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Blog name: Nancy Gordon Moore, Ph.D.

For the last few years, as I read the paper, I wondered aloud on a daily basis: “Where are the Democrats?” It seemed to me that the Democratic Party had simply rolled over and handed governance to the Bush neo-conservatives in the White House. Yes to the Patriot Act with its assault on basic constitutional liberties? Yes to huge tax cuts? Yes to a completely new policy of authorizing “pre-emptive” military action? Yes to the war in Iraq on dubious grounds? Yes to pollution, corporate greed, and a big fat NO to the will of the American people. What happened to the Democrats???? I was thrilled to hear a guy from Vermont say "What in the world are Democrats doing…?" You know the speech. That was when I found Howard Dean, and when I found my voice.

I am a lifelong Democrat but have never been really active in politics beyond voting. I am a 49 year old psychologist, a wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I have always considered myself to be an optimist, and willing to believe that “things generally work out in the end.” But as I have watched the actions of the Bush administration over the past two years, I have felt increasingly dismayed. I am concerned that this administration’s policies are creating economic, environmental, social and international nightmares that will take years to undo.

I support Howard Dean because I believe his sensible policies, his integrity and his passion are exactly what we need to bring sanity back to the governance of this great country. I support Howard Dean because I love America, and what America stands for at her best. I support Howard Dean because he offers a message of HOPE instead of a message of fear.

Blog name: Nancy in L.A.

I’m Nancy Dolan, 44 yrs young and living single in Los Angeles. I work at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. Previously an Air Force brat, I mostly grew up in the DC area, attended Virginia Tech, and worked on Capitol Hill for a couple of years before moving west. Political involvement is woven in and out of my adult life: I started my time in LA employed by a well-known Dem political consultant. After moving to that bastion of conservatism known as Orange County, I continued to find employment with the Democratic party faithful. In 1992, I was really motivated by the Clinton campaign and became the official, unofficial photographer for the OC Democratic Party. This enabled me to meet the pres and VP (then) candidates on a number of occasions, not to mention build a stockpile of photos of them and their wives.

My optimism was dashed over the course of the ‘90’s and I became somewhat apathetic, politically. The 2000 “appointment” of Bush was the wake-up call, though. By early 2003, I seriously thought I was living in the wrong country; couldn’t figure out why we were going to Iraq, and marched as much as I could in protest. Then in March 2003, I discovered Dr. Dean. What drew me to him was his straight-talking, no BS style – he’s truly unlike any politician I’ve ever seen. NOW, I have every great hope for the future, and am doing as much as my schedule allows in order to see him elected president. I am also running for delegate in California’s 33rd district (Diane Watson), so if you live there and read this before Feb. 8, c’mon out and vote for me! Hopefully, there will be no need to move to Italy :)

I have made surprising (to me) headway convincing others that Dean’s the man. This includes my Republican / Mormon friend at work, who is switching her registration to “Decline To State” (California’s version of Independent) so she can vote for Dean in the March 2 primary. Next I am working on my conservative family members... Making small but encouraging progress!

Dean rocks. He’s 44 and so am I!

Blog name: Nathe

My name is Nathaniel Lawver, I go by Nathe (like Nate with a lisp). I'm 28, married, two wonderful children aged 1 and 3. By day I sell life and disability insurance in Tacoma, Washington. My wife is an editor and publisher of a new magazine highlighting our region with a 'glass is half-full' outlook.

My brother encouraged me to look at Dean during the primary. I thought he was joking, I mean a governor from Vermont, come on! But then I started pulling back the layers and I understand what Dean and this movement stands and at the core I found hope.

I posted my first interaction on the blog in August, and from time to time, get laughs at what I say. This campaign makes politics fun, and keeps it light when it needs to be.

Blog name: Ni

I've been posting on the blog since the early days of May! Ni is my middle name, and the posted email address is actually my son's favorite international soccer team (Galatasaray - fan). I live in Atlanta, have a 10-year old, care deeply about social justice, environmental and health care issues. My claim to fame is that Burlington quickly hears me when I point out typos :), and I was the first to post about the MoveOn primary vote and its importance. That blog got me briefly on the front page of the website! My son's claim to fame is that he has a cool pic of him and the good Doc on his wall in his room. Peace!

Blog name: North Park Boy

Although I rarely post, I am an avid follower of the blog. I am Neil, a 50-year-old Gay male living in San Diego with Michael, my partner of 21 years, and our two Jack Russell Terriers, Zoë and Zachary. We own an 80-year-old bungalow near Balboa Park in the community of North Park. I grew up in Long Beach, California and have been involved in politics since my freshman year in high school. I was President of the Long Beach Junior Republicans and campaigned actively for Nelson Rockefeller's run in 1968, Nixon's re-election in '72 (my apologies) and Mr. Ford in '76. In the 1980 election my allegiances were with John Andersen and I continued on with his independent run for the White House. The '84 election was when I finally came around and realized that the radical right had taken over the GOP. I changed my registration to Democrat, and campaigned for Mondale. In '88 I supported Senator Paul Simon in the Washington state caucuses but opted out of campaigning for Dukakis. I worked on Clinton's campaigns in '92 and '96 and for Gore in 2000.When Gore announced he was not running, I began to research the candidates. My opposition to the war was confirmed when I marched with 10,000 fellow San Diegans opposed to the Bush regime. My father (a staunch life-long Republican) practically disowned me at the time, because I had marched in protest "against our country". Bushco's war was tearing our family apart! My father has since come around, and although not a Dean supporter, he is strongly ABB (anybody but Bush). I joined Dean for America in March of last year. I was definitely energized when Dr. Dean came to San Diego in May and I was able to shake the good doctor's hand! Attended my first meet-up in June and have been involved with the campaign ever since.I am a Landscape Architect employed by the State of California (Yes, Der Gropenfuhrer is my boss!). I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in '77 and lived in Long Beach until '85. We then moved to Seattle (Pioneer Square) where I became a partner in a landscape architecture firm whose principal client was the fledgling Microsoft Corporation. I met Bill Gates when he was still driving a Gremlin! In '88 we relocated to Baltimore (Federal Hill and Bolton Hill), but being a west coast boy at heart, I yearned to return to California and we relocated to San Diego in 1990.I don't drink latte (I like my home brewed Trader Joe's Italian Roast black), despise all fish (especially raw fish), have no tattoos or piercings, support a balanced budget, and do not wear Birkenstocks or tie-dye (I favor khakis and button-down oxfords with the sleeves rolled-up). However, we do subscribe to The New York Times (the local fish wrap is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the GOP) and we drive a white Volvo station wagon proudly emblazoned with a Dean for America bumper sticker. Come January 20th of next year, I intend to be on the Mall in Washington witnessing the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Doctor Howard Dean!

Blog name: oomommy

I'm the mother of three girls, and I live in southern New Mexico. I have a B.S. in mechanical engineering, and I've done graduate work in anthropology. I first heard Howard Dean speak in December, and I was so taken with his message and his presence. I registered as a Democrat solely to vote for Dean (I'm a Green), and I'm now considering waiting to re-register Green so I can vote in the Democratic primary for my U.S. Congressional District. I am one of the local coordinators for Food Not Bombs, and I was active in the anti- (Iraq) war movement. I write for a local independent bi-monthly newspaper that was spawned by our local peace group. I think creating community is one of the most important and radical things we can do in today's political climate, because the people in power continue to benefit from all of us being divided, exhausted, and distracted. My blog name is a homonym for umami, the fifth taste (besides sweet, sour, salty or bitter), mainly because of my passion for sharing food to bring people together.

Blog Name: Oscar In Louisville

I'm a 36-year old, Black, Masters of Divinity student here at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. I've worked on a few Congressional campaigns and was active with the Michigan and Florida Young Democrats before moving to Kentucky to work on my Masters degree. Shrub's selection in 2000 was a tragedy for which I am still grieving (stage 2), and I want him out of the Oval Office more than I can put into words. I was initially on board with Senator Bob Graham, before Graham had even announced that he was going to run for President. I tried to mobilize people to vote for Graham in the primary even though Graham's campaign wasn't doing anything that I could discern to advance that cause. I eventually found Senator Graham, while a good man would make an excellent president, to be inadequate as a presidential candidate - he wouldn't win the primary or at the top of the ticket, even though I felt he was the best man to be there. Thus, ever pragmatic, I began to look for an alternative. These were my choices:

Al Sharpton: I'd sooner vote for Bush
Carol Mosley-Braun: I'm thankful that she got into the race so that Sharpton cannot claim to be the political voice of Blacks, but I don't believe she's sharp enough to handle the presidency (Sharon McPhail would have been much better - look her up some time)
Dennis Kucinich: Flipped from a near-perfect Pro Life voting record to being adamantly Pro Choice roughly 30 seconds after declaring his bid for the presidency. No character, no thanks.
John Edwards: Too young, didn't even complete his one term in the Senate, seemed way too opportunistic. Nope.
John Kerry: Reminded me of Lurch with big hair - that or Skeletor from He-Man. No thanks - can't win the beauty pageant that is presidential politics.
Joe Lieberman: Put a pair of dark sunglasses on him and I swear he's an agent from the Matrix. No thanks, Agent Smith.
Dick Gephardt: The guy who stood by Shrub in the Rose garden after writing him a blank check on Iraq? The guy who lost the House in '94 and never won it back? That guy? Don't make me break out my alternative vocabulary. **** Naw.
Wes Clark: All that I knew about him back then was that he was the general over the Kosovo war. Turns out that all I know about him today is that he was the general over the Kosovo war who seems to parrot Dean's ideas and positions, and that his advisors handle him like Bush's advisors handle him. No thanks, I don't write blank checks.

Howard Dean: There was no way that the liberal who signed the civil unions legislation in Vermont had a snowball's chance in Sheol of winning the presidency, right? But he does give one heck of a speech. So I looked at Dean's positions and history. Turns out that the civil unions deal was dropped into his lap by Vermont's Supreme Court so he had to deal with it. Turns out that he's not quite as liberal as I thought (left of Kucinich). Turns out that he had an A rating from the NRA - definitely not a liberal. Turns out that he supports capital punishment when it's applied fairly and consistently. He got my attention. Turns out that he's a deficit hawk, almost neurotic about balancing the budget. Looks like my kind of guy. Then I saw that he raised more money than the establishment guys - $7.2 million - and concluded that there was fire under the smoke. This guy could actually win. Then I met the blog. This is what politics is supposed to be - citizens participating with their representatives to affect their communities for the better. This is what it's supposed to be about. I've done the fund raising, canvassing, tabling, poll working, etc. that comes with campaigning, but I've never seen a movement like this - and at a time when it is so desperately needed. Not to put it in too grandiose terms, but this election will indeed decide the direction of the world for the next century. The world knows that Bush's selection was dubious, to be kind, and that this administration is a bit of an aberration. However, if the people of the United States endorse the policies and direction of this administration by actually giving it a majority of the votes then the world will conclude that America itself has changed significantly for the worse. We will be the Evil Empire, and the world will adjust to contain - and eventually extinguish - our strength. We must take our country back. We have to win. This is no trivial matter, no mere election between two sides of the same coin. We have a choice, between politics as usual as represented by George Bush and the other Democratic candidates, or Howard Dean. I proudly proclaim my support for Howard Dean.

Editor's note: What Oscar forgot to mention is that he created this great trifold brochure to tell his fellow Christians why they should support Howard Dean for President.

Blog name: Page in Albuquerque

In March 2003, the very day Dubya's illegal war started, I was visiting my brother in Seattle. I came across a fantastic article in "The Stranger" about this guy who said he was the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. Well, we all know who THAT is. So, here it is, December 2003, and I'm spending almost all of my free time doing Dean

My name is Page (obviously). I'm 34 years old and a new graduate student in chemistry at the University of New Mexico. Yes, graduate school is hell... however, I have something to look forward to when I graduate: Howard Dean will be in his second term!

Editor's note: Page became a "blogstar" when Matthew Gross mentioned her on October 20 in Albuquerque-Seattle Dean Alliance! Page was also featured in the November 7 Join the Drive for Democracy post.

Blog name: Pat B

I live in Tampa, and came here via New Jersey, Louisiana, Minnesota and Hong Kong. I'm a data analyst by day and obsessive blog lurker (sometimes poster) by night. I'm 53 years old and have 2 quite left-leaning kids (18 and 20 years old). Expect I influenced that a bit. I've always voted, very
occasionally donated $$ to my candidate of choice (but figured it didn't make ANY difference at all) and felt helpless and unrecognized by my elected representatives. Then along came Howard Dean! Talk about energized...Now co-hosting Meet Up, organizing voter registration and writing letters. Just
returned from the Fl Dem Convention in Orlando, where Howard rocked the house. Delightful and unexpected by-products of this campaign are the local friendships and blog connections that I've developed. We ARE creating community where none existed before. Who woulda thought?!

