Bloggers Vie for Choice Positions in the Dean Administration

2501 - Director of Time Travel

Al Sharpton - Secretary of Humor

Al the Texan - Director of Tex-Mex Food and Ice Cold Coronas

Alan in CA - IWW Liaison and Undersecretary of Neat Old Songs Even if They are Politically Incorrect, a subdivision of the Office of The National Nurse.

Alex in CA - Director and Head of the Department of Redundancy

Alice Flynn (in Montana) - Assistant Co-Ambassador of Ireland

Alli at Notre Dame - Master of Intercollegiate Relations

Andrew Hummel-Schluger - Chef of Staff

Anna in Philly - Secretary of Sexual Freedom

Betsey - Secretary of Music

Bob in N TX - Commissioner of Rehabilitation for Texas, Iraq, & Other Bushruined Areas

Bobbi in VA - Official Katie Caretaker and Kasey Walker

Bobby - Whitehorse Coordinator of Newport Tourism (and Backup White House Liaison to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders)

Brett - Secretary of Firstitude

Bubie in Chicago - Minister of Nitpicking (in other words, Editor and
"Which" Hunter)

Canadean - Chief-in-Charge of Stealing the Blueprint of Canadian National Health Care Plan

cavegal - Official Flogging Blogger from Fiji

Cdmarine - Secretary of Krispy Kremes

Charles in Montana - Ambassador of Troll Thumpers

Charles in San Francisco - Catcher in the Rye

ChiTownBri - Secretary of Republican Repudiation

Chris M. - Czar for Reason and Logic

Christina in Long Beach - Wine Minister

Claire in VT - Chief Advisor~on the Status of Liberty

Dancing Larry - Co-out-of-the-Chair-person of the Presidential Council on Bustin a Move

Dawn in MD - Curator of the White House Bat Collection

DC Action - Chief of Deprogramming Corporate Senators

Deanforokc - Secretary of Spreading the Love

DeAnn - H00t Patrol

Deb in Iowa - First in Line for '08 Caucus Prep

Demetrius - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Graphics

Denise from CA - Secretary of Educating Ex-Presidents to Read

Dennis Kucinich - Department of Peace

Diana in Northern VA - High Priestess

Diane B. in FL - National Director of Art & Poetry

Diehard Democrat - State Department Liaison for the Ministry of Vegetarian Affairs

Dmitri - Secretary of Meditation, Rest and Relaxation.

Doc Allen - National Wellness Doctor and Martini Maker

Donna in Evanston - Director of Great Lakes Waves and Sea Glass

Doug in SF - Minister of Civil Unions and Yellow Wedding Cakes

Drew in Madison - Special Counsel for Cross Country and Track & Field Policy

Eddie - Hell-Raiser in Chief

Elizabeth in CA - Pink Bat Girl

Erin in Iowa - Assistant Ambassador to Ireland and Official Representative of Dean Obsessed College Students

Eve - Original Sin

Fiziwig - Ambassador to Tahiti

Flixfreak (in OK) - White House movie Librarian and Official Popcorn Taster; and Part-Time Ambassador to Italy

Francisco in IL (permanent residency in VA) - Ambassador to Argentina and the Secretary of Dual Residency Claims

Garry in Dallas - Minister of Shrubbery Removal

George W. Bush Crawford - Texas Dogcatcher

GrandmaJ - National Grandma

Grandma Marcia in OK - Caretaker of Stray Animals and Crying Babies

Green4Deans(1) - Head of the Department of Virtual Reality

Greg in TN - Musical Coordinator

GuyZ in Memphis - (A ParrotHead for Dean) - Ambassador to the Caribbean Nations and Chief Margarita Mixer

Heather in OR - Director of Homeland Flexibility

Ian in IL - Chief Dude of Stuff

Isterling - Secretary of Last Minute Donors

Jackie in NYC - The Sultan of Sarcasm

Jana - Deputy Secretary of Mental Health Services for Blog Addiction; Division of Donating Money You Haven't Yet Earned

Janelle in NM - Deputy Director of Donkey Slapping

Janet in San Jose - Goddess Of Making Howard's Personal Turkey Sandwiches and Detector of Baloney Wherever It Is Smelled

