch Lady

Hi, I use the name Lunch Lady because one of the ways I help the Dean Campaign is to bring lunch for 15-20 folks to the Dean HQ every Monday and Wednesday. There are a lot of hungry volunteers there and I figured that it could increase productivity for the effort. I have lived in Vermont for 28 years with 6 years in Texas and New York on assignment for work.

I have done a lot of traveling for my work and have spent a lot of time in Europe with less time in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

I'm 57 years old, retired from IBM where I was an Engineering Project manager for many years. I have been politically active and in fact was the State Coordinator for NOW in Vermont in the early '80's.
Last summer I was talking to a friend who I worked with and she asked me who interested me in the Presidential elections. I said , you know I don't think he has a chance but I really like Howard Dean. She said, "Me too!!"

So a week or so later, I went to HQ bought a tee shirt and the rest is history.

I have volunteered in New Hampshire and will go again next week, and of course via email recuit who I can of my friends who are all over the country. I must say I have gotten a few quite active as a result.
I support Howard Dean because I got to see first hand in Vermont how he dealt with real life issues, I like the idea that he has the ability to be socially responsible and fiscally responsible. I like his straight style of talking, I'm not having any trouble understanding what he means, and I have a clear idea of what his goals are and how he intends to achieve them.

As a result I decided to put aside my easy life of retirement and join the Deanics because we have the power to make him President.

Blog name: Mad AZ Monk

I’m a 38-year-old Brown University graduate living in Sedona, AZ (declared “Most Beautiful Place in America” by USA Today!). I make my living as a freelance writer and media rep. And, I’m an actual Tibetan Buddhist monk. And a fanatic birder. My mother, a longtime Vermont resident, tipped me off to Dean last winter. His campaign was just the remedy for the moral outrage and despair I was experiencing over Bush and his cohorts. I now coordinate a big chunk of Northern Arizona with the goal being to deliver Coconino and Yavapai Counties in the primary, and AZ overall in the generals. My 15 minutes of blog fame came when Zephyr came through Sedona on the Drive For Democracy and they snapped my photo holding up a custom-made “UFO Abductees For Dean” sign. Don’t laugh—in Sedona, that’s a major voting bloc!

Blog name: Marisacat

My handle is Marisacat (because my house on a hill is full of cats!) and might as well label me San Francisco Liberal, native born variety and still here -tho I have lived outside the country at various times.
My first presidential election ws '72, McGovern, I could vote due to the change in the law. Growing up in a politically active home, my mother had received one of the original Nixon calls against Helen Goehagen Douglas in So California, we were long time, generational Democrats. Still a Democrat, had been clinging by a thread! but recently happy again!

I first read a print media article on Dr Dean in about July of 2002. Simple, outlining how he was following the old Jimmie Carter model in Iowa, and there was the first dismissal "There cannot be another Carter." Must have pricked my Irish blood, because quick as a wink I thought: "No but there can be a Dean".

Little by little I read more (no Google searches!) caught Dean on CSpan etc.. I let it flow to me on its own schedule thru the various media. Bit by bit. I was just weary at the thought of the congress people aspiring to the Presidency, quite aside from the war vote, we needed different.

I almost did not know what to do when I heard the speech Dr Dean gave at the CA Democratic Party convention in March, I mean incredible! Who else was saying these things? .. and I first sent money in March of 03, the night we bombed Baghdad. Today as I write this bio, Dr Dean is here in Sn Francisco, at the Masonic Auditorium and various fundraisers at the Fairmont. 10.5 months to go.

Thank you Dr Dean for running. You look like you are enjoying it more than any other candidate I have ever watched make this grueling run. Stay safe.

Blog name: Marjorie in Hamden

I'm 37, married, and mother of two daughters, age 3 and 6. I am a freelance web site designer. I am using my technical expertise to capture, edit and produce Dean video for CT meetups and house parties.

I wouldn't be involved in this campaign if it weren't for the Blog and the way Burlington has embraced the feedback of it's supporters. I don't always post, but it's where I go to know what's happening in real time. It's given me a place to speak my mind when my family doesn't want to listen to me rant any more. To engage in intelligent political debate with like-minded people is so refreshing. Whenever I feel I need a boost, or need to dispell the latest attack on Howard, the Blog reaffirms my faith in and renews my spirit.