Blog name: Pat In Missouri

Sixty-two years old. Married with three grown children. Retired helicopter mechanic.
Viet Nam and Desert Storm Veteran. I envy all you folks able to go to Iowa or New Hampshire. My wife Emily is very sick with cancer and my love for her outweighs any other consideration. I have never been this excited about a campaign since Sen. Eugene McCarthy in 1968. Got interested in Gov. Dean after his victory in the vote. I read every blog comment, but very seldom post. Tho I can't be with you travelers in person I'm with you in spirit. Gov. Dean.... "I Love You Man."

Blog name: Patricia Taylor

My blog name is my real name because I think it's very important for every American to realize that the Bush Administration's politics of fear is creating a real secrecy and division in this country. I want others to understand that it's okay to speak up and be public and open and to take
responsibility and pride in what you say and do.

I am 47 years old, the wife of my darling Scott, and the mother of our three children. I live in Westport, CT. I studied acting, first at UC Berkeley, and later for a decade in New York City. I've worked at many things, including a little acting, until I became pregnant with my first child, who is now 15. I come from a military family, so I traveled all over the U.S. when I was a child and as a young adult. I love this beautiful country and I'm volunteering for and supporting Howard Dean's Presidential campaign
because I believe our country is in terrible trouble economically, politically, spiritually and environmentally because of the destructive policies of the current Administration.

Howard Dean is everything I could want in a politician in these terrible times. So, instead of sitting at home alone screaming at cable TV, I've taken to the streets and to my computer screen to help get him elected.

Blog name: Patty in VT (Patty McIntosh)

Age 39
Divorced mother of 2 young gentlemen
Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia
I run 8 Dean groups on Yahoo (DeanForAmerica, DeanGroupMods, DeanLeaders, DeanLeaders2, DFAMods, HowardDeanCoffeehouse, HowardDeanNetworking, and RutlandDeanMeetUp)

My first IRL encounter with the wonderful, amazing, fantastic team at Dean HQ:
The Texas Cake Story

I'm also a Campaign Coordinator and Meet-Up Host for Rutland County, Vermont

I first saw Howard Dean speak when he was at a farewell dinner in Killington, VT. He was stepping down from his final term as Governor to run for President. I was instantly fired up. Extremely excited. Back then I worried that I would be alone in my enthusiasm for this guy...suffice it to say I don't worry about that anymore. ;-)

Blog name: Paul in Oregon

I'm 72. A lifelong democrat. My first memory of what that meant was when I was going home on the streetcar the day FDR's death was reported in the paper. I guess I was twelve or thirteen. Everyone was crying as they read the Mpls Star Tribune. Nobody spoke. It was an awesome testimony to the love everyone had for this man. All I knew about him at the time was his speech about Pearl Harbor, where he said it was a "day that will live in infamy."

Since that time I have had a couple of lives. One, for nine years, as a monk of St. Benedict's order at Saint John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN. Decided not to go on through Ordination, left for the West Coast, met a wonderful woman and married her 43 years ago.

Was a copywriter, copy chief, then creative director at advertising agencies in San Francisco; started my own agency in Palo Alto, succeeded and failed; worked successfully as a onemanband for ten years. Bought a house for cheap 35 years ago, sold it for lots 4 years ago.

Retired to Beaverton, OR, to be near daughter and granddaughters. And guess what?

For the first time ever, my wife and I have become active in democratic politics. Well, actually, I did some work for Gene McCarthy once (radio commercials for Oregon) and sent some money to Anderson. But NOW:

Dr. Dean has got our gumption up and we're working our butts off to get him AND a democratic congress elected this year.

As a fellow blogger wrote me today:



Blog name: Paul in VT

After the last election I felt completely hopeless and tuned out of news for a while. When 9/11 happened I found myself numbly falling behind Bush even though I could hardly stand to hear him speak. When the war started it began to hit me when I heard people telling protestors that they had to support the troops and stand behind Bush that this was a bunch of fake patriotism and that I had lost my voice. After reading Michael Moore and Al Franken I began to feel the urge to act but it was a work of fiction that pushed me over the edge. I was reading Street Lawyer by John Grisham when I realized I spent too much time on myself and my family and not enough time fighting for a better world. I have known Dean as Governor of my adopted state for the last 5 years but until I read some of his speaches I wasn't convinced that he was for me. He is more moderate than most think inspite of his strong antiwar and antiBush statements. What really convinced me was knowing that he speaks and acts from the heart. Dean is a genuine person with the best interests of all Americans at heart. He will be a great president. Now I am signing up to go to Iowa, New Hampshire and even Delaware to spread the word. Go Dean!!!

Blog name: pdt

I'm a 45 year old married designer of engineering software from Colorado. I was an independent and completely uninvolved in politics until I found Gov. Dean's campaign last summer. Having lived the American Dream as a small business owner, I want my two talented young daughters to have a better
world and more opportunity than I have. Practically every Bush Administration policy is opposed to this goal, while Howard Dean shares my values closely. I learned from the blog that it really is possible for one person to make a difference. Compulsively organized, I discovered that the Democratic Party and I desperately need each other. So I jumped into the local Democratic organization and became a Dean meetup host. Now I run a local Dean website, help other meetup hosts get started, and contribute my
skills to the campaign wherever I can. We have a tough job ahead of us, but we fully intend to win Colorado for Dean in November.

Blog name: PDXKelly

My name is Kelly Brickner. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Chris (also a Dean supporter) and our 6-year-old son. I am currently a 43-year-old at-home nanny. I "discovered" the Dean campaign in June of 2003. I was floored that there was a candidate that actually made me proud to be a Democrat again, that gave me hope for our country again, that made me believe that my voice could be heard, that my small contribution was important, that my one vote mattered.

I have come to know so many truly decent, entertaining, intelligent and committed people through Howard Dean's campaign. I consider my fellow bloggers to be both friends and family. Sharing the incredible hope and enthusiasm of 2003 with them was wonderful. Knowing that I was not alone in the crushing disappointments of this year was both comforting and sustaining.

I look forward to continuing the relationships we have developed on the blog as we transition into DFAII.

Blog name: Perry Young

I am a 46 year old living in Awesome Austin, Texas. I have never really been active in politics before but things have changed!!!! I love Dean and I love the Blog! We bloggers are becoming the family of America's future and we are showing what it means to be a government of, by and for the people.

Things are going to change - and the election of Dean to the office of the President is just the beginning!
The good old boys in the fancy suits better buy themselves a few boxes of Depends, because they are going to lose it as the people chase them out of power!

The Tea is in the Harbor
The kettle is on the Stove
and judgment day is coming
for Bush and Karl Rove

As Cheney counts his millions
and Collin counts the dead
and Ashcroft spins truth into lies
with every word that's said

Three million jobless people
can't get the help they need
our children go without medicine
while the wealthy stroke their greed

But hope lives on within the hearts
and minds of those who dream
and we throw down the gauntlet
and say "yes" to Howard Dean

The Tea is in the Harbor
The kettle is on the Stove
and judgment day is coming
for Bush and Karl Rove

"I look forward to a great future for America -- a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose. I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of grace and beauty. And I look forward to an America which commands respect throughout the world not only for its strength but for its civilization as well."

-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Blog name: PeterVC

Born in 1940 in NYC, moved to California in 1966. Rarely participated in politics beyond sending a small check to a candidate or an organization. I love the participatory, evolving nature of this campaign, and I have given much more to Dean. Desperately want to change regimes in Washington. I write letters to "undecideds," go to meetups when I can. As a gay man living in the relative paradise of San Francisco and Berkeley, I hate to see gays used as a wedge issue. Happily partnered 30 years, I'm for civil unions; I don't particularly feel the need of marriage per se.

Blog name: RavenWind

I'm 64, 2 living children, 3 grandsons; have a chronic health problem, work as a craftsperson. In a past life, I did grassroots work, lots of organizing, coordinating, bringing people together to work on problems, so it feels wonderful to be able to give some of that experience to Dr. Dean, our campaign, the movement to take our country back.

Blog name: Ray

I'm 37 and a writer, I live in Mass. right over the line from Providence. I love horse racing, baseball, football, movies, running, and I read a lot.

I've never been involved in a political campaign before; I've always been interested in politics and what happens in this country, and I've always voted and considered it a privilege, but I've never been so inspired by a candidate that I felt I wanted to do something for them, until Howard Dean.

When no one would stand up to Bush Howard did. Howard has passion and he stands up for people. My whole life I've waited for a candidate like Howard, and I will do everything I can to get him elected President. I've always believed that politics can actually change the world and make things better, and this is what I think we are going to do.

It has been great communicating with people on the blog, going to my first rally in Boston, writing letters, and being involved in something so magnificent.

Blog name: Renee in Milw

My name is Renee Crawford and insurance agent turned full time activist. I am a lifelong resident of Shorewood, WI a small Progressive suburb just north of Milwaukee. I have 3 children and have been with my husband for 16 years. I came to Dean after months of work with He was the ONLY person in March 2003 to actually say that going to war in Iraq was wrong and he actually said why. Last summer, I found his website, read the rest of his positions and knew I had found the candidate I had been waiting for my entire life, so I donated money. After 20 years of peripheral volunteering for Democrats, I gave my first political dollars to Howard Dean. I am incredibly proud to have worked so hard for the Governor. I have met him several times now and find him a lovely human being. I also had the honor and priviledge of introducing him to an enthusiastic Milwaukee crowd of Feb 10, 2004 and I am a proud Iowa Stormer! I will support his efforts in every way I can going into the future and will carry his torch undyingly. Thank you Gov Dean for you kind words, your passion, your vision and the hope you have given me that I can take back by country. It may take longer than I thought, but I'm ready for the road ahead because of you.

Blog name: Renee in Ohio

My husband Demetrius and I created the People-Powered Graphics site, which offers web banners and various graphics and printables (business cards, post cards, brochures) to our fellow Dean supporters. Items with my husband's designs on them are also available at our Cafe Press store. If you have read in the blog about Soylent Dean or Flat Howard, those were my husband's creations. Like many of the other images he created for People-Powered Graphics, the original ideas came from the creative grassroots community of Blog for America. I was mentioned in the blog in the Campaign with Strong Community Feeling thread after I posted about the humorous results of running a German interview with Matthew Gross through AltaVista's Babel Fish. (Matt ends up being referred to as "Matthew Large.")

It's kind of funny that I am probably considered one of the "computer savvy" people around here, because I got into web design so gradually. Certainly I never could have anticipated being a web designer when I was a kid--but then, as I am in my 30s, there were no web designers when I was a kid. Well, except the spider in Charlotte's Web. I teach psychology part time, and, a few years ago got involved in dog rescue. I would foster a dog in my home and bring it to adoption days at a local pet store. I often printed out educational articles to bring with me, such as "don't get a dalmatian because they were adorable in that movie" or "don't give live animals as gifts for the holidays". Once I stopped fostering dogs, I still wanted to be involved in the educational aspect, so I created a site called Puplinks. It started out on free hosting pages like Homestead and Geocities, but eventually I became motivated to learn real web design, so I bought and taught myself Dreamweaver. The neat part is that, because Demetrius is in computer graphics and animation, web design became something we could do together.
After Puplinks, the next project we worked on together was Letter Lane--and educational site for kids with a multicultural cast of characters. One day we hope to get some interactive games up on that site, but I suspect Demetrius won't have time to work on those until we get Dean in the White House!

Demetrius and I had never been involved in politics before, but extreme circumstances called for extreme measures. We have two kids and a home web design business here in Columbus and are not really able to get involved in the "shoe leather" aspect of the campaign, but we are thrilled to be able to help from our home, as much as we can, and at whatever ridiculous hour of the day or night that we find time. The "strong community feeling" is a huge draw for us, and makes all the work we do not seem to much like work. This really is history in the making, and we are really enjoying being a part of it!

You can see my "Who We Are" response ad here. Demetrius and I are the "Small business owning, Pixel pushing, Web-designing, Interfaith, Interracial, Progressive parenting Dean Supporters."

Blog name: Rene in Texas (Editor's note: people often confuse the two of us, but I have one more "e" in my name, and George Bush was never governor of my state!)