Jason C. Mirayes - Conspiracy Checker

JD - Special Liaison to the Republican Party

Jeff in Buffalo - Ambassador to The Conch Republic

Jeff in East Lansing - Secretary of Cigars

Jeff in Seattle - Commander of Common Sense

Jeff in Swansea - Secretary of U.F.O. Sightings

Jen in OR - Secretary of REAL ("You Gotta Believe") Faith-Based Initiatives

Jerry C. - Secretary of Resorts and Beaches

JFaye - National Hermit

JillS (CA) - Deputy Fashionista for West Wing Staff

Jo in Vermont - Ambassador to Grandparents Nationwide

John from Vermont - White House Cleaner of Wacko Right Wingers

John in SF - Bat Security

Julie in NC - Minister of Repairing International Relations

Karl NC - Special Envoy to Cabo San Lucas (and Director of Donkey Slapping Services)

Kate in Indiana - White House Librarian

Kate in Oregon - Ambassador to New Zoundland

KennyBabes - Minister Without Portfolio

Kevin Schmidt - Raw Food Chef

Kimberly - National Natural Redhead, Official Blog Blatherer and Sometime Ambassadress to Ireland; Especially to Good-looking Celtic
Men, Who Drink Guinness (with a corner office)

Kimmy Cash - Minister Of Stating The Obvious Things That Everyone Else Glosses Over

KR in WIS - Minister of Mustard

Kurt in San Fran - Ambassador to Cupertino

L Conners - Secretary of Sopranos

Lali - Ambassador to Belgium

Larry in OK - Cellist in Residence and Secretary of Cello

LA Mom - Deputy-Grand Poobah of the Funded Education Mandate, a Sub-Committee of
the Department of Leave Bush Behind

Lee O. - Chief White House No-Scandals-to-Defend Counsel

Linda in Iowa - Chair of the Committee for Silly Ideas

Lisa in San Diego - Secretary of Yoga and Stress Relief

Lobsters in AR - Ambassador of Seafood

LR - Official Dean Public Relations Aid

Mainefem - Chair of the Office of Wombland Defense, Vulva Nations, & Ovum Sovereignty (Co-chair - Office of 'So-called' Partial Penises)

Marin - Minister of Silly Walks

Marla in Texas - Official Portrait Artist

Mary - Office of Weblinks

Maya - Special Assistant to the President for Pretty Excel Graphs

MichaelPH in Ventura: Minister for Putting Things on Top of Other Things

Michele in PA - National Gardener (in charge of bush control)

Michelle (in St. L.) - Secretary of Mental Health Services for Blog Addiction

MichiganMatt - Ambassador to Australia

MJ by the (SF) bay - Coordinator of White House Entertainment

Molly Ivins - Supreme Commander of the Allied Muckrakers

Mountain Don - Secretary of the Interior of Landlocked New England States

Nathe - Secretary of Things Forgotten

Nish - Dire

Noelle - Supervisor of Sleep-Deprived College Students

Noelle in PDX - Dean Presidential Librarian

Patricia Taylor - Minister of Truth

Page in Albuquerque - Secretary of the Division of Chemistry

Ralimar - Chief Pundit and M

Randy - Abilene TX - Token Trial Lawyer

RavenWind - Ambassador to the Rocky Mountain West

Renee in Ohio - Secretary of Googling

Research Mouse (benevolently nominated by GrandmaJ) - National Truth Investigator in Chief

Rita- Official Documentary Photographer for the Dean White House Years

RMG - Administrator in Charge of Taunting the 4th Estate

Roger/PA - Congressional Butt Kicker

Sally in SF - Ambassador of Cheerleading and Press Secretary to the National Nurse

Sandra - Caffeine Czar

Scott in CA - Undersecretary of Opening Cans of Whupass on Republicans

SF Bay Voter - Secretary of Pithy Responses

Sharon in NM - Clown Philosopher At Large

Sherie - Deputy Secretary of the Late-Night Coffee-run

Steven R - Prison Guard in Chief for the White House Crooks

Subway Serenade - Under Secretary for Astral Technologies-Global Healing Project-Office of The National Nurse

SuzieQ - Attorney General

Teri Mills - Your Aspiring National Nurse

Terri - Vice-Minister of Infinite Smiles

Tom in San Juan Capistrano - Minister of Taunting

Trish - Secretariat, Dean Design Forces and Director, Administration of Irony

Troll Goal Sam - Director, CIA

Torrey in Texas - Secretary of Faith and You Gotta Believe

Vicki Upstate NY - Official White House Flogger of Radical Right Wing Pundits and Signers of the PNAC

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