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At 9:39 p.m. on December 5, 2003, in the Drive for Democracy: Innovation and Energy in Orlando thread on the official Dean blog, Grandma J wrote:

"Someone way up above mentioned a roll call. Does anyone remember the Sleepless thread(s) where we all responded about why we are so involved in this campaign? And I cried for days. Or the thread where someone asked how old we all were and it was amazing to find out our average age (can't remember now, but it was definitely over 30)?

Maybe it is time we do that again with all the new people we have here."

I have vounteered to start this project, and be Keeper of the Blog Bios. Everyone who wants to can send me a brief introduction--your blog name/handle and a little bit about yourself. Only as much as you feel comfortable sharing publicly (in other words, no more than you have shared publicly in the blog already). And, if you have a blog "claim to fame", such as a slogan you suggested that caught on, a poster you created, or anything else people might like to know about you and your unique contribution to the campaign and the blog community, please include that too. Since we always have new people joining, and the blog moves pretty quickly, it might make it easier for people to get to know each other.

If you want to have your bio included here, you can e-mail me at renee(at) And, if your picture appears on jc's "Who We Are" album, feel free to e-mail me if you would like to add a brief statement to your bio to let people know which picture is yours. And click here for our "Who We Are" Dean supporter make your own calendar page. The Religious Left



Blog name: !Brian

I'm a 45-year old college prof living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm married, and I have two boys in grade school. My fifteen minutes of blog fame is a result of a minor obsession that I have had with the Invite-A-Friend email feature that appears on the DFA home page (the envelope with the lighting bolts coming out of it). I'm really intrigued by all the ways in which the website provides ways to measure progress. The email feature counts how many emails have been sent in total, and how many have resulted in sign-ups. This past September 18th, it seemed to me that the campaign was in a lull after the Sleepless Tour. I issued a challenge to reach 15,000 emails (we were at about 13,500 back then). My campaign hero, Zephyr Teachout, picked up on it and posted "!Brian's Invite Challenge." A bunch of bloggers pitched in and we reached the 15,000 goal by midnight. After that, I set our sights on reaching 29,030, or the height of Mt. Everest. I kept reporting the current weather in Katmandu, too. We reached that. The next goal was the equivalent in square miles of South Carolina. Zeph posted on Oct. 15th: "Past Everest, Toward South Carolina." The Invite-A-Friend feature moved off the blog page, and the campaign shifted to writing personal letters to Iowa and NH voters. So, I have taken a breather from my call for more emails. As I write this (on 12/9), 55,972 emails have been sent. (Iowa by the way has 56,276 square miles.) Please send some to folks in your email address book. The sign-up percentage is about 13.5%, which is pretty good.

Blog name: 2501

My real name is Tony and I am 36. I live in Alexandria VA, and do graphics & multimedia work for my standard living. I also promote a weekly nightclub event in DC called Alchemy, which caters to the electronic/industrial music crowd. I also run a small (one-man) t-shirt printing business.

I got involved in the Dean campaign because I knew it was time to do something. I have always followed politics and argued it vehemently with people, but never really gone beyond that. I have attended a few demonstrations, including some of the anti-war rallies in late 2002 and early 2003 in DC. It was from
attending those rallies that I came to the conclusion that such demonstrations are fruitless when the people running the government have no desire to listen. It is good that we have a strong showing of sentiment when so many people are opposed to something, but in the end the administration ignored it. The only thing left to do, then, was to get involved to -change- the government from the top down.

I had heard about Dean, and my first opportunity to see him speak was at the Sleepless Summer Kickoff event in Falls Church. Seeing 4500 people charged up and responding positively to Dean's appearance that day, I knew this was the campaign that could bring back the voice of the people to government, and I have been hooked ever since. I have done tabling, attended every MeetUp since,
and of course posted heavily on the blog.

