More good "idears" from the grassroots

Many of us are flat out *not* ready to do anything directly for John Kerry, and all the browbeating in the world is not going to change that. But we are doing other things. What are those things. What specific thing have you done, are you thinking of doing, or do you suggest doing, that are ways of moving forward with the goals of DFA 2.0. Please e-mail me your responses (to renee at and I will post them on "Good Idears from the Grassroots".

I also still have a page called Resources for the Grassroots, which includes links to a lot of grassroots created flyers. If you create new flyers, I will be happy to add links to them. If you don't have your own web space and would like us to host your flyer on our site, we can do that too. We are planning to produce some new flyers, bumper stickers and signs ourselves, but wouldn't mind help getting started on them. In fact, if you actually wanted to write up the contents of the flyer for us, we could get it done that much faster!

From Daniel C

Good Idea, this is the only course of action I can come to, work locally and to take back the congress. Here is what I've been doing:

Sunday last attended ROCK New Hampshire (Regional Organizing Committee in Keene) a new version of our County Dems. Most of the 80-90 people who attended were new and most are Deaniacs. Now that Dean is not running, the strongest supporters among us wore our Dean Gear and no one gave us any grief, (here they are outnumbered).

Deaniac) (House Parties)
against the incumbent, who is very tough to beat. (I volunteered to do this but the current possible candidate (also a Deaniac) has more name recognition)

Recently otherwise district (they won in their town, and by the way they are Republicans) on
the Dean Campaign in NH, to map out a strategy for my campaign.

This is keeping me from the despair of knowing that the real potential winner of the presidential race has to take a back seat. I intend to to work to get as many Dean supporters into office as are willing to run.

Some of us cannot make financial contributions to Kerry but are more than willing to do so for candidates running for Congressional seats. I would like to see DFA turn into a serious grassroots money machine for grassroots candidates and worthy incumbents (yes, there are a few). John Kerry has his own website; let him run his own campaign and raise his own money.

On Dean's website, under "Join DFA" and above "Meet Up," I suggest a large icon reading "Good Candidates for Congress" Here should be a substantial blog within a blog. In fact, it should be "the main idear" of the blog. This site should:

Provide credible URL links to background on all progressive candidates' histories and records. I suggest separating the candidates by states.
Feature a "candidate of the week."
Set up specific bats for individual candidates.
Explain "campaign in a box."
DFA should focus primarily on Congressional candidates. Remember, the White House is not enough. So much damage has been incurred by our insane House and Senate over the years. Others can put their eggs in the Kerry basket, but what if Kerry loses? We need a Congress that can put the brakes on a second Bush term.

I can do my own research and donate to candidates directly. However, I would prefer to donate through DFA because it would boost Dean's career and send a message that I want to clean up the Democratic Party. Therefore, I strongly suggest Dean refocuses his priorities, takes DFA seriously, and challenges the DNC through "the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party."