Blog name: marla in texas

I'll be 50 next spring and excited to be part of this amazing community of passionate people committed to getting Howard Dean elected so that we can take our country back (I never get tired of saying this!). I'm an artist and small business owner of a graphic design firm in Austin, Texas. Never has a political campaign felt more real or more worthy of the kind of time commitment I'm giving
this one. I'm hosting house parties, letter writing events, doing Dean Corp, volunteer weekly for outreach events, have gone to Iowa in Sept. as a Texas Ranger and am going back for 10 days in January and
am having the time of my life. It's helped me re-channel the anger and overwhelming feelings of helplessness and depression brewing over the last three years into feelings of hope and faith in this country. It's the people I'm meeting, the community we're building, the feeling of empowerment that we can change the course. And, did I mention the FUN? (check out Crushies for Dean: Howard Dean's most passionate website at: --that a group of us hopelessly smitten "crushies for Dean" have put together for our viewing and contributing pleasure!)

Blog name: Marn in PDX

I first came in contact with the blog after my first Dean meet-up in May of 2003. I was floored by everyone I had met at the meet-up and was inspired for the first time to learn about our political system. When I googled with a vengance! Due to other pressing health issues, I had to step away from the campaign for awhile. I am 30 years old, and am married. When my husband realized that I was for a candidate that he wasn't fully for (hes a poly sci major) , I was able to convince him in september to come to the Sleepless in September tour that was making a stop in portland, OR. At this point, I was confined to a wheelchair due to health issues, and was amazed at the kindness of the Dean campaign to help secure a place for people with disabilities to be above the crowd and still see Dr. Dean speak. I was even more fired up after seeing Dr. Dean talk. I try to contribute the blog and have already maxed out my donation levels. I feel that Dr. Dean is the change that this country needs in order to make it a country that I want to continue to live in. Thank you Dr. Dean.

Blog name: Marshall

I'm a 19-year-old undergraduate at Oxford University in the UK. I'm from Montclair, NJ, and I miss my state all the time. I wish I could be there right now, knocking on my neighbors' doors and making sure they're on the Dean wagon. I signed up with Dean the moment Gore declared his intentions, and I've been gung ho ever since. I enjoyed a fabulous three months this summer in Gainesville, FL, where I studied under the activist wizard herself, Brenda Bayne. Fun house parties, visibility events, debate watching, mailing. Brenda's wonderful. If there's no room for her in the White House Press Office, I nominate her for Ambassador to some cushy country where she can sip pina coladas all day. Go Brenda!

I study Politics and Economics, and I'm a total internetaholic, being generally politics-crazed and unsatiated here in the land of pub crawls. I do like other things too: hiking in the wilds of this country, for instance. I can't wait to return to the USA, though, with Howard Dean as my President!

Blog name: Martin in MD

My blog handle is Martin in MD. In what passes for reality, my name is
Martin Goldsmith. Some folks may remember me for my work on NPR from 1989 to 1999.

I'm 51 and I live with my lovely wife Amy in Kensington, Maryland, just outside DC, and now I broadcast for XM Satellite Radio. My parents escaped to America in 1941 from Nazi Germany and in 1948, the first year they could legally vote in this country, they cast their Presidential votes for the progressive Henry Wallace. I learned well, and in 1972 (my first year in Presidential politics) I went up to New Hampshire to ring doorbells for George McGovern. The Howard Dean campaign is a wonderful reminder of those heady days, but it is more than that ... it may well be the last best hope for this country, a hope reflected in a prayer I found three months ago at a Rosh Hashanah service: "Before us lies a new day, and in the distance a new world, ours to create by the strength of our faith."

Blog name: Mary in GA

I am a 59 year old mother of 4 and grandmother of eight. Born and raised in Chicago, we came to Atlanta when my husband was transferred 16 years ago - we loved it - we stayed. I retired from my job as a Tech Consultant 3 years ago so that I could have a life back and enjoy my grandchildren instead of working 60 hours a week. Retirement gave me more time to become aware of the horrible things that were happening to my country. I had long felt uneasy about the conservative right wing takeover of the Republican party, became angry at the election of 2000 and felt frustrated and helpless when Saxby Chambliss beat Max Cleland in such a despicable way. I worried about what the future would be like for my grandchildren under John Ashcroft's Patriot Act. Then I turned on Cspan one day and heard a certain Vermont Governor announce his intention to run for President from a podium in Burlington. I got goose bumps. The rest is history.

I donate, flyer, go to meetups, do rapid response, and try to be helpful in any way possible.
I love the blog and it gives me the energy to keep working to change the current State of the Union.

Blog name: Mary Sherwood Kloman - Reston VA

I am 59, divorced, mother of 2 sons.

I was active in Jerry Brown's 1992 Presidential bid. I teach religious education at my church, and I volunteer as a mentor for a criminal justice non-profit organization. My occupation is paralegal.