I'm Rene' and i'm a forty something RN with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Science. I am a native Texan, unlike the pretender in the White House. I first noticed Howard early last fall.

i was in the kitchen doing something and i had the cable news on in the background...i heard someone saying what i wanted to hear and they were saying it the way i liked to hear it said. talking about how we had to speak up about what the president was doing in this run up to iraq and we had to have some backbone, and the congress was just going to roll over and give bush what he wanted, and how that isnt what America is i ran in to see who had enough balls to say this at the time it was so unpopular....the name on the screen said, 'Gov. Howard Dean, VT. Presidential hopeful'...well i listened as long as he was there, and i said to myself, too bad he cant win, that's what we need someone like him, i was finishing up my last couple of semesters at the local university and forgot all about the presidential race except that all the likely candidates were just rolling over and playing dead...spring came and the iraq attacks. and I did a google and found Howard was still at it. I told myself, whether i thought he could win or not, he was standing up for what needed to be said and done. i found the main DFA and then the Unofficial Blog, which led me to the OBlog and all of you today. Howard's campaign has given me hope and optimism. I was depressed at the thought of ABB (anybody but bush/though i signed the petition :D ). Finding Howard and all of us, has proven to me that i dont have to 'settle' for ABB, i can get rid of Bush and have a real president who deserves to be in the WhiteHouse. I've never done anything in any campaign before.This campaign has been so exciting, from his announcement speech, to the MoveOn vote, everyday... For Howard i've fliered, hosted the meetup, gotten ballot signatures, given several houseparties, become a deputy registrar in my county, and more-- I canvassed in Iowa and i had to fly for the first time in life to do that one, but, i'd literally walk through fire for Howard and OUR campaign, we are our country's best chance to turn things around...

Click here to donate to the Dean campaign through Rene's Dean Team page.

Blog name: rich kolker (which is also my real name...I believe people should stand behind their words)

I'm 49 (and that's scary), A native New Yorker currenly living in Loudoun County, Virginia (west of DC near Dulles Airport). I'm active in Democratic Politics (outgoing Chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee) so not all of the "regulars" are working against us.

Howard Dean attracted me because he understands that unless the voters, and not the campaign contributors, become the most important people to political candidates, our nation is on a long road away from what it was meant to be. Until we fix how campaigns are funded, every other issue is at risk.

So, I've been to NH to canvass and to Burlington to volunteer and am headed to Iowa before the caucus. Come join me in the 10th congressional district (VA) for our February 10th primary effort.

Blog names: Robin and Todd

We are here in Vermont, by the way we don't fit the image that was presented by The Club for Growth. We have each voted for Howard 5 times, did you know that gubernatorial elections are held in VT every 2 years? We can attest to his honesty. He is always up front.

Robin teaches 6th grade in public school. She can attest to the ludicresy of No Child Left Behind. Vermont Education Association endorses Howard Dean. Todd was raised in Vermont and has never had a latte'. He works for The Mountain Trading Company, a small business in central Vermont. We
have 2 kids (10 and 7). We are also appalled by Bush's environmental and foreign policies

We lurk more than speak. We check the blog daily but our written contributions tend to be in bursts. In the fun cabinet list that was compiled a couple of months ago we were named Ministers of Marriage. We are both passionate about politics and Howard. We both speak up about Howard at any opportunity. We have given money, attended rallies, and have written letters. Robin likes to send scenic Vermont postcards.

We will see you on the blog!!! ;)

Blog name: Robert in Wi (formerly known as Robert in Wisconsin)

I'm a not-quite-over-40 resident of Wisconsin's capital city. A public employee in personnel/human resources/training, single, and born and lived most my life in Wisconsin, I love basketball, computers/Internet, reading, writing, bicycling, Ireland, and life in general.

A regular voter and a staunch Independent who lately has been leaning so hard for the Democrats (via Howard Dean) that I'm falling for them, I've observed politics most of my life but never really participated.. That is, until Howard Dean came along. I heard about his campaign early in 2003 before the run-up to Bush's wrong-headed invasion of Iraq and all the attendant lies.

Hearing Dean speak out during the current era in American history - which reminds me of what I've read about McCarthyism and the communist hysteria in the 1950s - was refreshing and eye-opening.

The more I read and heard about Gov. Dean, the more impressed I was. By summer of 2003, I committed 110% to his campaign and since July 2003 have gotten heavily involved in Meetups, other campaign events and activities, and have e-mailed friends & family incessantly as well as blogged until I couldn't blog no more.

In my lifetime no election is more important - and that's no cliche this time. Bush must be defeated in 2004 for the good of the country - and Howard Dean's just the man for the job. His positive, hopeful, strong, courageous campaign and all of the wonderful people associated with it have made this one heckuva first in-depth political experience and education for me. I heartily look forward to the Bush recall election: November 2, 2004. You can see Robert's "Who we are" response ad here. He is the Basketball-obsessing, America-loving, Iowa-storming, Ireland-traveling, Music-listening, Freedom treasuring,...Dean supporter.

Blog name: Rob in Pittsburgh

I am political newbie Rob, not the other political veteran Rob who has been hosting Meetups in Pittsburgh. I mainly lurk and get inspired that maybe I don't have to emigrate after all, if Dean can take 2004 with the help of Deaniacs, Deanies, and with my help too. I never did politics before, except on voting days, so the extreme mess we're in with Bush has to be partly my fault. It's time to atone for my
almost apolitical life in whatever ways I can. The thought of living in a country run by self-centered control-freak pseudo-christian skinhead wannabees beyond 2004 makes me vomit. Dean can not solve all the serious problems that have been brewing in this country for decades, but I think he is at least interested in helping to put us on track toward solutions, and, by happy coincidence, I think he's the only candidate that has a snowball's chance of de-throning BushCo. I'm 57, do genetics research for a living and dabble in amateur astronomy, other sciences, psychology, and spirituality (whatever that is). The Dean Blog is too addictive to hang around very much, but Dean Bloggers always remind me why I think this country can one day become the beacon of tolerance, hope, and humility--beyond yankee ingenuity - that it needs to be if humans are to persist as a species on planet Earth.

Blog name: Roger/PA

I am a 50 year old retail store owner in New Oxford, PA. My notice of Howard Dean came about three years ago, when my partner and me traveled to Vermont to have a Civil Union on our 10 year anniversary. It was a wonderful day, full of support from family and friends. I will never forget how I felt that day, and how none of it could have been possible without the good Doctor.

In 2002 I heard he was exploring the possibility of running. At the time, we lived outside Washington, DC and a good customer of mine was Michael McCurry, President Clinton's former Press Secretary. I was already excited about Dean, but then I asked Michael, "Do you think he has a chance?" He told me his parents (or maybe in-laws) lived in South Carolina, and they heard of Dean and thought he was a good guy. Michael was convinced that if the buzz in South Carolina was good, he really did have a chance. That conversation happened in January of 2003.

From that point on I learned all I could about the campaign and became a blog addict. We have held a fund raiser, two Victory Days Parties, began the Gettysburg MeetUp and became co-ordinate, had an honorable mention in Linda form Iowa's Haiku contest (woohoo), and have donated more money than I ever have before for a candidate.

I have 3 goals, in order:
1., Be a delegate to the Democratic Convention and nominate Howard Dean.
2. Elect Howard Dean on November 2, 2004, and
3. Dance at the Bloggers Ball on Inauguration Day.
oh, I guess four... I also want to take my Country Back!!!

Blog name: Sally

I'm 62, a stay-at-home with way too much time on my hands since my son is now 20.
My husband and I are both Dean supporters (got to meet and hear him at a house party in July and haven't seen or heard anyone better since then). I absolutely love the blog, except that it's often overwhelming in the number of posts. We live in a very Republican district in southwest Ohio, so I really appreciate having a lifeline to other Democrats, especially the Deaniacs. Never took part in any campaign before, never donated to a candidate. Dean's message just spoke to my heart and made me remember what it was like in 1960 and 1968 and even a little bit in 1992. He makes me feel proud to be a Democrat again. I always ramble too much. : )

Blog name: Sally in SF

I'm Sally in SF on the blog. I'm 52 and there has never been a Presidential election that is as important to me as the election in November 2004. There has never been a time in my adult life when I felt our country stood to lose everything our founding fathers fought so hard for. So, when I found Howard Dean late in 2002, I was sold hook, line, and sinker. I've never looked back! I knew this man was the man I wanted to show George Bush the door in 2004.

Howard Dean first caught my attention because of his opposition to the Iraqi war. Like so many other millions of people around the world, I opposed a pre-emptive strike on a sovereign nation and believed Bush was lying to us. Like Howard Dean, I wondered why so many people couldn't see the writing on the wall. I was so disgusted with our sorry excuses for Congressional Democrats and Howard Dean filled me with optimism when he questioned why they did not stand up to the Bush agenda. Here was a man that was saying everything I had been saying and thinking for 2 years. I knew this man was the man I wanted to show George Bush the door in 2004.

But Howard Dean's message concerning our own country and the loss of our sense of community is what really made me stand up and listen. Being passionate for social justice, Howard Dean's message resonated with me. I had felt so hopeless, so unable to change the direction George Bush was taking our country - taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Then came Howard Dean's message of building our community again, his message of hope, and his message that we have the power to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. Like JFK, Howard Dean made me believe. Howard Dean mobilized me out of my apathy and motivated me to take action. Just like I never looked back from the moment I first heard Howard Dean, I've haven't stopped beating that shoe leather so that we have a new resident sitting in the White House in 2005. Nothing, absolutely nothing in my life is as important to me as electing Howard Dean our 44th President.

I look forward to a new day dawning for our country. I look forward to having Howard Dean at the helm, giving us our country back. And I'll be so damned proud of all us Deaniacs for building the greatest and biggest grassroots movement this country has ever seen so that we can hand George Bush his one-way ticket back to Crawford Texas.

Blog name: Sally in South Texas

My name obviously, is Sally and I live in Texas, near San Antonio. I am 52, US Army Reserve Veteran, RN, mother of 2 girls, and grandmother of 5 rambunctious little ones, 3 boys and 2 girls. Married for 31 years to a guy with a very whacky sense of humor, who keeps me going, and just chuckles as I while away the evenings reading the blog. We are also the proud "parents" of a boxer (dog) Oliver, whose life revolves around a soft place to sleep, a squeaky toy, and a nightly walk down the street to harass the neighborhood cats.

I am a meetup host, a co-host for the Dean New Years Party, Precinct organizer, and a block walker deluxe.

I got interested in Howard Dean after hearing him on NPR. I checked the website, signed up, read more and more, and before you know it, I went to Iowa with Dean's Texas Rangers. That was one of the most amazing experience of my life. So many like minded people in one place; so many with so much knowlege about the political system; so much energy and enthusiasm! It changed my life. Now I am a total Deaniac! I have even had Christmas parade photos taken of me belly dancing with battery powered Christimas lights wrapped around my torso. So, I read the blog daily, and comment when I can. After all, I have to save time to play Tonka Trucks and Crayola Vehicle Voyages on the computer, and peek-a-boo.

In Jan. I am going to Iowa with the Dean's Texas Rangers Bus'tin loose in Iowa trip, so I can freeze my jeans off! As a former Nebraskan, I know how cold it will be and we don't need those kind of clothes down here, but there is internet shopping! I will just pack my stuff in my old US Army backpack, and I'll be good to go. Although I think I could use snowboots and long johns!

Blog name: samia

I am a 49 year old single mother of a college senior. I have been a hippy homesteader, owner/designer of a handweaving production shop, art therapist, counselor, owner/manager of healing arts center, teacher, artist, graphic designer. One chapter moving into the next.

I have been a Democrat since before I was born! My folks went to Dem HQ in election cycles like other folks went to church. We'd go to church in the "off seasons".

In New Hampshire primary season, as we used to say before dumps turned into transfer stations, meeting the candidates is more fun that shooting rats at the dump...

I made the rounds. Well, our Doctor had me from the start. When he said "I represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic party" I knew just what he meant, and the tears started to well, feeling all we have lost in the past 3 years. We have all heard that stump in various permutations, but there are
certain lines that still make the tears rise.

I want my country back!

The state of this country that I love from sea to sea put me in a state near clinical depression. Action is the greatest remedy to depression, and this campaign takes each of our actions and unifies them into a force for change.

Blog name: Sandi in FL

I am 47 yrs. young and a proud Democrat. I am married to a fair weather Republican (btw, who isn't happy with W), have 3 sons; 2 in college and my youngest a senior in high school. The 2004 election will be the first time that all of them will be eligible to vote. So far, one of them is on board the Dean ship with me ;-)

I've never been very involved in politics but after watching the last 3 years of an appointed Republican President run the domestic and foreign policies into the ground, realizing the potential for further undo-able damage that another 5 years could bring, I became convinced that I have to do SOMETHING to stop it! I've found a way to do it with Howard Dean and all of you supporting the movement!