My girlfriend and I hosted one of the parties for the record setting National House Call. We went to Iowa for the JJ dinner, and it was amazing. I took a month off from heavy Dean activities to help several local candidates in VA races, and was amazed at the energy of the people I met -there- as well. I learned quite a bit about how politics "on the ground" actually works. I just recently joined my local Democratic committee, and I will be running to be a Dean delegate to my state convention.

Recently I signed up as a host for the Dean Birthday Party event in DC. I was at first a bit apprehensive, because this obligated me to either donating $1055 myself, or else recruiting enough other people at $55 each to meet that goal, but I decided I could do it. I needed to get at least 16 people to cover the
amount above what I was giving myself, which seemed challenging but the end I think I actually recruited about 75 people to the event, including a dozen or more from the blog (who I mostly did not get to meet because the place was so crowded).

This campaign keeps me energized because it keeps challenging me. Not just with "The Bat", but with things like the party--I have -never- before tried to recruit people to attend a fundraising event, but when the offer was made, I found myself jumping at it, and in the end I was rewarded with amazing energy
returned my way by all the people I contacted to attend. I hope that this theme actually gets picked up by the campaign--the idea that Americans -want- to be challenged, and that we as a people could achieve so much -on our own- (without the gov't doing it, I mean) if only our leaders would challenge us to do it. As I told the rep from Club for Growth on the phone recently, I truly think the key to keeping our economy strong is not in higher or lower taxes, but simply in calling on Americans to -work together-. Just like in WWII when we were "all in it together", someone needs to remind business -owners- that they are part of this country, and that it would be nice for them to take a few chances and work a little harder themselves. For once, I would like to see a president call on -corporations- to be more patriotic, not just individuals. Let Halliburton get big rebuilding contracts -if they deserve them-, but when the economy is as tough as it is now, call on them to -cut their profit margins- on jobs they do for the gov't. Not to -lose money-, just to give the -taxpayers- a break in a tough time....

...and lastly, a few months ago I caught a great comment on the blog in response to Dean Visibility Day, and started making the "I See Dean People" shirts. This phrase, to me, captures the true grassroots spirit of the campaign--for one, I think most other campaigns would have actively discouraged their -supporters- from making up their own rallying cry (where, here, we have come up with several). For another, though, it is the growing -visibility- of Dean supporters, and their willingness to actually get out and do the face-to-face work that is required to get around the irresponsible media of today. We truly do -need- to build a network of -millions- of people who are tied into -each other-, in order to build on a foundation of true cooperation with each other, not allowing ourselves to succumb to the divisive forces in politics today.

Blog name: AEDem2004

Hey there. I'm Andy from Appleton, Wisconsin. I'm currently a high school senior at Appleton East HS. I'm a huge Dean fan (obviously), and I plan to spend this entire summer of 2004 volunteering on the Wisconsin campaign. I'm a moderate liberal Democrat, and a proud Bush hater. Next year I plan
on attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison for Political Science. Eventually I plan to attend Law School at Georgetown University, and hope to intern in the White House during Dean's second term.

Blog name: Alan in CA

I am 57 years old, real name Alan Barbour, a chemist by education (PhD UCSC '75), a medical laboratory technologist and forensic toxicologist by training and experience, living in
Fresno, California. I am originally from a no longer extant hamlet in southwestern Humboldt County (Bigfoot country), grew up on the Mendocino County coast, and (like Joe Trippi) went to San Jose State
College (major Chemistry, minor Asian Philosophy). My good wife (artist, translator, teacher, homemaker) and I have one daughter, a freshperson at UC Berkeley (economics major).

I consider myself a conservative Democrat, but words can hardly express my indignation at the hijacking of the adjective "conservative" by right-wing radicals. (What I consider conservative would probably be called "liberal" by a lot of today's so-called "conservatives.") I have felt for at least the past dozen years that the Democratic Party establishment has run off to the right and completely disregarded dedicated mainstream party members like myself, just taking our votes
for granted, and I have taken to occasionally casting a protest vote because of it. Heaven knows our Republican brethren have had to cope with far worse, but I hardly felt that I had a party any more.