I support Howard Dean because of his courage, insight, and honesty.

Blog Name: Maura in VA

I'm a 32 year old living in Falls Church, Virginia (home of the first stop on the Sleepless Summer Tour!) and I've worked for an e-learning company in DC for three years, before which I was an English teacher in a wonderful public school system in Northern Virginia for six years. Public education is absolutely my number one political interest, followed closely by a woman's right to choose, and public assistance for the poor and senior citizens. Just as I have been professionally re-energized by the transformative and powerful nature of Web-based communication and collaboration in K-12 education, I have been invigorated by the Internet's role in this campaign from my very first day on the Blog.

I grew up in Stamford, CT (home of Joe Lieberman, who has been a great Senator and graduated from Stamford High School, the public alma mater I share with him) in a working class family. My father is an 80 year old immigrant from Ireland; both he and my mother are Democrats, but not very political. When I was a child, I remember going to polling places with them and they both often volunteered at the polls. My father was also somewhat interested in local old-school Irish Democratic politics. I was the only child in my family to go to college, with scholarships and lots of financial aid. My brothers, somehow, grew up and became Republicans. I still have hope for them - they're sane enough to not be happy with what Bush has done to our country.

I voted for Bill Clinton in my first Presidential election in 1992. My college roommate and I LOVED Clinton/Gore and made a pact to move to New Zealand if he lost to George Bush. (Confession = we both thought Clinton was hot.) My passion for making Bush a one-term President came largely from my experience studying abroad in Ireland as a junior. As an American among many international friends, I was absolutely appalled to have to be in a position to defend (as an American) the shameful actions of my President. As a teenager, I hadn't been active in elections, but I vowed to come back to the U.S. and do my part to make sure I'd have a President I could be proud of again. When I spent year on a postgraduate fellowship in Northern Ireland after graduation, I walked much more proudly as an American with Clinton as my representative. :-)

When 2000 rolled around, I had been somewhat active in local politics, volunteering to help with phone banking for local and congressional elections for Democratic candidates, but aside from my work as a teacher's association elected delegate and building representative, I didn't work very actively on the Gore/Lieberman campaign. I put on a bumper sticker, I bought at T-Shirt, I talked him up. I never felt as desperate that it was "Gore or New Zealand", in part because I had matured and knew I wouldn't abandon my country if Gore lost, but mostly because I honestly never thought the country could possibly be stupid enough to vote for Bush. I just didn't believe it could be possible. I wasn't thrilled about Gore as a candidate -- while I really liked him in '88, I was disappointed that he had become so centrist, so afraid of really differentiating himself from Bush. And while I was proud of my local boy Lieberman, I was really disappointed that he failed to clearly "win" his debate against Dick Cheney, who I thought would be such an easy target for a decent guy like Lieberman. Still, despite these weaknesses, I just never really thought that so many people could actually vote for Bush.

I stayed up all night watching election returns, as I know most of you did. I cried, I felt hope, I cried some more. I screamed with frustration. I wrote letters. I read news Web sites obsessively. I was absolutely indignant about all of the irregularities in Florida, especially the purging of thousands of names from voter rolls of perfectly innocent people. During those long weeks, I was so frustrated that more Democrats were not strongly, forcefully, unequivocally speaking out against the election irregularities in Florida. Not just about the re-count, but all the people who never got to vote in the first place. This is America, not some banana republic with rigged elections. Why were they being so damned polite? Why were there not huge marches in Washington demanding voter rights? Where was Clinton? Why was Gore so quiet? Where were the Democrats?

On Inauguration Day, I had planned to join other local DC people in protesting Bush. But that rainy, cold, depressing morning, I just couldn't get out of bed. It was too awful. It all looked so bleak. And it was too late to change the outcome. I regretted that I didn't take Bush seriously enough. That I didn't work harder to elect Gore.

Since then, I have been appalled by how many Democrats have caved in to Bush's agenda, fearing they'd lose positons in polls that were so supportive of him post 9/11. I was so disappointed that not one Democratic leader emerged to forcefully counter Bush. Not a single one.

And then I heard of Howard Dean. Way up there in Vermont, saying things I had been hoping Gore or Clinton or Gephardt or Kerry or Harkin or the other big dogs would have been saying all along. But he seemed like such an unknown, just a blip on the radar.