Blog name: sandymartin

Background: Writer, venture capitalist, real estate investor. Was a high-profile leader in the women's movement back in the Seventies. Had a television show on women executives, and was appointed to Jimmy Carter's National Commission on the Rights and Responsibilities of Women. This Blog Family Album is a great idea! (Thanks, Renee, for undertaking this task. It's my belief that you are documenting one of the most significant changes in political history -- way to go!) Heard about Howard Dean on the net, went to a July meetup, and was overwhelmed with the great people I met. Everybody LOVED Howard Dean. The enthusiasm was so infectious that I designed the original Howard Dean teddy bear, which you can find at I presented Bear #1 to Dr. Dean at a New Hampshire house party in August, and made him promise to take it to the White House as America's "First Bear." (He grinned with his marvelous "Howard Dean grin.") I'm writing a book on the Dean campaign called "The Dean Phenomenon." We'll have a website up shortly at The book (with lots of photographs) is a study of the campaign and the great dynamics which have come together to make it possible. One of the chapters is called "Life on the Blog," and I'd love to have any anecdotes or contributions from people in this great Blog family. Just email me at Howard Dean has made a contribution to America which far exceeds his bid for the Presidency. He's given us all a new sense of community, and the hope that we can again become the proud and compassionate country we always thought we were. Americans are good and honest and caring people. We deserve no less in our leadership.

Blog name: Sarah from MN

Hi everyone! I don’t know how well I fit in this little blogography, as I am actually the stereotypical twenty-something latte drinker.* I’m a college student who lives and studies in the land of 10,000 lakes. Last summer, I was checking out’s website and to my surprise, they were having a primary for nine Democratic candidates I’d never even heard of before. I’m a bleeding-heart liberal from a family of liberals, had organized and participated in all kinds of antiwar demonstrations last spring, but had never really gotten involved in politics per se before. But I knew that getting Bush out was an important thing to do, and that if I weren’t part of the solution, I would be part of the problem, helping the Bush Administration, letting it do what it does. I couldn’t stand that. So I’m with Dean. No one else seemed to capture so many of the stances that are so important to me AND speak with that honest, tell-it-like-it-is style. One of the most exciting moments for me, ever, is when I first heard him speak at the Sleepless Summer Tour in Milwaukee. (I was screaming and waving my sign like a groupie at a rock concert! I
felt like such a dork, but it was great fun.)

I have so many great Dean moments. I remember the JJ dinner in Des Moines, dancing in the streets, pounding those HUGE tarp signs 'Win With Dean'. But if you had told me a year ago that I would find myself standing on a highway overpass in Des Moines, Iowa, in November (about 30, 35 degrees tops) without a coat on holding an 8-foot Howard Dean sign up for all oncoming traffic to see, for hours and hours, I’d have thought you were crazy. I’d never have believed it. But there I was!

My 15 minutes of blog fame came back in July when I was mentioned in the main blog (and quoted on NPR!). Here’s the link: I felt famous. So when I’m not getting my Meetup fix or standing out in the Minnesota cold with a Dean sign, I’m trying to score some more main-blog love.

This campaign is such a fabulous community of Americans (and global Dean supporters!) who talk together, laugh together, help each other, learn from each other, and feel empowered and inspired to get out and change their world for the better. You people give me more hope for the future
every single day. We’re taking our country back!

* Editor's note: Well, of course you fit. There was an empty twenty-something latte drinker shaped space that you fit into perfectly here! Anyway, when I think about this campaign, I often get a song I remember from the local UU church in my head--"All are welcome in this place."

Blog name: scarletfire

My name is MaryStarr, and I am a blog addict ;P . I am 27, a modern dancer/choreographer and pilates teacher. I live in Brooklyn, New York with my husband (newlywed !YAY!) who is a chef. I am the youngest of 6 children, and the only one who is neither a physician or an attorney ;) I grew up in rural New Hampshire with liberal parents, dad=doctor mom=musician.I am proud to say that I am the only
member of my family in 6 generations to graduate from public high school (although, I probably would have stayed at prep school if they hadn't kicked me out hehe). I have lived in many places since I left New England and my waspy Mayflower stock upbringing- LA, Paris, Cambridge Mass, San Francisco, Chicago and now New York.

Why am I here so much? I am a very passionate person, and have always felt a need to be a part of something larger than my self, larger than my family. This passion has taken many forms, from politics to music to sports (my husband will tell you, get out of the room if the Bears are losing... I get ugly ;) For a long time, the Grateful Dead fulfilled this role in my life, I was part of a community and felt connected to like minded people. A part of my soul that tore the day that Jerry Garcia died feels like it is healing now. Perhaps that is hard for those of you who may not be deadheads to understand, but really, the interaction between the audience and the band was magic... and so is the interaction between Howard Dean and all of us. Every single one of us is essential because we all create this reality together. I think it is the most important thing I have ever done in my life...

Click here to donate to the Dean campaign through scarletfire's Dean Team page.

Blog name: Scintillating Scribe

Scintillating Scribe is a 51-year-old writer (by occupation) and teacher (by salary) who lives in Southern California. He is articulate, ethical, a culture vulture, has a sense of humor, is a little neurotic and, like Dennis Kucinich, is looking for a First Lady.

Blog name: ScottB Albany NY

Whining after reading labels in the supermarket was my idea of political action. I also refused to buy gas from the station around the corner because I felt the mechanic overcharged for fixing a flat. I complained about that until my wife, Stacy (StacyO Albany NY), was tired of listening.

Now I spend a lot of my free time reading the blog and thinking of supportive but clever things to write. I just flip when people respond to something I say.

Stacy and I celebrated our third anniversary by driving to Buffalo, NY, to see Howard Dean speak at the Young Democrats Convention last summer. Then we went to nearby Niagara Falls and marveled at the amount of water rushing over the edge. This was only a few days before a depressed person threw himself over the falls. Apparently, it was good therapy because when I saw him on TV a few weeks later he said that having survived, he now felt that life was worth living.

I’m 53 years old. My name is Scott Brodie. I drink Harbor Tea.

To the blog family I send my Holiday Newsletter (with pictures). Go to

Blog name: Seattle for Dean

My real name is Jeff and I've been an active poster on the blog since June. Local folks here in Seattle are suggesting that I start posting under a different name since they're finding it confusing and thinking I'm misleading people, so you may find me out there under a different name soon. I welcome any of your comments on this. I'm pushing 38 and have been a lifelong political activist, starting at the ripe young age of 6, copping Rich Little impersonations of Nixon and reading a lot of MAD Magazine (very political rag back then). Still into it heavy and that is why I am 200% behind the Dean campaign. I work tirelessly to promote Dean. The main point is that the Dean blog is an AMAZING and INCREDIBLE tool that has allowed so many of us to connect with one another, and to help build Dean's campaign. I'm very proud of him and of all of us. The Dean Bloggers are an amazing, smart, articulate, intelligent bunch and I am happy to be counted among them.

Blog name: S Davies

I'm 40, married with two kids, have a fine arts background, used to paint, was in a couple group shows, now do graphic design when I can. Our income has declined by about 70% over the past few years due to layoffs/un- and under- employment. Came to Dean through the faux "primary," where I got the impression Dean is honest, intelligent, pragmatic, and offers a vision for the country that is needed urgently - so urgently that I don't care he's more conservative than I am. As a shy, reclusive, depressed sort I don't get out much, so my involvement has been limited to a few local events and lots of letter-writing, but I watch & listen to what's going on, impressed by the dedication of those willing to put themselves on the *front lines* of this race. It is very unusual for a political figure to capture my interest in this way.

Blog name: SF Bay voter

What a great idea. I had a wonderful time reading the bios. I'm SF Bay voter , I'm 54 and have been a registered nurse for 29 years. I have two children now grown. I live with my partner Morgan and we have replaced the kids with cats. This is my first time being active in politics though I have always voted. For the first time I feel connected to a candidate and a campaign. I download posters and post them on the house and the car, I have gone to a meetup and have contributed way more than I can afford. I won't quit till I see Howard Dean take the oath of office in January 2005.

Blog name: Shell in NYC

I am a 39-year-old fiction writer living in NYC with my husband, an artist, and have moved 36 times in my life! I've lived in places north, south, east and west. When Bush stole the election two years ago, I was living in a conservative little town in Virginia, and every single morning after reading the newspaper, I would just cry. Sometimes I still do, but Howard Dean has given me incredible hope. And the blog is an essential to my sanity.

Blog name: Shelly in MN

I'm an artist living in central Minnesota. I'm 40ish, married, no children but we have a couple cats. I first noticed Dean in the summer about June. I heard about him after a speech and a conservative pundit
hated him, so I was immediately interested. After learning more, I was happy to support what I strongly feel is the only guy who can beat Bush. I'm tired of our high property taxes, shooting up like a rocket this year, and how our state is suffering because of the bad economy. I've noticed many, many layoffs in my city, and my husband has had a layoff scare twice in the last seven months. I had just about given up hope when I discovered Dean was a candidate. He gives me a huge amount of hope for
the future. I remember when, not too long ago, this country was truly great and had the respect of the world, and I felt safe. I haven't felt safe for one minute since "that other guy" was appointed president. I
agree with Dr. Dean's positions on just about everything, and I'm so thankful for the blog where I get so much up to date news about what's going on. The blog is essential. I'm still writing letters to Iowa and
will keep doing writing letters until the pen falls out of my crippled hands!

Blog name: ShouldBeWorking

I have been a Democratic activist for years. I grew up in NH, and know the excitement of meeting presidential candidates personally. When I was a kid, we'd have college-age campaign workers sleeping on our floor in the weeks before the primary. Members of my family have run for major office in NH and won (and lost, too). I worked hard on their campaigns.

Now I live in Maine. I've been active in the Maine Democratic Party. I am amazed at how many different people are working for Dean, people who don't necessary agree on a lot of other things. Many of them are Democratic oldtimers, others are new to the field.

Today I work for a nonpartisan public interest group. You'd know the name if I mentioned it; we've been around since the early 70s. Many of the people I work with--very savvy, well-informed folks--are thrilled
to see what's happening in the Dean campaign. This is the sort of democracy we are working toward.

We need to stop the insinuation that Dean can't win. Dean can and will win. He's a great candidate, but he's also tapped into the power of the American people. We are smart, hard-working, creative, talented, and completely dedicated to the cause. I am proud to be a part of it!

Blog name: Shovelbum in TN

Hi, I'm Jared, 27, an archaeologist in Nashville, TN. I moved down here from Michigan. I don't like what W is doing in the White House or to this country for that matter. Never gave to a presidential candidate before until Howard Dean came along. Voted for McCain in 2000 in MI primary. Dean really reminds me of that feeling back in Febuary 2000 when listening to McCain talk and actaully getting excited about a candidate. The reason I like Dean so much is that he's to willing fight, he's tired of letting the Repubs walk all over us. I am too and that's why I'm backing a winner, Howard Dean.

Blog name: Sleepless in Seattle

I am a 47 year old curmudgeon who always had a political opinion but never did much other than vote. I have never understood how anyone who was NOT rich, white and connected would EVER vote Republican. I don't believe I ever will understand it, but, in the meantime, I have found my calling in
'beating the pavement' or 'tickling the keyboard' for Howard Dean.

Before being introduced to Dr. Dean and his forthright demeanor ("You may not agree with me, when you leave here, but you will know where I stand") at his first Seattle rally, I had NEVER contributed a single dime to a political campaign. No longer.

My wife and I own a whitewater rafting business --- '04 will be our 27th year --- and I might just plaster all of my rafts with Dean stickers this summer.

Blog name: Spork

My name is Joe. I'm a Canadian who just recently graduated from McGill. I'm more of a lurker than a
poster. I caught wind of Dean and the campaign back in July and was warned by politically active American friends not to get my hopes up. I'm glad I didn't take their advice. Aside from the fact that I can't vote in the States, one can still dream that reasonable leadership that isn't tailored to bigger
business and special interest is possible for the presidency of the United States. Reasonable universal
health care just up ahead where you can join your Canadian and Costa Rican friends. YOU HAVE THE POWER!!

Blog name: Steve from NE

Howard Dean caught my attention in May of 2003. A co-worker and I held a four or five day discussion on the seeming hopelessness of our lost country. He suggested the only rational solution was to move to Costa Rica. I said, "I gotta fight this thing. I owe it to my kids." I searched all cyberspace. and Kos and Truthout led me to an ex-gov of Vermont who seemed to have walked out of a Ken Kesey novel. Howard Dean never seems to stop moving and walks through life with a contagious mixture of intelligence, happy playfulness, and total courage. I immediately recognized him as the man who will beat the cruds who stole the White House and MY country.

I'm a 52 year-old displaced farm kid, 20 years sober, working on heat pumps and energy-saving stuff at The University of Nebraska. My incredible wife, Cindy , and our two daughters just moved into a new house we designed and built, mostly ourselves to replace a house lost to a crooked insurance company after it burned in 2001. I work 50-65 hours a week, and I feel that it is of utmost urgency that I find another 10 to 15 hours per week to help take back this great country. Through The Blog, Meetup, The Harkin Steak Fry, and Dean Houseparties I have met some of the most amazing, intelligent, enthusiastic, and generous people on this planet.