After Al Gore announced in December '02 that he would not seek the nomination again, I started looking at the other prospective candidates. Right off the bat I figured that since there wasn't a VP running, the only viable candidate would be a governor--and there was only one of those: Howard Dean. How right that initial judgment would prove to be! I started looking for info on Dean over the Internet, and on one thing after another he seemed to be just the sort of candidate I was looking for; and that first address to the Democratic National Committee in Washington cinched it. Here was the first presidential candidate since Hubert Humphrey for whom I truly and actively wanted to vote. (I voted against Ford more than for
Carter, fine President though Carter proved to be; and I gritted my teeth and voted for Clinton although I didn't like him--definitely too right-wing for my tastes.) Dean is the first candidate to whom I have ever given money, the first for whom I have undertaken any sort of supportive activity in about forty years, and certainly the first for whom I have written letters to Iowa, chatted up coworkers and friends, and the first for whom I have made a web page. I think 2004 will mark one of those evolutionary spasms that U.S. politics undergoes about every 36 years, and Howard Dean is the vehicle for it. I think this will be as big as FDR or Jackson, and I am part of it along with so many others. I want to see us take Washington the way Grant took Richmond, and think we have a darn good chance of doing just that. I blog too much, but the community is worth the loss of sleep. I had nearly despaired of seeing things turn around in our country during my lifetime, but near-despair has turned into hope and expectation.

Blog name: Alice in MT (and ZOUNDS! President Dean)

I am soon to be 52 on December 20. I have a 16 year old son whom I have raised alone. He is the mandolin player in my Celtic band ( The last political campaign I was inspired to work for was in the early 1970's when I supported McGovern. I still have my little lapel pin from a contribution at that time, FMBM, "For McGovern Before Miami". He was a politician defeated by negative spin ads, and since that time I have not been motivated to get actively involved in a campaign... until I heard about Howard Dean. I first took notice of Dean when the race to wage war on Iraq began and he seemed to be the lone voice speaking my point of view. I went to the first meetup in my town, Bozeman, MT, in July, and have been the host since August. Our group is probably the most active in Montana as far as organized events, fundraising, and letter writing.

My degree is in fine art ( and I have been an illustrator as well for over 25 years. I've had Cafe Press shops for many years on the net and put up one for Montana for Dean in July - I added more Dean shops such as Dogs for Dean and ZOUNDS! President Dean. Sometimes I sign my Dean blog entries with the ZOUNDS! handle, so I may be the only one with a name that is at the beginning, Alice, and the end, Zounds, of the alphabetical list!

Blog name: AMW in NYC

My name is Amanda and I’m 34. I’m a freelance costume designer and my husband Matt is a freelance musician and teaches music. We have no children because as freelancers, health insurance has become the primary struggle of our lives. No health insurance= no kids. My first encounter with Howard Dean was at an anti- war march in March here in New York organized by MoveOn. As Matt and I walked along Broadway with thousands and thousands of fellow unhappy New Yorkers, an scruffy skateboarder handed me a flyer for Dean. Matt and I read it as we walked and I thought, “This is my guy” (the flyer is still taped up next to my computer). He seemed like an unelectable outsider to me at the time, but when has that ever stopped me? I voted for Jerry Brown! I’ve been an avid follower of politics since I registered to vote at 18, but I’ve never been involved in any way with a campaign before. But over the summer we found ourselves getting more and more drawn into this campaign, donating money several times and now I’m volunteering. The thing that has inspired my devotion to this campaign and this candidate is the sense I have that the campaign is listening to us. I feel, for the first time in my life that I have a real individual voice in the running of this country. When Dean says we’re going to take back this country, it doesn’t sound like a scripted campaign slogan. It sounds like the truth, and it sounds like our future.

