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In memory of Sally Baron
Defeat Bush in 2004

"She'd always watch CNN, C-SPAN, and you know, she'd just swear at the TV and say
'Oh, Bush, he's such a whistle ass!' She'd just get so mad," Bettilyon said."

These are the words of Maureen Bettilyon, whose mother, Sally Baron, died
on August 18 at the age of 71. When asked what if there was a cause to
which people could contribute in Sally's honor, her children decided to include
these words in her obituary:

"Memorials in her honor can be made to any organization working for the removal of President Bush."

"She thought he was a liar," Baron's daughter, Maureen Bettilyon, said. "I think his personality, just standing there with that smirk on his face, and acting like he's this holy Christian, that's what really got her."

According to John Nichols of the Capital Times: "The wife of a miner who was injured in a pit accident, she raised six kids in a world our inherited and selected president could never imagine. Sally Baron's kids say she did not like the way Bush smirked when he spoke. Considering that he did not even win the most votes in the 2000 election, her thinking went, he could have been more humble."

Like most Americans, Sally Baron was a hard-working person who led a simple life. We never would have known about her at all had her children not chosen to give her such a feisty send-off. Although we will not have Sally's vote in 2004, we can have her inspiration. In honor of Sally Baron, and for all the honest, hard-working Americans whose stories we will never know, let's work together like never before to defeat old "Whistle Ass" in 2004!


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