Individually, on our own, we are just nice folk, fodder, as the bush family says. United, together, folks, we are a Force. We have the power to take back this great country, and we have the power to change the way our government doesn't work. I think Harry, Franklin, Andrew, and two Thomases are grinning down at us. We are making history, and we will win in 2004

Blog name: SteveG

I am a 35 year old philosopher living in central MD and working in Gettysburg, PA where I am also the fauclty advisor of the campus chapter of Generation Dean. My wife, aka Green4Dean, and I have two wonderful children ages 1 and 3. We were the sort of folks who discussed politics over dinner and never failed to vote, but were never politically active. But then came that perfect storm--the outrage over the deeds of the Bush administration, the abandonment of our voice by the main-line of the Democratic party, and the strength and hope of Howard Dean. I am so proud of this campaign and all of the normal folks who have come together. We are taking our country back.

Blog name: Steviemo in MN

I'm Steve from Hastings, Minnesota. I'm 51 and a software developer at Northwest Airlines. I'm an independent voter - supported McCain in 2000. Voted for Jesse Ventura, too. If Howard wins the nomination, I may actually rejoin the Democratic party.

I listen to right wing radio talk shows (so the rest of you don't have to). It gives me ideas for Howard Dean's campaign that I occassionally post on the blog. It also helps me talk intellegently to people on the right. I think it's important for all of us to understand the mentality from the other side.

One more thing - I am a huge fan of the Grateful Dead! An on-line journal on my website,, chronicles about a year of my life from around 1998.

Blog name: StevieZ

I'm StevieZ -- in truth Steve Zimmerman from Sunnyside, NY. I'm 57 and one of the coordinators for Queens for Dean (the name refers to our location in NYC, not to any specific dress code). I've got two boys aged 29 and 6, both Deaniacs. My wife, June, and I have a business that develops curriculum materials for children. I'm president of the Board of Trustees at a new charter school in NYC where my little guy goes to school. When my family is not overworked or overblogged, you can often
find us in Chiapas, Mexico, smiling and chilling.I first campaigned for JFK when I was 13. Protested against the Vietnam War when I was in college, went "Clean for Gene McCarthy" in 1968, and
have had little to really cheer about politically until Dr. Dean hit the scene. What I feel now is absolute relief -- that there is somebody who has cleared away all that dust and muck and muddled thought. I am
charged! And I am charged to be with my fellow bloggers in the greatest grassroots campaign ever! ¡Adelante!

Blog name: Storm Warning

More a lurker than blogger, but on the blog all too often. When I post, I usually post as Storm Warning (I don't know why.) I live in NYC, am old enough to qualify for my full social security, although I also work full time as a Wall Street broker with a world-class brokerage.

My brother lives in Cincinnati (check spelling) and is with the Cinc. Conservatory of Music - almost 30 years now. I came to Dean first because of his backbone, and have been delighted to find he is on the right side of virtually every issue. I was a passive but complete fan of Bill Clinton. This is my first campaign where politics was not a spectator sport. I am working with NYC4dean, and other NY efforts. We are petitioning now.... and need all the help we can get. Am Meetup host, and regular volunteer.

Blog name: Subway Serenade For Dean

My name is David Teller. I'm 49 years old and I live in Staten Island, NY. I am a full time caregiver to my disabled wife, which as any caregiver knows is very stressful. So for a couple of hours each day I take my guitar into the New York City Subway and sing love songs and light comedy to the commuters and tourists. It's sort of my way of screaming at the world.

I have a talent for rewriting the lyrics of popular songs to fit a current topic in the news or pop culture. I joined The Dean Movement in July and the first song I did was a remake of the "Animaniacs" theme song called "Howard Deaniacs." This led to the production in November of "The DeanMix" CD. Music and Humor are powerful tools. They help lighten the burdens of the day. In the Dean Movement there is much hard work ahead, but when we all work together that hard work becomes fun. I think one the biggest advantages we have over our rivals (including Dubya) is that their campaigns are completly
devoid of Humor. How can they expect to compete with something like "Kerry's Lament" or "Soylent Dean?" The wonderful thing about The Dean Movement is that empowers Individual Creativity. Subway's Who We Are response ad can be seen here. He is the "Train rider, Wheelchair pusher, Wife's caregiver (19 years), Story writer, Subway singer/satirist, Drives an Ovation Guitar Dean supporter."

Subway has been featured in a Weekly Standard article called Sing a Song of Howard Dean.

Editor's note: And don't forget the September to Remember Dean limericks!

Blog name: Sue Anne

My name is Sue Anne, and I'm 30 years old and live in East Palo Alto, California.

I'm single, have a handful of disabilities, and spend a lot of time on my computer.

I am LDS (Mormon) and anyone that knows anything about members of the LDS Church, knows that they are typically Republican and Conservative. I put up Mormons for Dean in order to help build a community for those that are LDS and interested in Howard Dean.

Blog name: Sue in Kentucky

I'm a 59-year-old technical writer/web developer/graphics person — at least I was until three months after Dubya's arrival at the White House (I won't dignify the man by title), when my job along with about three million other people's disappeared. After being unable to find another job in my field, I mostly just sat and cried whenever I saw him on TV or thought about the terrible condition our country's gotten into during the past three-plus years. It seemed as though nobody would ever come along to reverse our terrible downward spiral! But then one day late last spring as I trolled through the site, I came upon Howard Dean's bio. The rest is history as far as I'm concerned.

I've converted my retired husband and almost everybody else I know to Dean supporters (our two Gulf War veteran sons are lost causes, for reasons we simply can't understand, and our grandchildren — while perfect in all other respects! — are all too young for politics), and we've sent contributions whenever there's been a bat challenge or we otherwise can afford to do so. In June I also set up and continue to run Grassroots Graphics, a website where other Dean supporters as penny-poor as I am can find buttons, signs, T-shirt/sweatshirt transfers, bumper stickers, etc., for free downloading and D-I-Y printing.

I've gone from voter to crusader (in my own quiet way) in the past seven months. I want my country back, and I'm convinced Howard Dean's the leader who can help us all do just that!

Blog name: susan

I am 33 years old, mother of two preschoolers, and a life-long activist. I've been involved in progressive causes for as long as I can remember. But, for my whole adult life, we've been on the defensive. I've been looking for a progressive movement that would have some real traction, and I feel like I've finally found it in the Dean for America campaign! That's a big part of what inspires me to volunteer all my free time on the campaign. Another big part of the inspiration is finding a candidate who will beat George W. Bush. In December 2002, I started looking for this candidate, and when I found Howard Dean in March and heard what he stood for and how he approaches things, I signed up. Since June 2003, I read the Blog a few times each day, read about 1/3 of all the comments, and post a few comments each week. I continually look for new ways to reach out to people in my community and online to let them know about this inspiring and hopeful campaign!

Blog name: Susan 2.0

I'm 36, and live in Washington, DC. I grew up in Alabama and have lived in VA, NY, MA, plus a stint in China. My background is in business and finance, and I now work as an independent consultant. At least in theory. DC's primary is less than a month away (well, two weeks if you subtract the holidays), so I am totally swamped in last-lap volunteer organizing That means that I haven't had enough time lately to properly feed my blog addiction, and it means my mental bandwith has no remaining capacity for simple tasks like writing a blog bio. I'll check back in next month and see if I actually got the basic details right! Happy Holidays!

Blog Name: TampaMichelle

My name is Michelle C. Geisler, and I'm 35. Married to a beautiful soul named Christopher; both University of Florida graduates. We have a 1918 Bungalow in historic Seminole Heights, Tampa FL (urban inner city) which we labor to historically restore, and 3 cats, 2 dogs (still need to take their
photos and post at Kasey's Canine Outreach photo album!) We are ALL firmly for Dean! No kids, but who knows? Dean has restored my faith and HOPE in so many ways...

I am a former Fortune 100 Internet professional, laid off in Aug. '01. Fortunately, my husband's job enables us to keep going (and because I graduated from college straight into the Bush I recession, I know a thing or two about cutting back. I love Howard's frugal ways!). I started my own company right after the lay off, but being small and primarily serving small businesses is the frontline in our pathetic economic situation (and we all know how we got there...) and sadly that scenario has only gotten worse (for all small businesses).

Born and raised in Miami; have come back to Florida, via Clute, Texas (yech!), through Ft. Lauderdale, Merritt Island (Space Coast), and finally to my beloved adopted hometown of Tampa. I was raised by FDR Democrats, who grew up in the Depression, and are both retired schoolteachers (served in
Miami Dade public school system for nearly 40 years!) To them I credit my own sense of values, compassion, love and never failing to keep striving, searching, asking questions (and to their chagrin, questioning authority!) My entire family lives in the Florida Keys now, where they sadly lament the
constant environmental strain and death that is ruining a formally beautiful aquatic wonderland. Like my entire life experience, I have watched so much of natural Florida cease to exist, in short-sited unsustainable growth, NO planning, except for service to the almighty dollar. And, given my age, is
at times, so unbearable. It's so much destroyed in a nanosecond. And, I would like to take Jeb's "!" and shove it...oh sorry. I'll leave that alone.

Locally, I am involved with a grass-roots environmental group, Friends of the River (Hillsborough River), and city-public partnership called River Roundtable. And, at 32, after a life of being "political" (faithful voter, usually a "yapper" only though), I came to the watershed moment where something clicked in me, and I refused to ever stay quiet again, or give in to the forces of cynicism and negativity that had so shaped my former politics. I founded with another member of F.O.R. a movement, that grew into
a sensational grass-roots triumph in what seemed like overnight! It was called "Save Our Tower", and long story short ALL of us banded together and took it to City Hall. We saved the largest remaining tract of green space remaining in our urban city center (14-acre parcel that fronted the Hillsborough River) from meaningless, useless development for yet another Walgreens on a corner. AND, in the process saved our beautiful Sulphur Springs Water Tower (1927 decorative water tower - looks just like a castle
tower). If you are flying into Tampa from points west or north of here, you can still see it standing proudly, 247 feet tall. It was one of only two such structures left in Florida, and one of 10 left nationwide. I share all this only because this one fight changed my life, myself, forever. And, now I know why that fight was presented to me.

It taught me how to stand up and calmly say, "No. I won't go away, I will not be quiet" when all the forces around me dismissed us and said "You'll never beat Walgreens (i.e., corporate america)". We did. Hundreds of Tampa Bay area folks. It is now a city park, being environmentally restored, and
the tower historically preserved. The point is not look what I did, but look at what ANY of us can do. I know it was my "bootcamp" for the Howard Dean movement. I have a well of inner resources to draw from now; and they are dedicated to this beautiful PEOPLE-POWERED movement. Editor's note: We had a reading in church today entitled "Refusing Silence" that had very much the same message.

I FELL for Howard, when I saw him on the Charlie Rose show. Until the subject of gay civil unions came up, I didn't recognize/remember who he was (equality for all is a very important issue for me). I went from lounging on the futon to sitting straight up with my jaw drooping, my mind whirring, and saying "This is the guy! This is the man who can and will win!" I claim no prescience, and laugh at how late I seem to have arrived. But, I was on to Meetup and after my first one, invited to join the Tampa for Dean Steering Committee. Coming off the JOY and privilege of being a delegate at the FL Dems State Convention, I stand with pride and with peace in my heart; knowing I am a part of something so much more important than my "story" here. I am so blessed and fortunate to have a community of my fellow
Americans to turn to in times of challenge, to make me laugh, to sing along with (yeah! Subway Serenade!), to cheer with, to hit bats with, to share, to nurture one another, to FIGHT for our country with, and to DREAM of a better future.

My calendar fills up yes (now charged with a massive regional project, and Internet duties), but indeed my cup runneth over!

To all of you out there- this IS the time. A momentous occasion, to be noted (and one day studied as "history"- though it is OURstory), and the realization of the ideals of our faded democracy. EVERY single one of you counts! Every single one of you is beautiful and talented and lends something to this campaign each and every day. Rise up patriots; know you are valued and appreciated, and that step by step, each of you is contributing (in whatever way!) and TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK! Bring some
folks with you! Strangers and my neighbors - not family or friends, necessarily- are the ones our household has reached. You never know!

Sincerely (and with my occasional RAH-RAH posts, and -oops! sorry!-- venting posts where I spew about technology, bandwidth, and frustration because Websoapbox crashes, and I do not have cable) I treasure this movement! Thanks Renee and Demetrius! PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER! Never, never, never, quit!