Then my old college roommate emailed me about the primary. And I read Howard Dean's statement. All of a sudden, I felt this amazing surge of hope. Dean's Web site at the time was pretty amateurish, but his words on MoveOn re-ignited a hope that had been dormant since the morning of Bush's inauguration. For the first time, I donated to a presidential campaign. I vowed that I would NOT allow 2000 to be repeated -- I would do all I could to elect a Democrat so I would never regret that I hadn't done more. Then the Dean Web site got better, a bat went up, and I donated again. Then I found the Blog. Went to my first Meetup. Went to the amazing Sleepless Summer Tour rally in Falls Church. I vowed to go beyond just putting up a bumper sticker. I kept donating. I went to a house party. I started collecting signatures to get Dean on the ballot. I talk about Dean incessantly to my friends, co-workers, and family. I've made new friends and have gotten closer with old friends who also support Dean, like my beloved college roommate. (Hi, Carrie!) Though she's now happily out of the closet (yay Civil Unions!) I know we still agree that our candidate is a hottie this time around, too. :-) I now volunteer at the Virginia for Dean headquarters. And I read the Blog just about every day. I love it. I love all you guys. And you know what's most important? I HOPE AGAIN. Not just because of Dean, but because of the Dean campaign. Because of you. Because of us.

On the Blog, I lurk more than post but love when traffic is low late at night and we can actually get into some real back-and-forth discussions. I'm probably best known (since I got a few dozen emails about it!) for the night at the end of September when I stayed up all night to write lyrics to a new version of the B-52's "Love Shack", called "Love Tax", about a creative and fun way to channel money toward a bat. ;-) Aside from that, many of my posts have been about the DC Primary, HR2239 (calling for a Voter-Verified Paper Trail) and, in general, how much I love this campaign.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the Blogger's Ball -- I have room on the floor of my condo in Falls Church (just a few miles outside of DC) for those of you who've spent all your money donating for Dean and need a place to sleep for the inauguration! It's small, but hey - we're like family now, right? GO DEAN! Hope is stronger than fear.

Blog name: Maya from Roxbury, MA

Age 56. I began my electoral political life with "Clean for Gene" McCarthy, worked for McGovern, Henry Howell (populist candidate for Governor in VA in the 1970s), Charles Robb (who actually became Governor of VA) and a number of local candidates in Virginia and in MA. I moved to Boston in 1994 when I married a Bostonian and moved to the Roxbury section of the city. I've spent my life working for state and local government and private non profits in large part doing civil rights and women's rights work. I am very interested in affordable housing issues. I've volunteered for neighborhood organizations and women's organizations. Am married to a semi-political Dean supporter and am working to organize Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) for Dean in Boston. Also give money, post on the blog occassionally, and have written some letters.

Blog name: Megan in Nova/ Megan and Bo in Nova

I'm a 24-year old working in the consulting business - recently married to a Vermonter (who is now transplanted with me in Arlington, VA) - Bo - who turned me on to the good doctor early on in the campaign. We lurk more than we blog; but we're passionate about the candidate and are always looking for creative ways to plant a Dean sign or bumpersticker in view. We're spending a lot of energy to turn young voters on to politics - educating them on the candidates and their positions - and convincing our friends to stop voting where their parents vote and take a true look at where they stand as individuals. We're both anthropology grads from Wake Forest University and love to cook, travel, and be outdoors. We also work with an animal rescue organization on the weekends. Most of all, we want to fight the urge we have to move to Canada and be proud of the country we live in again; and we feel that is only possible with Dean as president.

Blog name: Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa. Sometimes I post as Melissa (in Md), but usually just as Melissa. I'm 37 (38 on 12/30) and live in Columbia, Md. I have 2 sons, 8 and 15 and work as a teacher of the visually impaired/orientation and mobility specialist. I have been political all my life and part of my world view comes from living overseas as a child. However, I have not volunteered on a campaign since Alan Cranston and McGovern (the 2nd run). I initially chose Dean because he was the only one with sense enough to oppose the war in Iraq who seemed electable. I must confess I am a very left wing Democrat who wishes the country was ready for someone like Kucinich, but I know Dean is the ONLY one who can help give America back to the people. The more I see and read about Howard Dean, the more I respect and support him. Volunteering on this campaign has definitely helped go from feeling helpless to empowered!

I hope to see all of you in Iowa!

Blog name: mem from Somerville

I’m 38, and active in politics for the first time since college. I am a small business owner who has had to scramble for health care, and I want a Doctor in the White House to fix the health care situation in this country. The energy, intelligence, and creativity around this campaign is phenomenal, and I’m delighted to be a part of it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was the first person to use the phrase “I see Dean people” on a Dean visibility day last summer. After I posted this, a guy I never met (2501, aka Tony) picked up the idea and created T-shirts which are now all over the country! And I love to see the “I see Dean people” signs at so many events. It stuns me that from my sofa in Massachusetts that I have had campaign-wide impact. But of course, now I’m off my sofa and getting the word out about Dr. Dean at many events.