Blog name: Angie in WA State

I am 42, and a single mom, with two high school daughters. I've always voted Independent, starting with my first presidential election in 1980, when I cast my ballot for John Anderson. I spent my 20-somethings trying to get my friends to register and vote - and, of course, CARE about politics - fat chance. Still, I kept on talking, and voting (Indy).

I found Howard Dean during one of my many online searched for Presidential Election information during January or February of 2003. By April 2003, I was pretty convinced that this guy was not a typical politician, much less a typical Presidential candidate. For the first time in my lifetime, we have a man who inspires the people to do more on behalf of our fellow citizens, and expect better of our government - and after all, isn't that what 'of the people, by the people and for the people' really means?

Howard, Howard, He's our man
Not just talk, he's got the plan
Get out and vote in '0-0-4
Show George and crew the white house door!

Blog name: Andrew C. White

I don't think I ever sent a bio in back when you first started this during the campaign Renee. So... hmmm...

I'm Andrew White. My blog name is Andrew C. White. I live in the small upstate New York town of Stephentown. I got involved with the Dean campaign at the end of the Sleepless Summer. I jumped in with both feet and shortly thereafter was organizing the petition drive in my county to get Gov. Dean on the ballot.

Following the end of the campaign when Gov. Dean told us all to get involved locally I did. My town hadn't had a Democratic Committee in about 10 years so I followed up with a couple folks I'd met during the petition drive and formed the Stephentown Democratic Committee, We recently ran 2 candidates for Town Council and won both races overwhelmingly. People in town were happy to have a choice and a chance for change and their votes reflected that.

I also have become the organizer for my local DFA group, Democracy for the Hudson-Mohawk Region, We've been very active in lobbying the New York State legislature and Board of Elections on behalf of paper ballots and optical scan voting equipment. That fight continues. We are also active in the Brennan Center Reform movement to reform our state government, the most dysfunctional in the land.

I have my own blog, The 10,000 Things, , which I don't have time to update as often as I'd like.

Lastly, I've just been asked along with another member of DFHMR, Susan Hoff-Haynes, to co-captain the campaign of Kirsten Gillibrand for Congress (NY-20) in our county. Kirsten's website,, is just a placeholder at the moment but should be fully functional shortly.

I'm mid-40's, from the southside of Chicago originally. Civil rights, civil liberties, elimination of bigotry in all it's forms, a healthy environment, mental health parity, universal healthcare, quality education for all, and peace are all front line issues for me personally.

Blog name: animalnanny, aka Shaun in Oregon

Hello! I'm animalnanny, (Shaun in Oregon), and I have only posted to the blog once or twice, but read it all the time. I joined my first meetup in July and have been going every month since. I saw Dean here on Veterans day and even made it onto the local FOX news with this quote: "He (Dean) seems to be the only candidate willing to take on Bush, head-on." I have donated hundreds of dollars to the campain and I've NEVER donated to a politician in my life. (I'm 35 years old.) I have written over 25 letters to Iowans and love being able to do something on my own time. I'm pummeling my friends and family with Dean information emails. I'm also married to a Republican who I'm *hoping* will vote for Dean. I also have a Dean bumbersticker on my car, even though I've never put ANY kind of bumpersticker on any of my cars before.

Blog name: anna

Hello everyone! First, a quick thank you to Renee for taking on this project. I've really enjoyed reading about everyone.