Blog name: Tepetzintla (It means the place at the foot of the mountain where the spring is born in the Nahuatl language, the language of the Meshica, known as the Aztecs, who, along with the Matlazinca and Otomi peoples long before 1523 and Cortez's arrival, co-inhabited this area of the
southern part of the State of Mexico where I live today.)

I was born in Washington, D.C., in 1942, because my father, a U. of Illinois economist, wanted to work for Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal for rural America. His was a nearly unforgiveable break with his Land-of-Lincoln Republican family. Precisely because he was one of the new wave of civil service professionals who swelled the ranks of the Federal Governmentbefore, during and after WWII, he was prohibited by the Hatch Act from participating in partisan politics. Altogether, he considered this a
positive solution to the age-old problem of top-down political pressure within any administration, a solution that allowed for the first time in US history the maturation of a class of professional government employees dedicated to the greater good of the nation, protected from political intimidation.

All you wonderful young people must realize how many have fought the good fight before us, and so how important vigilance is. Just listen to the professional members of the military and intelligence services daring to speak out now.

When my father returned from his Navy assignment after the war to civilian status in the Federal Government, I grew up in North Arlington, where I watched the rolling Virginia farmland literally get paved over with Monopoly houses--cracker boxes, my mother called them. The pressure on local services
was enormous and ignored by Richmond because no political party spoke for all these "carpetbaggers," disparagingly so-called by the native Virginians, unrepentent Confederates 100 years on, who got rich selling them the land and taxing them for the vast benefit of the downstate government. I started 1st grade in split sessions of 50 students per classroom without enough desks for all. The poor teacher taught both morning and afternoon sessions, and for a pittance. The roads had more chuckholes than paving. There was no snow removal and only 2 buses a day into DC. The ration list went on and
Northern Virginia taxes continued up. Why? Because there couldn't legally be partisan political activity.

It took a long-term local concerted effort, a court ruling allowing local nationally non-affiliated party participation, canvassing, convincing and vigilant local effort to turn tiny Arlington County around to becoming a National trendsetter in education and community services, at least before Ileft 40 years ago. The point here is that politics is a do-it-yourself situation. If you don't do it, you get done in.

I've made my life in Mexico, but now by internet my heartfelt American Home is local again and I can participate in another urgently needed turn-around effort by supporting Dr.Howard Dean for President. He's correct in that it's an enormous responsibility he's shouldered and it's a must-do. That's why
we're all here to help. A great deal of harmony surrounds us and moves us along Democracy Way. We know it when we see it. He knows it when he feels it.

Every working person can hold a candle to the task if respected, if prepared. Dr. Dean offers respect, that's the crux of it; he would have us prepared, all of us in this great boat together. This message will penetrate like the purest wind, like the newest rainwater into the depths of the earth because we are all carrying it, passing it along, this respectful love that only grows larger and stronger in community.

In joining in this local world, it works for all if we all work at it.

Blog name: Teri in Austin

I post sporadically on the Blog, but I lurk every chance I get. My husband thinks the Blog is keeping me from getting enough sleep--but he doesn't bugme too much about it because he loves Howard Dean as much as I do. I'm both proud and slightly embarrassed to say that I coined the term "Crushies for
Dean" in November when I noticed a number of bloggers openly swooning; the crushies have since gone wild with the idea (see Marla in Texas's bio above). My other small claim to fame is Parents for Dean, my Dean Team page, which I hawk shamelessly whenever a bat is up.

As I say in my letters to Iowa, I'm a mom, a Texan, a freelance book editor and proofreader, a voter, and now--for the first time in my 39 years--a campaign volunteer. I was first drawn into the vortex of Dean for America back in June, when the Governor spoke here in Austin and I could hardly believe my ears. I really wondered the next day if I'd been dreaming: a candidate almost too good to be true. But, no, said my husband and friends who'd been there too, he's for real, and we've got to do everything we can
to get him elected. So I've been to every Meetup since then, I co-hosted a house party that made the front page of our city's (rather conservative) newspaper, I rode the bus with Howard Dean to the San Antonio Sleepless Summer rally (a high point in my life), I flew to Des Moines to canvass as a
Texas Ranger for Dean, I attended the Grassroots Organizing Summit in Dallas and got teary-eyed right along with Joe Trippi and everyone else in attendance as he reflected on the meaning of Dean's candidacy, I've been writing letters like crazy, and I can't wait to go back to Iowa in January for caucus weekend! It's the sense of hope that I get from the Dean campaign and community that keeps me from sinking into despair when contemplating the disastrous state of the country--and the world--that Bush and company have created. But it's not just about stopping Bush; it's about building community, bringing out the best that all of us can be as citizens and neighbors.

Blog name: Terri in Tokyo

Soon to be 46 year old AfricanAmerican female entrepreneur living in Tokyo. New York City native. The Dean campaign is the first time I've done anything political, with the exception that my parents (who I think would totally love the Dr.if they were still here) took me on the March on Washington to
hear Dr. King. I'm a struggling entrepreneur, have been through many iterations of the business (including managing a band called Pizzicato Five for the US and Europe): now working to bring an effective international approach to companies in Japan that are trying to cope with the realities of
multiculture in this monocultural society, mostly through localizing videos and other material. I was appalled at the 2000 "selection", got angrier and more depressed as time went on, wrote a book of commentary on Bush's bizarre quotes from a normal person's perspective called "Bush in Wonderland", and was searching unconsciously for the next step when the Democrats Abroad
Japan folks (thanks John and Ruth!) got me hooked into the network here. Ijust became Co-chair of Democrats Abroad Japan, and decided to support Dean after reading the blog, following the SST, and being involved in our marvelous Tokyo4Dean Meetups. It didn't hurt that I got to ask my question of Dr. Dean in his DA phone call, and I thought his response was honest and real. I read the blog and dailykos and stevegilliard virtually every morning, in between neilgaiman and blackcommentator. I wear
my Dean button around town and will get 2 Dean samurai teeshirts at our letter-writing party next week. And I'm going to Iowa in January!

Blog name: thefloridababe2003

I blog as...thefloridababe2003,my real name is Linda.I am 26 years old,and I live in Crystal River,Florida.I work at our local post office(no I do not own a gun lol,that is usually the first question I get when I tell people that)I am a pro-choicer,equal rights wanting,convertible driving,pizza eating,Michelob drinking DEANIAC! :op
This is my first adventure into active politics...I probably would have been one of the many who fail to get involved,if it wasn't for Howard Dean.I had basically given up on someone actually making a difference,or earning my respect.The first time I saw him speak,I was stunned! When I finally came to my senses,I realized that I was crying,and asking "where has this guy been?"I was just amazed that someone in a position like his could be such an everyday person like me.He asked all of the questions,I had been asking for ages,and he was demanding answers! I have been hooked ever since.
Gov.Dean has inspired me,and made me realize that this country can be a better place.We all just have to work a little harder.For that I am eternally grateful to him.

Blog name: Theresa

61 year old mom of three adult daughters and one grandson I live with my husband in Rockport, Maine. I'm a stained glass and watercolor artist.

What joy it is to be a member of this campaign. To all of you, I extend my heartfelt thanks for giving me HOPE from the despair suffered by Bush's invasion of Irag, a war which was unjust, immoral and illegal.

Believing so strongly that war is the most extreme state of human affairs which can ONLY be justified if an innocent country is attacked or in imminent danger of attack without military intervention, I for months: "Where are the democrats? Why are they allowing Bush to do this?"

Then I heard Howard Dean, MD, and without a moment of hesitation, joined this campaign in May and became a Dean Team member. To assist in my fund raising goal, I opened three Cafe Press shops:

Blog name: Tim in Augusta GA

I'm a 35 year old Academic Advisor at Augusta State University. I am an out gay man, but that doesn't define me. Some people assume I am supporting Howard Dean because of the civil union legislation he signed in Vermont. I looked at the other candidates and saw some experience and some leadership, but Dean's record of getting results and his vision for a new America represents a complete package the others can't touch. I know he represents the best chances for the Democrats to defeat Bush in November. This is the first time in my life I've ever gotten any more political than voting and it not only feels great, it feels downright necessary. For more about me, my personal website is and my Dean page is

Blog name: Tim in NJ

Hi, I'm a 19 year old sophomore college student at The College of New Jersey and I also live in central New Jersey. I'm majoring in Finance and double minoring in accounting and marketing. I have been following politics since the 1992 election. I have never been involved in a campaign like I have for Howard Dean. I have written a few letters, donated money, and head the local Generation Dean chapter here at TCNJ. I first supported "that senator from Mass." but I began looking at Dean back in March. I immediately liked his styles and policies and switched to Dean. I also plan on traveling to NH over winter break next month to canvass for Gov. Dean. I love this campaign and I can't wait for Dean to become President.

Blog name: TJ in KC

I am a 42 year old mother of 2 grown children. This is the first campaign that I have been in since I helped the Jimmy Carter campaign in High School. I got involved in July after searching through all of the candidates on the internet. Howard Dean’s stand on many areas greatly impressed me. The growth of the Dean campaign in the Kansas City area has been amazing, and it will continue to be so. This is truly a people-powered campaign!!

Blog name: Tom in New Mexico

The Blog is family. I am so grateful and in awe of this community's wit, intelligence, passion, creativity and writing talents.

I am Tom Hughes, half of "Foodies for Dean" with my wife, Meredith. Our mutual interests in travel, art and eating have been the foundation for pursuing our dream of a museum about food and a forum for food issues. We met while studying in Florence, Italy, were married while Peace Corps vols in Iran, and worked in Brussels for a decade.
We were outed on the Blog by Zephyr when we hosted the Drive for Democracy crew.

I am a 58 year-old supporter of four decades of reform candidates and movements. But before Dean, I'd given money only to Tom Harken's primary bid and, yes, Nader and the Greens. I believe we had a hand in the origins of Trippi's political organizing principles based on Hart's intersecting circles of affinity groups. We became parents while living on DC's Capitol Hill. We were supporting Hart's bid and had fashioned a Hart baby cap for our boy, Gulliver. One day, on our usual stoller walk past the Capitol, we met the Colorado senator, who was delighted to learn about "Babies for Hart."

I first used the blog to pass on tips for successful tabling I'd gleaned from a professional monitoring a crew of gadget hawkers at last summer's NM State Fair. Dean was the only candidate (thanks, Dory) to have a booth and I got advice and an impromptu tutorial on how to approach people and pull in the public. I got into serious comment posting to help provide debate play-by-play to those without cable or stuck at work as I had been for the Baltimore event.

I keep reminding people that no matter how long or hard their days are, Dean's are harder and longer. I believe I was the first person to comment that Howard was fighting a cold during the Detroit debate and to cut him some slack. Other themes I post are: asking Vermont to make it easier for newbies to find and use the blog; asking if rosy economic forecasts can be cooked (remember media and Wall Street falling for Enron?); and seeking ways to include busy adults with school-age kids in the campaign. I am working to devise fun activities based on the math, geography and civics content already found on for adults, kids and teachers to explore. I also post about ABQ 4 Dean. We are hosting 4-5 meetups, writing tons of letters (NM is 4th per capita) and doing as much as we can with original ideas from our own group or inspired by postings from you all.

But mostly, I use the Blog as a reward for myself after work. I enjoy catching up with the rest of the family's doings and thoughts.

Blog name: Torrey in Texas

I'm Torrey Offley, I post as Torrey in Texas, and you also know me as the person behind Lean for Dean! I am 41, have lived in Houston for the past 4 1/2 years; before that, I lived in Los Angeles (Hollywood, Glendale, South Pasadena) for 19 years. I grew up in California, Micronesia, and Hawai'i. I have a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and am currently underemployed as a legal secretary. I have never been married and live in a house I own with three dogs and a cat. I have always done community service work -- I co-founded United Streets of Hollywood, and volunteered for years at AIDS Service Center and L.A. Shanti. I have also always been politically aware and active -- I always vote, and once ran a friend's Los Angeles City Council campaign. But I never got seriously involved in presidential politics. Then, after the so-called "election" of 2000, I went to Washington, D.C. to protest at the inauguration, and spent the last three years being really pissed off and disappointed by all the acquiescent Democrats who allowed the election to be stolen, and permitted all the subsequent outrages of the Bush administration, including the misbegotten Iraq war.

Looking at all the candidates who were running this time around, I wanted nothing to do with old-guard Democrats like Kerry, Gephardt, or Lieberman. I kept hearing Howard Dean being quoted on the news, speaking out against the war and declaring himself from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. I liked what I heard, and went to a house party in June, where I made my first donation.

Since then, I have been pretty active in the campaign. I was a Texas Ranger in New Hampshire and spoke at the rally in Houston last month. My car is known as the Deanmobile, and I have been busy organizing at my office and talking up Dean to strangers at every opportunity (so far I have brought two Republicans on board and am working on a third). Besides Lean for Dean!, I am also in the process of creating an anti-burnout website to keep our Deaniacs healthy and happy throughout the campaign.