Blog name: Michael Brower

I am 71+ years old. Have been active in local, state, and national politics for 47 years, including state leadership roles in two Presidential campaigns.

I am retired now, but have worked all my life from ages 6 to 66. Farmer, gas station attendant, grocery store clerk, truck driver, census taker, Electrical Engineer, Personnel Department Assistant, U.S. Senate staff, University teacher, Peace Corps trainer, Executive Director of a Non-Profit Corp., and Organizational Consultant. I hold degrees in Electrical Engineering (B.S.) and Political Economy and Government (M.A. and Ph.D.) and have published several dozen articles and book chapters. I have studied in Europe (traveling to a dozen countries and learning two languages) and taught in Colombia, learning Spanish first. While in South America I interviewed Government officials and Development Banks in half a dozen countries.

Blog name: michael in chicago

I'm a 39-year old high school teacher and former graphic designer/creative director. I'm a life long Bears fan yet find myself fighting the urge to watch C-Span during the breaks in game action. I've never been very involved in politics beyond voting before. But thanks to the hope I have found in the Dean campaign and the blog family, I find myself now going to meet-up and creating flyers about participating in the Iowa Caucus and telling everyone, even my die hard Republican relatives all about Dean. I designed the logos for Victory Days, the $100 revolution, and Dean Corps, and although these
may not directly bring votes to Dean, designing identity pieces is what I do best, so it is what I contribute to the campaign.

Blog name: Michael J of Philly

I am a 55-year-old lawyer who represents poor criminal defendants as a Philadelphia public defender. I love jury closing arguments as well as cross-examinations. I am also a Vietnam veteran, having served as an infantry platoon leader (1st Lieutenant) with a bunch of "grunts." I sang barritone in a Doo Wop group, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize when I worked as a reporter for a daily newspaper and still believe my best job ever was as a union organizer for the Newspaper Guild.

I vowed never to vote Republican after Clinton was impeached. (I have a Master's Degree in American history and remember my studies of the Radical Republicans who impeached President Johnson in the 1860s. How many of us remember that one of the heroes mentioned in JFK's Pulitzer-Prize-winning "Profiles In Courage" (Circa 1960) was one of the Senators who voted against Johnson's conviction?)

I supported Clinton before the New Hampshire Primary and see a lot of comparisons with Gov. Dean's campaign. The mayor of New York said Clinton was unelectable; others said he was too beaten up by Democratic rivals to pull the Party together. Everytime I hear similar criticism about Gov. Dean, I just reflect on the Clinton jabs and doomsday predictions.

I wear my Dean button in Court and at the office. I speak to clients and their families about Dean. I have attended my first ever political rally with a jaunt up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps in a Run for Dean with Zephyr Teachout and followed that up with the New Year's Party where I contributed to a presidential candidate for the first time. I was too young and non-political to help the John F. Kennedy election, but I think I can make up for it by doing what I can for another New Englander who has inspired just as many, if not more, liberty-loving Americans.

Blog name: Michael McNett

Married, two kids, 1 dog...

Editor's note: Michael forgot to mention a little thing called Chat for America in his bio. From the length of it, he probably forgot to mention a lot of other things! Open invitation to the rest of the blog family--if you see that someone has obviously been too modest to mention their "claim to fame" vis a vis this campaign, you might have to e-mail me and do it for them! ;-)

Blog name: MichaelPH in Ventura

Hello, this is MichaelPH in Ventura, and I have two kids: Joshua (born in 2000) and Siena (b. in 2003) are super cute and my wife Tanya is even cuter! I have been a school teacher since I was 23, and now I'm an "old" veteran at 34. I have written a children's book for middle readers about the 9/11 attack. But it lies fallow and unpublished! So if anyone knows a publisher, give me a ring. I am working on another book, this one is about immigration and the Ellis Island experience. I have a Master's degree in Humanities with a history specialty, and I studied tap and jazz at the Juliard Academy too (kidding people!). I have a sense of humor that any blogger must employ, to keep things interesting; because politics is serious business but, hey I like a good laugh.