I'm Anna and I live in Arlington, TX, which is a suburb of Dallas. I'm 30 and a lifelong liberal/green. I became involved in politics when I volunteered for Bill Clinton in 1992. In 2000, I crossed over and voted
in the Texas Republican primary to vote for John McCain (he's also the first politician to ever receive a donation from me), then I voted for Nader in the general (it didn't matter in Texas). I never understood
why people thought Texans loved GWB so much, and was horrified over Selection 2000. I vowed to work as hard as I could to oust the Unelected Fraud. During the 2002 elections, I was disgusted to witness
our so-called Democratic leadership bend over for Bush, and right around that time I came across a profile of Howard Dean on the unofficial blog. Aziz (of asked me to be a part of the blog team, and I've contributed over there ever since last August when we became the first blog to track a Presidential campaign. You might know me from my guest posts on the Sleepless Summer
Tour (which can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here or because Kate
made me famous
or because Zephyr (who I finally got to meet in Houston last month) made me

Oh, and the "Blogger's Ball" was my idea. =) I've been a meetup host here in the Dallas-Ft Worth area since last February, I started the D/FW for Dean yahoo group, I was a Texas Ranger in Iowa and
also went to the JJ Dinner a few weeks back, and I spoke at the July Big D Rally for Dean in Dallas. You can read all about my adventures as a campaign volunteer by clicking here (lots of pictures, too!):
The best thing about this campaign is that it's given me an outlet to channel all my anger into something positive. Ever since I was a teenager, I've been frustrated because as one person I cannot change the country (hey, I'm not Ghandi or MLK, you know?). But I've always thought that if enough people got together, we would be a powerful force for change. Imagine how shocked I was to finally meet a politician who "gets it". Howard Dean is a good man, and honest man, and the movement
that's built up around him is something special and I'm so honored to be a part of it. Together, we have the power to change our country. We have the power to restore true democracy. We have the power to take this country back from the special interests and return it to the people. The tea is in the harbor!

Blog name: Ann in Kansas City

Like so many others on the blog, I've never been involved in politics (beyond voting) until now. I'm 38, and an IT analyst in a hard-hit industry (thanks to WorldCom). Divorced, no children (just the cats), and an avid reader of almost anything non-fiction.

I believe I've been mostly independent with Democrat leanings most of my life, but the Bush administration has found me appalled, angry, and active. I consider the current administration's overall ideology and policies to be a reprehensible attempt to eliminate the middle class in America. In
addition, deception of Congress and general public as far as reasons for "pre-emptive" war have caused me to leap to my feet, looking for things I can do to put an end to such practices.

I found Howard Dean's campaign, and discovered that there is no disconnect between his body language/facial expressions and what he says. Because of that, and because of his common sense approach to nearly everything, he's earned my trust. I've been doing what I can to spread information ever since, including writing letters, contacting friends, discussing politics with family and co-workers, and canvassing in Iowa.

I believe Dean is utterly correct when he states that this campaign isn't about him; it's about us, and it's about us being able to make the difference.


Blog name: Aspiring National Nurse

Greetings to the Dean bloggers. I am Teri Mills, your aspiring National Nurse, from Tualatin, Oregon. Having been a registered nurse for over 30 years, I am convinced with the state of the health in America, our country needs a National Nurse. Nurses are best at teaching people how to take care
of themselves and empower them to make life style choices to enhance their well being. An
Office of the National Nurse would put out public service announcements once a week using every media available. Examples include how to have a healthy heart, cure the blues, raise your teenagers without going crazy yourself, keep that flu bug away, and a whole lot more. Governor Howard Dean says it is up to each one of us to make a better America and I want to help him to do just that. GO DEAN!!!
(Here is the Nurses for Dean site. The aspiring National Nurse has been featured three
times on the blog and also was mentioned in The Washington Post last week by Kate O'Connor.

Blog name: bakingbabo

I'm 64, married; we have 5 children between us, and 9 grandchildren (one that is pretty new:-). I've just finished writing, with several other people, a book on baking (one of the lost arts and now in bookstores near you:-). And now that I have no more deadlines, I've thrown in my lot with Dean (who was our governor for 12 years), the blog (which my kids tease me about, but they're lurking here too when they're not at work or trucking kids around), and I am more excited about what's going on here than I've been in my whole voting life. I can't believe that all this committment and energy cannot change our collective fortunes.