I think we're involved in something that will go down in history and that we will remember when we're old as one of the best and most important things we ever did.

Blog name: Tracker

Hi, I'm cousin Tracker. My name's Janet, and I live near Boston. I just turned 40 and work at a big-name university. My mom used to live near Burlington, and when I visited last summer she said, "What's the word in Boston on Howard Dean?" I replied that hardly anyone I knew had heard of him. Boy, have things changed since then. Beantown is Deantown! I've met some terrific people at meetups and other Dean events. About a month and a half ago I honked my horn at the woman driving in front of me with a Dean bumpersticker. I waved and pointed to my t-shirt. She waved back. At the December meetup, she approached me and said, "Do you drive a MINI?" I couldn't believe she remembered me!

Blog name: Trish

Here is my little bio, i was a big blog addict for many moons but right now have been sucked into work for the New Year for America parties and missing the blog big time, OK, here's what I'd love to post, and my blog name is always just Trish

I'm just a humble designer -- NOT! On the internet, every one knows i'm a big mouth. This chubby cute dyke lives in the New York area with my partner Jill, who goes around the house muttering "Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean" like Kerry (altho unlike Kerry, she's given Dean money!) I do design work for Planned Parenthood, I have a teenage son, two corgis! (you can see the doggerells and slam my bat here), and I have been a loyal Dean supporter since February 2003. Check out my Dean stuff here.
Unlike some VERY welcome people in this campaign, I have always loved, eaten, and slept politics, have done campaigns before and you can trust me that THIS campaign is Historic, Revolutionary and unlike any other. Believe the hype. Also I like pistachios and adore Teri Mills, the National Nurse! Go Kelly Jacobs, and Darrel in Iowa, you rock. Howard, I liked your idea about absconding to France, but , I think it's a little late for that. You have a v. important date in Jan. 2005, so forget Paris!

Blog Name: trivimp

I am a 40ish mother of 2, lifelong resident of SoCal, and a self-avowed trivia nerd. In fact, my blog handle is a contraction of "Trivia Imperatrix", which is more-or-less Latin for "Empress of Trivia". This slightly presumptuous nickname was bestowed on me by my beloved sister, who declares herself a trivia
queen, but acknowledges that I outrank her.

I have never felt so angry and helpless as I did in the days after the selection. I felt betrayed by my party as the Dems rolled over and let it happen. Dean has restored me to hope!

We have the power!

Blog name: Twila

My name is Twila. I have two children and I work in the Toyota truck plant in Indiana. If you own or have seen a Tundra or Sequoia that was my baby first. :)

I became aware of Howard Dean early on while looking for a Democratic to support for the 2004 election. At that time I would have voted for anyone who would replace John Ashcroft. Once I saw that everyone was willing to do that I started looking at each candidate individually.

I was quite impressed with Dr. Dean and agreed with him on most issues. What really stands out for me is his statements on mental health, drug use, and the legal justice system. My best friend had a thriving business. He had a family and many friends. He also has severe depression and has had to take medication to treat it. He was having some personal problems with his marriage and his illness was also affecting his judgment. He had a couple of "friends" who talked him into trying an illegal substance to make him "feel better". Unfortunately it was a big mistake on his part and it has destroyed his life. He was involved with drugs for several months and he entered a rehab clinic to try to overcome the addiction he had acquired. As soon as he left the rehab center he was arrested. He was let out the same day even though he told the police and the courts that he needed help and couldn't stop on his own. They sent him home and then went back and arrested him again. This was repeated three times. Each time he told them he needed help. It is in the police reports. Finally he was turned over to the federal agents who enhanced the amount of drugs he had from 79 grams to "over 500 grams of a liquid substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine." They did this by dumping what he had in an igloo cooler and filling the cooler with water. That way they could charge him at the higher weight and increase his sentence length. He got a 10 year sentence for this and now the state is trying to give him additional time for the same charges.

Now I know that what he did was just plain stupid and it was wrong but the system offers no help for someone who gets caught up in a situation like this. This was not a way of life for this man only the results of a bad decision made in a time of crisis. There should be some type of safety net. He was begging for help and none was offered. The rehab center that he voluntarily checked himself into consisted of a place to dry out and that was about it. There is no funding for anything more intense.

So my hope for the future is to have a President and a government that actually cares about the people and that may try to address the problem itself and not just warehouse people with mental health issues in prisons. America has over 2 million people in prison. A large majority of those people are non-violent drug offenders. Treatment is more cost effective to our pockets and our society.

What I have seen in the Howard Dean campaign is a bunch of good people working for a common goal. That goal is the betterment of America. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by the "average" person involved with this campaign is just historic. Who knew what a difference one person could make. Thank you Dr. Dean and thank you Renee and all the bloggers for this wonderful opportunity.

Blog name: Twin Mama Lorrie + 1

I discovered Gov. Dean during the Sleepless Tour in Falls Church. My mother invited me to go with her and I took my five year old twins with me as well. We were all very impressed by what he had to say. I have never participated in campaign's before except to vote, but that night I went home and donated to the campaign and signed up on the website (and learned how to blog for the first time). I was pregnant with my third child, but still managed to table for Dean, write letters for Dean, wear my dean hat and the kids wear Children for Dean buttons, and donate more than once. Of course all my friends and family hear about him all the time as well. We just had our little girl six weeks ago (at home in the living room -- and yes it was on purpose) so I am a bit sleep deprived of late, but still planning to do what ever it takes to get Dean elected! In real life I am 34 and have been married for almost 12 years. I teach natural childbirth classes, assist women in births at home, birth centers and hospital settings, am apprenticing to become a direct entry midwife, homeschool my children, eat an organic whole foods diet and try to live lightly on the earth. Healthcare is a big issue for me and as part of that I am a breastfeeding advocate, because there is no healthier food for children. My husband is a recovering Republican whom I have won over to Dean. For the first time ever we will be voting for the same candidate for president!

Blog name: UB or UB in VT (sometimes)

Name: Uma Balakrishnan, Ph.D.
Profession: Speech Language Pathologist in a school district in VT, Adjunct faculty and Research Associate at UMASS at Amherst, MA.
Age: 57. I am originally from India and have lived in VT for the past 30 some years (which include the good Governor's 12-year tenure). I want our air and earth to be clean, our government to be clean and to level with us. I was opposed to the Iraq war because Saddam was not our problem, though he was the Iraqi's problem. I like to grow perennial gardens, read in different languages, am vegetarian, love music from all over the world. I have shared my enthusiasm for Dr. Dean with friends and family (some are in the midwest and hear what the newpapers say about electability, Dr. Dean's anger, etc.) So I send them articles. I have written 170 letters to Iowans, and keep feeding the bats from time to time. I love living in Vermont, and consider myself sigularly fortunate to be able to live here.

Blog name: Valerie in San Diego

I first picked Dean out of's lineup back in February as my preferred candidate. At the time he was a real dark horse. Around June, I saw flyers at my local coffee cart for his visit to San Diego, and said to a friend, "Oh, that's the guy I prefer for President!" and she said, "Me too, but I guess he has no chance." Little did we know... I missed his visit (sob) but got on the blog and started contributing money to the end-of-quarter push. The vitality of the blog and the community already being built here really created my commitment to the campaign; Dean's sane, sensible policies and healthy practicality, great sense of humor, intelligence and strength of personality cemented it. I'm here because you (the bloggers) are America, and you have made me be proud to be American again. Because I was free of hope, and Dean and the campaign gave me reason to hope again. And because I feel part of a larger community for the first time in a long time. And that's a great deal.

Blog name: Vanna

My online handle is Vanna and I'm based in the SF Bay Area. I'm an artist and former waitress who is now dedicated to getting Dean into the White House. Luckily my husband still has a job (he's in high tech) but who knows for how long. In the meantime I've devoted all my time, and much of our savings, to setting up a business producing and selling Dean swag (merchandise).

I'm 46 and grew up in Bezerkeley, CA during the 60's. I was too young at the time to participate and for years felt like part of a lost generation. I was never politically active, other than voting, until that fateful day in November 2000 when the U.S. Supreme Court interfered in the Presidential election by stopping the vote count in Florida. I was shocked, SHOCKED into activism! That was a tragic day in our history, one that hasn't yet been properly noted by either the media or the government. One thing's for sure
though, it was noted by the people of this country, ESPECIALLY those in Florida. It's been simmering under the surface and now, plugged into Gov. Dean's straightforward candidacy it has found a vehicle.

On the day George W. was inaugurated I was so furious that I made a sign, got on the subway and headed to San Francisco. I had no idea where I was going but felt compelled to march. Luckily for me several thousand other people had exactly the same impulse and together we marched down Market
Street, shouting and waving our signs. It was the first of many marches I have been on since the Bushies took over.

When talk of this sham war in Iraq started I helped organize people at my church (Unitarian Universalist) and we marched under our banner almost weekly in ever-growing peace marches. I began helping at working at their online help desk. I read messages from people all over the world which mirrored my own feelings and worries. It was then that I realized how big this movement was.

Once the war started the marches stopped. We were all so demoralized but I'm positive that we at least helped delay this horrible pre-emptive attack on Iraq, and that's something to be proud of. I found that I couldn't "turn off" my activism, it was too late and I knew too much. I read a very inspiring article on Common Dreams by Thom Hartmann called "How to Take Back America". It inspired me
to chose a candidate to work for and it was an easy choice...for Gov. Dean.

Although I don't agree on every issue (that would be impossible) I do on the ones that matter most to me. The most important quality Dean has (that the other candidates seem to lack) is that he's not afraid to go right up to the Bush machine and smack it a good one! He's a fighter, and a decent person
who's values are consistent with what the Democratic Party USED to stand for. Howard Dean's campaign made me want to vote Democratic again (after the party's simpering, slide into war I got so mad I joined the Green Party.)

I think we've all suffered under the Nixionian-GOP crap long enough. The guys in charge right now have been working towards this global domination theme for more than a generation. We liberals became complacent during the Clinton years and damn...he wasn't even that liberal! Here we are, at a
crossroads in our country's development. It's rather an emergency as the corporate-military complex has just about closed the deal on every outlet of free speech and commerce in the world.

Like Dean says we need to be proud of our liberal ideals again and not be afraid to stand up and say so to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, John Ashcroft, Tom DeLay, and all the rest of those paranoid hate-mongers. I tell my undecided friends that this country needs a big ugly boil lanced and we need
the doc. to do it for us. Gross I know but what we're witnessing from the Bush administration every day is much more sickening. They must be stopped, and together we will stop them.

Blog name:Vaughn Hopkins

I am Vaughn Hopkins, age 67 (almost 68 actually), retired engineer, now working part time as a cabinet maker. I joined the Dean for America campaign after hearing Gov. Dean's campaign announcement speech last summer at a party. He reduced me to tears just by using plain ordinary
English and saying just what he thought - a rarity nowadays. But, when he said "You have the Power!" I was committed and remain so to getting him in the White House in 2005. My claims to fame are several
campaign leaflets that I have made available on a web site generously provided by Greg Buczek, plus a Flat Howard and a 16 foot by 5 foot banner I made for our local group. And, lest we forget my fleeting fame, Zephyr wrote a nice article in which I was prominently mentioned at the beginning of the Drive for Democracy.

Blog name: velnyinnyc

My name is Christine. I'm 36 years old and have lived in New York City for 13 years (but grew up outside in Claremont, CA -- which is 30 miles east of LA). I'm a Wall Streeter. I lost friends and colleagues on Sept. 11 and my contempt of President Bush following Sept. 11 turned to rage when he proclaimed that those "not with us are against us", as most New Yorkers I know were not in favor of any sort of retaliation and were fearful that US aggression would lead to more attacks. Of course, Bush's evolving rationale for invasion of Iraq never made sense. I joined thousands of people in New York for the peace rallies and, at that time, learned about Gov. Dean. He was the voice that stood with me, saying, Bush, America, this isn't right.

I came to and read about his track record and all of his policy initiatives and, for each, the thought kept coming back: He gets it. I've played a small role in the campaign -- giving money, writing over 100 letters to undecideds, zapping the media for their falsehoods, phone banking and, of course, wearing my Dean button and talking about him to whomever I could. I DO believe we have the power to change America. We already have. And we will to continue do so.

Blog name: Vermonter

I'm a native Vermonter. I'm 34, a registered Independent and I always vote. It was the incredible energy and excitement coming from Howard and the campaign that first drew me to the Blog and continues to inspire me. I read more than half of the Blog comments almost every day. I'm most interested in discussions on the media and how it's covering Howard and his supporters. And I love discussions on strategy.