I heard about Howard Dean early on, but I didn't have the time to study the candidates until last summer. Prior to studying them I liked John Kerry, but I couldn't get past the war vote. I had taken part in some war protests and I wanted to stay true to that and so Howard Dean was just a natural for me. I have never doubted my choice. We are people powered and how could you argue with that? We are amazing, I get choked up over many things with my kids, but you guys and this campaign have the same effect! I love it, because I'm passionate about politics, especially education, the environment and the war.

My wife and I lived in South America (Paraguay) for two years, where we were teaching in a private school, so I have seen America's effect on the rest of the world. It is dramatic militarily (the Drug War), and economically (our commercial products), and we need a President who will represent we the people proudly and honorably. That man is Howard Dean.

Blog name: Michele (Gray) in PA
I'm a 43 year old mom in central Pennsylvania. I have two boys, ages 2 and 4, and a cynical journalist husband. I have a blog called GrassrootsMom. I also started a yahoo group called Moms4Dean and a website called Six month ago I didn't even know what a blog was. I found Dean online last spring and reading his speech to the DNC last winter was a major turning point in my life. Before that I saw only despair. After I had hope. Then I made my first contribution ever at the end of June and went to my first Meetup in July. That was the second turning point, my first solo anything since my kids were born. In September came the third turning point. Three times pays for all, they say. I decided that there was better present I could give my family for Christmas than a new President and a reborn party. I talked in over with my husband. And then we maxed out at $2,000 each. Christmas this year is going to be wonderful, simple and full of promise. The rewards have already started — I was interviewed by the New York Times; I got one of the sign bats; I have made some wonderful new friends in my community, and Dean is getting endorsements right and left and moving up and up and up in the polls. See you all in D.C. January 2005.

Blog name: MichiganMatt

I'm a proud resident Democrat of the battleground state of Michigan. I'm 22 years old and currently in the process of obtaining my medical degree from the University of Michigan. Coming from a long line of Democrats, I was extremely disappointed in the party's direction and the outcome of the 2002 elections. Ever interested in politics, I concluded the most likely cause of our poor showing was the attempt to have our party be the Bush-lites of America. The only way we were going to steer this country back on track is by standing up for what is right and what we believe in. In June 2003, my examination of the candidates led me to believe that Dean is the one who can excite the base and help take this country back. He's got the credentials, he's got the ideas, and just as importantly, he's got the passion.

Blog name: Mike B in STL

married, 32 year old, no kids, just a dog. Never worked for a campaign or donated before Howard Dean.
My Mom and family are becoming Deaniacs as well. My Dad worked in a union his whole life and is coming around. I work in sales as a national account manager and travel quite a bit. My company is pretty conservative and I have many discussions regarding Dean and why he should be President. We live in a liberal area of St. Louis but will be moving to a developing suburb I'm assuming will be conservative which kind of stinks, but more new people to introduce to Howard. Lastly, living in St. Louis I NEVER see Gephardt bumper stickers on cars, but seem to see a Dean sticker daily!!

Blog name: Mike in Philly

I'm a 33 year old accountant who lives in Philadelphia. I come from a military family, so I've lived all over the US and Europe. I got my bachelor degree at Florida State and recently completed my MBA at Penn State. I work for a large commercial mortgage lender in the area. I first heard about Dean reading an
article in the New Republic. I've been reading New Republic since college, but I had been distressed by the sycophantic turn they had taken towards the Bush administration. I don't know WHY, but I thought they would be different from the rest of the herd. Anyway, when they started talking about Dean in
condescending tones, I knew they were threatened and I was intrigued.

I first heard Dean speak during his candidacy announcement back in June. In short, I was blown away. I've since donated cash, written tons of letters, bugged all my friends and family members (nearly all of whom are supportive) and have blogged way too frequently.

Blog name: Mike in Raleigh,NC

My name is Mike and I live in Raleigh, NC with my wife and 9 year old
daughter, Emily.

We are originally from Utica,NY(home of the Zogby poll and best Italian food anywhere) where I did my schooling. I am 47 years old and a health care professional employed at Duke University in Durham, NC. My wife is a RN.

Last year at this time, I was greatly saddened by the course our country was taking in its lead up to the invasion of Iraq. Like Governor Dean, I did not agree with the war and am very mistrusting of
Bush. For the first time in my life in February I attended an anti war protest here in Raleigh....I was stunned at 7,000 people from all walks of life were there-young and old, war vets,kids,Drs lawyers and Nurses. In April I went to Washington DC for a protest on the mall and over 150,000 showed......I mainly attended these events out of curiosity, to learn what others were thinking and why. It is evident that George Bush has succeeded in dividing this country like never before, with the exception of the Civil War that is. People were so "pissed" at these protests it was evident.

My goal today and cause is to help Governor Dean remove George Bush from the White House. I am dedicating this year to him, and my daughter and to all young people in America. I have put my plans to leave our country on hold for now, and hope we are victorious next year.

I enjoy a rum&coke very so often and I love driving my British racing green Mazda Miata "Breeze" around town. I dont take life too seriously and try to live each day to the fullest..I enjoy the DFA blog and learn alot from most that write on it.

Lastly, never have politically been active before, I guess in a few years when my daughter asks me why didnt i try and stop George Bush........I can honestly tell her that myself and countless others tried..........and did!

Blog name: MilesK

I'm 44... and my wife (Molly in CA) and I are going to see Gov. Dean in the White House even if it wears us down to a nub. We live in California wine country in Sonoma County, California, and we're both on our regional Howard Dean Steering Committee. I got my start building online communities in 1983
when I wrote the prototype software that ultimately became AOL. After that, I made a career of designing & building graphics & multimedia software for artists and designers (most notably, Macromedia Director). Six years ago I started my own web design and consulting company. I'm resonsible for creating and maintaining our local Dean website and have created a series of customizable event fliers that have been promoted by the national campaign. I've also designed a few "Tea is in the Harbor" T-shirts sold through CafePress. Molly and I have no children, but are proud
parents to 3 dogs (whippets) and a cat.

Blog name: m in austin

I’m Meredith Wilson, usually post as m in austin, (but mostly a lurker). Proud Texas Ranger, looking to head back to Iowa with my youngest daughter in January. My husband & I have three daughters (adult, college & high school) and a son (first grade). My degree is in art history; I worked as museum education director and taught high school art history before moving to Austin last year.

Like so many others, I have never participated in politics before & have never given money to a candidate before HD. I dragged my husband to the Austin Plaza Saltillo rally with Howard Dean back in June. I had read a few things -- transcripts of speeches, etc. and was intrigued. We changed our vacation plans, even, so we could make the thing. What I saw there was an amazing crowd, vibrant energy & hope. I had tears in my eyes & found myself over at the volunteer table, signing up for all kinds of scary things like meetup, tabling at the farmer’s market, giving a house party, etc. During the Sleepless in Summer Tour, we road on a bus to San Antonio with Gov. Dean; he ate my chocolate chip cookies & chatted with us for a good while.

Sometime in July I began checking out the blog. I stumbled on the haiku thing --the response to poet laureate Grace Paley’s endorsement of Kucinich -- and was hooked. That’s just the kind of wacky thing that appeals to me. I figured that a campaign that has the guts to give an official press statement in the form of a haiku has got to have some serious mojo going on:

the campaign goes on
we will, one vote at a time,
take our country back

Blog Name: MJ by the (SF) Bay

Real Name: Matthew

My name is Matthew, I live in San Francisco, CA but grew up in Bethlehem, PA. I have been a member of the Blog for America community and Dean for America for approx. 8 months now. I am 35 years old, in a relationship for 2.5 years, work in the Administrative/Customer Service field, and have never been politically active prior to Dean for America.

I am an average middle income blue collar worker who has been laid off twice since George W. Bush took office. I have been at both ends if the spectrum, gainfully employed at a large corporation and also at a small wholesale business, earning a middle income salray ($32,500) with full benefits at each and now have a job well below my regular income with no health insurance, or holiday pay or vacation pay benefits. The reason I mention this, is because Howard Dean is fighting for me, the average person who stands no chance against corporations, special interests & career Washington politicians who have no desire in helping their fellow Americans.

So to all those who thnk that Howard Dean's supporters are 'sushi-eating, volvo-driving, latte-drinking, high income-earning, upper-class, NY Times-reading freaks'....READ MY PROFILE ONCE AGAIN!

Blog name: Molly in CA

I'm a 49 year old massage therapist in Santa Rosa (Northern) California. My husband, who posts as MilesK has been in the software industry for about 20 years
and is now a self-employed web developer.

In the past the only political activity I did was to vote. But I have been angry and depressed since the
debacle of 2000, I'm afraid for our family, our country, our planet.

I am channeling all of that emotion into working for Dean as much as I can. I have discovered a wonderful community of people here who are volunteering with me. I've been tabling, coordinating volunteers, given money numerous times, hosted a house party, made Dean videos to lend out,
written over 100 letters to folks in Iowa and a few in NH, and I always talk Dean up and hand out literature, buttons and bumper stickers every chance I get. We've got to win.