Howard Dean's campaign represents an ideal of American democracy that I never imagined I could be a part of.

We're Americans. We don't start wars. We end them.

Blog name: Vicki upstate Ny

I'm Vicki upstate Ny, 42 yrs old, married w/ a 3 yr old and a 4 yr old. Last fall I spent many very late nights actually crying at my computer keyboards while I read articles about our country and the direction it was going in. Sometime last fall I walked into my bedroom and I saw Howard Dean speaking at some event. I can't remember which one it was exactly, I just remember him. That's when I looked him up on the computer and found his web site. LOL I laugh, because at that time in January the Dean for America Web page looked nothing like it does now. It had 3 pages, a few snippets of issues, a short bio of the governor and his wife Judith, but it did have a phone # for Burlington, that I promptly called and said, sign me up.

That was January, funny how things change yet stay the same. Now I'm involved with meetups, planning events, dean team pages, house parties, donating on-line,organizing , organizing, organizing. This coming from a women who had never done anything like this before. I now spend many nights on the computer, but I am no longer crying.

Blog names: vj mpls & jy mpls

We are a family of three. My wife (39) and I (51) have a daughter (5). We want our daughter to inherit an America she can love. We are architects in practice together and we are interested in buildings that are environmentally and socially responsive. Our practice is small, we have an office of 12 people.

We are politically centrist. We believe that we all have a social responsibility. We are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We believe in God but we are nonsectarian.

We have always been politically active but never like we are now. The impeachment of President Clinton, the ruthless anti-democracy attack in the 2000 election, and the endless exploitation of the tragedy of 911, has made us very concerned about our country -- so now we are very politically active.

When no other candidate seemed to understand the crisis in America, when no other candidate stood up against the outrageous exploitation of American patriotism, we found Governor Howard Dean and we have supported the DFA campaign since. We have given more money, written more letters, covered more surfaces with Dean For America and traveled a lot to support this campaign. We love the DFA community and what it represents -- people who are well informed, creative, passionate and patriotic.

Blog name: Voice of Reason

I am 26 years old and work in international business in the DC metro area. I like to add a voice of reason to the blog and make sure that we are holding ourselves to the same standards that we hold President Bush to. I like Howard Dean because he is not ideologically driven, he is more no-nonsense
than any of the other candidates, and he has great common sense solution to our country's problems.

I am worried about our country because the news only presents two points of view: radical left and radical right. This is dividing our country. For example, they pick Ann Coulter and Michael Moore to debate important public policy issues! How are they representative of America and how would either
of them know what's best for most Americans?! I believe that Howard Dean is not the opposite of of the conservative Republicans, but the opposite of both sides, which are move more and more to the extremes. We need reason in our government and not hot-headed, we-need-to-be-the-other-guys mentality! We will all lose that way!

Blog name: volneysimmons

Hi, I'm a 53-year-old refugee from the chaotic world of advertising. I was an agency exec, now work in a department store and, except for the struggle to pay the bills, am a darn sight happier! I first heard about Howard Dean from another blogger, Vaughn Hopkins, who I have "known" for several years through a political discussion group on AOL. In fact, Vaughn built a Flat Howard for me and sent it to my godson in Indiana, who's trying to get some Gen Dean activity going at Valparaiso University. (However, Vaughn is now out of the Flat Howard business, so please don't rattle his cage!)

I feel very strongly that ever since the Vietnam era, America has been losing its national soul. The things we once stood for that made us unique we have been squandering away to materialism, laziness and greed. It's been a long time since we were asked what we could do for our country. I see Howard Dean as the doctor who can treat our ills and start us on the road to recovery.

This campaign is a beautiful thing, like an Amish barn raising. There's so much to do but if we each do only as much as we can, we will prevail. Thanks, Renee, for taking on this huge job and for all the talent you and Demetrius have contributed to our success!

Blog name: wende in sf

I'm 50 1/2, a mother of two amazing teenagers, and a business owner for 23 years. In my life to date I have elected one president, a couple of senators and congress people and a few mayors. For the most part, I vote and I vote, and what feels like most of the time, what/who I believe in is not shared by the majority of voters. Often I have asked myself why I bother. But I am reminded of the story of the African man who walked 20 miles from his village-one way- to cast his vote in the first legal election of his lifetime and so I take this priviledge of voting to heart. For the first time in a very long while, I felt the power of my political voice, one anonymous person, when I donate to the bat challenges and see that when one person joins with many, my vote, my voice is no longer inconsequential. Once again, I am tickled by hope to stay involved.

I have a great deal of respect for Howard Dean. I admire his energy and guts to take on this current administration. I cannot imagine the amount of work it is going to take to get America back on track. I thank Howard Dean for taking on this monumental task. And even though my political leaning is a bit more to the left than Dr. Dean, I will continue to support him now and into his presidency.

Blog name: Wendy in AR

Age: 35. I absolutely LOVE this campaign, and all the supporters even though I have never personally met any of you. I'm also a transplant to Arkansas from Ohio. I have a ten year old son and an eight year old son. My husband is an Executive Chef, and I homeschool our children, and consider myself a domestic goddess. My husband and I are both huge Howard Dean fans. At first, my husband wasn't so sure, but I think every day he is convinced just a little more that Dean can win. Of course, he has to listen to me CONSTANTLY talking about Dean, so he may just be saying it to shut me up. We went out to dinner with his parents this evening, and I could not stop talking about the campaign, the blog, Florida
convention, etc... My father-in-law is former Supreme Court Justice, and I noticed a Wesley Clark bumper sticker on his car (we are in Arkansas, that's his excuse), and by the time we left, he was asking me how to sign up for Dean and would I please send him bumper sticker!!!! It's one person at a
time. I'm happy to be a part of something so special.

Blog name: Wintergreen in MN

I am 34, married, with two sons, born and raised in rural Wisconsin and Red Wing, Minnesota, right by the mighty Mississippi River. I am licensed as an attorney, though finding steady work has been difficult these past couple of years. My hobbies include family research, running science fiction conventions, reading, watching movies, knitting, crocheting, and quiltmaking. My most recent quilt is a red, white, and blue patriotic quilt with a huge army star in the center. It was inspired out of love and fear for one of my brothers who was serving at Fort Hood when the 9/11 attacks occurred. Lately, I have been active as a Meetup Coordinator, letter-writer, and canvasser for Howard Dean.

I support Governor Howard Dean, M.D., because he makes sense, and he's been making sense and speaking out from the start...unlike the other candidates. I support him because he had the courage to tell it like it is when so many of our Democratic leaders were skirting the issues and being "politically correct" at a time when Bush was high in the polls and support for making unilateral war on Iraq was at an all-time high. Leaders should not lead based upon polls.

I support Dean because I agree with him on most of the issues, and I feel he has walked the walk on a great many of them--particularly with regard to health care and balancing budgets. When I read about the way he has conducted his own life, and the Governorship of Vermont, I feel I can trust him with my money.

I support him because I care about the Democratic party, and I don't understand how our party leadership could have let it go down hill so badly that we've basically caved on every issue that makes us Democratic. For the future of this party, we have to do something new and innovative. We need to bring new people into the party, we need to convince people who don't vote to get back in the game...and, clearly, Howard Dean has found a way to do that. His campaign has injected new life into the party. We have Republicans, Independents, Green Party, people who have never voted before, people who stopped voting, and young people coming out of the woodwork to support Dean. They will support other Democratic candidates too. Dean has dangled the carrot of democracy before our eyes, and now that we've had a taste, we will continue our involvement and rebuild the party.

Lastly, I support Howard Dean because I missed my opportunity to support the late Senator Paul Wellstone. I always voted for Paul, but I was too busy living my life--having kids, going to school, working--to get active in politics. No more excuses for me now; I must be active. We must all be active if things are going to get better. Together, we can put things right again. Sometimes I wonder if Howard was inspired by Paul. In some ways, it feels to me that Dean is running his presidential campaign the way that Paul would have run one...and then some. It is hard for me to imagine Paul Wellstone not raising holy hell, just like Howard did, when the Democratic party leadership decided not to fight Bush on the issue of invading Iraq. I think that Paul would have been proud of Howard.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, Howard Dean has made a lasting impact on the Democratic party and American politics. His fearlessness and outspokenness have prodded the other candidates to doff their own fears and come out of the closet as Democratic. It's okay to be Democratic. It's okay to be liberal, for that matter. Being so does not make you any less of a patriot.

Howard Dean is a leader. He is genuine. He cares about people. He has insight into fixing the problems that now plague us. If elected, I believe he has the best chance of succeeding and improving things for the greatest number of our citizens. His election would truly be because of "we the people" and not corporate business interests. I do not have money to spare, but I give what I can, happily, to this campaign. It is an investment in my children's future.

Blog name: Woodstock Mom

I'm Woodstock Mom, real name Perdita and I'm the 40ish mother of a ten and seven-year old. Both my husband and I are writers--so we can procrastinate and read the blog too much! Last year our family marched in both NYC peace marches and we were frustrated by the lack of press coverage of those amazing events. But that's when I discovered Dean. And what I loved most about him was how FUN
everyone in the campaign was having. Sure I thought he was great on this issues, I loved how plain-spoken and gutsy he was, but I discovered the blog early on and I realized that this wasn't just a campaign it was a revolution! I'm proud to be a part of it all.

Blog name: workerbee from IN

I'm a 47 year old black woman. I've been married 21years and we with 2 children. The oldest is in
colledge, younger is in Middle School. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. My husband and I are both US
Army veterans. He's retired. I served 9 years. I became a supporter of Gov. Dean because I did not
believe that Saddam Hussien had anything to do with the attack on 9/11 amd I was upset to see so much money and manpower spent on Iraq but so little done in Afghanistan. Also, I didn't understand why we didn't insist the Saudi give us some assurance and PROOF that they are doing all they could to stop terrorist cells in Saudi Arabia.

Blog name: Zazman

My name is Boithabiso Moloi, known to my friends by my last name Moloi. I'm 44 and married with four kids aged 20, 9, 8, and 5. I used to be a test engineer for a semiconductor company here in Phoenix until I got laid off last March and my wife's company, where she worked as an accountant, closed shop in July. We've been pounding the pavement since.
Haven't lost our house yet but headed there in the next three/ four months.

I have been watching Dr Dean ever since he started opposing the war and watched appalled by democrats as they ducked for cover when the question of support for the war came up. The only elected leaders I admired and respected before Dean were the late Senator Paul Wellstone and McCain. I've always respected politicians who lived up to their convictions and these two were an inspiration to me.

I have not been active in politics before but voted for Clinton both times after I became a citizen. I hope to have time now to volunteer to get HD elected even though I can't contribute monetarily since I can hardly keep the wolf from the door right now. I became even more inspired by him by his foreign policy speech in which he reiterated that America is not safer as a result of the capture of Saddam. I was waiting to learn what I could about Clark but have now made up my mind that Dean's principled stance against war and his demand from us Americans to take charge of this country is the right message.
I am hoping that this grassroots effort is going to be extended to those who don't have internet access and those who can only contribute even $5. As long as people know that their contribution is appreciated and that it empowers them to take back their country and government that will make them feel part of the revolution. I hope this process also paves the way to at the same time elect members of congress who will not cater for special interests.

Blog name: ziggy

I'm a 27-year-old male from Souther California currently finishing my PhD in Cultural Studies/Communications at the University of Illnois, Urbana-Champaign. Even though I've published numerous politically-oriented academic articles (mainly about popular culture, education, and national identity), Dean is the first political candidate I've ever contributed money to or actually volunteered for. I first heard Dean's name when a friend of mine showed me an article about the California Dem. Convention speech back in March that shook the world. After I tracked-down the online video and watched the first 30 seconds or so, I was hooked and haven't looked back - that one speech turned me on to him absolutely. I've since gone to MeetUps, written letters to Iowa/NH voters, and put a bumper sticker on my car. I post on the blog frequent yet randomly (I usually don't get involved in back-and-forth conversations; I usually just post observations), though i'm addicted to reading the threads. The happiest I'll be in a long time is when Dean is sworn in as our 44th President. PS, blogger name of Ziggy is because I'm a die-hard LA Kings fan, and Ziggy Palffy is my favorite player.

Blog Name: Zilpha in Upstate NY/Zilpha NY

Over 40, both my husband and I have been out of work for several months (and that also means no health insurance, which we haven't had for over 2 years!). Unemployment can be a real motivator. My hand still hurts from all the letter-writing (and I never usually write letters!).

Graphic designer by occupation and DFA Talent Bank member, I finally got a job last month! But, no such luck so far for my husband.

Now in September, if it weren't so sad it would be funny, seeing/hearing everyone say the same things
Howard Dean said so many months ago.

Thanks, Howard, for helphing me find my voice!



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