I don't know if there's anything I've wanted more (okay, maybe my husband). Seriously, the planet needs this man. Dean and the wonderful movement he has sparked, especially the bloggers have been my medicine during these difficult times. I'm hooked.

Blog name: Monica Smith

I'm a German-born, 62 year old wife, mother of three, and grandmother of 2 going on 4, a professional volunteer, community activist and sometimes prolific writer of letters to newspaper editors. The last five years I've spent more and more time caring for my 96 year old mother, a "tough cookie" who survived World War II hiding in the Alps and emmigrated to America in 1949. I am also known for building houses. Actually, my spouse and I only built 2 from "scratch." The other eight were renovations. But, in theprocess, I learned roofing, shingling, plumbing, wiring, window installing, record-keeping, and, of course, all the fun stuff like painting, tiling and decorating. Oh, yes, and gardening. Indeed, although I grew up in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Bronx, gardens are what I love. And my professor of English spouse contributes by filling our ten acres with waterfalls and ponds and arranging the granite boulders other people don't want. Just a couple of weeks ago we took delivery of 24 truckloads of rock.
Although it was our younger son who introduced a computer into our household while he was still in grade school, it's our elder son who'san IT worker and who, a couple of weeks ago, transformed the unused web site he set up in 2000 into a blog: where his mother can now rant and pontificate to her heart's content.

I actually prefer 'doing' to 'talking' but sometimes we can't do what we want. Besides, as soon as I heard the former Governor of Vermont talking on C-SPAN last May, I knew I'd found a project that could use a
lot of words. Though I did send him a small check to an address I found on the web (at that point there were like six entries in Google), I had a feeling that here was a chance to capitalize on my experience managinga local party headquarters during the failed Dukakis campaign. In addition to contributing words and money, I've managed to organize the creation and production of some truly unique dinner plates which commemorate some of the highlights of the early days of the campaign, including three endorsements by Iowa unions. The plates are available from
If they're a hit, Sue from Kentucky has agreed to make templates for more. There are some things I cannot do, so I will NOT be watching or listening to Bush's rendition of the State of the Union. Having lived in Florida from '77 to '93, I found the debacle in 2000 particularly wrenching. But not surprising, given that the local Democratic power structure was fundamentally corrupt. It isn't just Washington that
needs a change.

Blog name: mprov

Me: 46, Irish-American mutt, living in Alameda, CA. AA degree in music Sacramento City College 1981, BA degree in history UC Santa Cruz 1983, graduate studies in political theory San Francisco State University. US Navy 1974-78 & 1983-91 active, and reserve in the 90's. Vietnam-Era and first Gulf War veteran.

I'm the second offspring of Harold, career marine, and Hazel (call her Janet if you know what's good for you), an original struggling single mother household head raising 3 kids in the 60's-70's. I became active in politics at least by the age of 13 when two other 13 year old friends and myself hitch hiked from Sacramento to San Francisco to attend the peace march and rally against the war in Vietnam. We told our parents we were camping out at (the fictitious) Miller's Pond for the weekend. Lies are sometimes good???

I spent so much time in the navy because I felt that someone had to step forward. Someone had to believe strongly enough in democratic ideals that they were willing to sacrifice their life, fortune, and future for the cause. I was labeled as too "idealistic" by some conservative officers. (Think about that statement!)

After single handedly winning the Cold War and beating Hussein the 1st time, I returned to my roots as a job seeker in the Bush the Elder's recession. Man that was fun! I later went on to bankruptcy and sheer depression, which, when coupled with the usurpation of our social contract by Bush the Weakest, led to my conviction that, again, stepping forward was the only was to save our country from something between a 21st century civil war to the grinding heel of a petty tyrant.

Today, I earn money as a snitch for the evil empire (commercial insurance inspector), play/compose avant political music ( ,) and am giving every molecule of my life's blood to get Dr Howard Dean elected president so that We Can Take Our Country Back! Thanks for listening.

Blog name: Munir In Oregon

I am a 66 year old Arab-American retired urologist who has been involved in every Democratic Presidential campaign since 1972. My wife and I have three married daughters and five grandchildren. All are strong supporters of Dean. My criteria for supporting a candidate are that he/she should have been consistently against the Iraq war from the start, and that he/she have a decent chance of beating Bush. Dean scores very high on both counts.

I have sent 160 letters to Iowa, nearly all thru Seniors For Dean. They are typed because of an essential tremor that I have. I've had three gratifying responses from recipients. I have been active in fundraising activities, and serve on the steering committee of our local Dean campaign in Eugene, Oregon.
The more we see and hear the Governor, the more enthused we are.
Go Dean.


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