Blog name: Barbara in Seattle

I’m 60 years old and have never participated in a national campaign. Although I have participated in a local campaign. But not to this level. I have been inspired to be come a PCO for my legislative district in Seattle. Unfortunately, I recently slipped in the snow and broke my ankle. While they had to do surgery on my leg, they also did another corrective surgery so I am unable to go doorbelling and flyering, etc. Talk about a bummer! People are so much more receptive in person. I am a bookkeeper/admin for a small company that owns mini-storages and have 5 grandchildren.

Blog name: Beth in PA

Greetings! I am 50-years old, married, Quaker, trying to complete a doctoral dissertation on the decision making processes between patients-families-physicians during terminal illness. I came to this topic as a former hospice social worker in upstate New York. What led me to Dr. Dean was his work, as Governor of Vt, in shifting funds from nursing homes to community-based services so people could continue to live and die in their own homes. This type of initiative holds promise for the health care needs of the next 10-20 years. That Dr. Dean was able to accomplish this in Vermont gives me hope that it's possible elsewhere.

The work that Dr. Dean did in Vt was evident, not only through policy decisions about health care such as those above, but also this: When you drive along the New York side of Lake Champlain, you see skeletons of once productive farms standing alongside the road from Plattsburg as forelorn and foresaken as rusty old tractors and tired imploded barns; then, if you turn and look directly across the lake towards Burlington, you see shiney new silos, barns with bright new red roofs, and relatively new dairy trucks busily criss-crossing the roads and byways from dairy farm to dairy farm. Not that all those shiney new silos were due solely to Dr. Dean but, you could see, something good, hopeful, and promising was going on over there in Vt. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that could happen in upstate New York? Iowa? Nevada? Louisiana??? I think President Dean could take us a long way in that direction - with our shoe leather, mousepads, and...

Blog name: Betsey

I'm a Midwest gal who is completing an unexpected 23-year tour of duty in Texas next year and (hopefully) returning to my roots. I'm a music therapist, university professor, writer/speaker and first-time Presidential campaigner. I'm currently leading a Meetup (with lots of help!) and otherwise giving more money and time than I have (just like everyone else!) to make sure W does not get another four years. I blog occasionally as Opus over at and around the blogosphere.

Blog name: Betty in Chapel Hill

Married (52), with two teenage boys, retired from hospital administration and currently part-time actor/writer. Wrote an essay to be included in soon to be published MoveOn's 50 Ways to Love Your Country, based on hosting a house party for Dean. Saw Howard Dean on C-SPAN last January when I was flipping channels while bed-bound with the flu. Didn't know anything about him as Governor of Vermont, but was so impressed that I found his website, reviewed his position on issues of health care, economy, foreign policy and liked what I learned so much I immediately made a donation. Have now maxed out and signed up to be a Dean Team Leader, "I'm DREAMIN' of a DEAN PRESIDENCY". I'm DEANRR_NC Coordinator and heavily involved in gathering signatures to put Dean on our NC May primary ballot. Looking forward to meeting Zephyr when she and guys stop in Chapel Hill Dec. 11th.

Blog name: BigHodag

The BigHodag is a 45 yo retired Air Force NCO. Married for almost 25 years and two teen daughters. While hodags live in caves, we have a modest home in Little Rock, Arkansas that we bought with a GI loan. Thank you America! Its our first permanent home. BigHodag is a fierce independent with a large
libertarian streak and a closet porcupine. After the RNC "ram rodded" Bush to the nomination over McCain and the DNC did like wise with Gore over Bradley, I supported Nader in 2000 and am very proud of it. When the original eight announced, I examined everyone and decided that Dean was most deserving of the nomination versus one of the DNC lackeys. As I told Zephyr in Little Rock, I'll help Dean get the nomination, but plan to use my vote to help build a viable third party for the eventual collapse of the Democratic party.

Blog name: Bill from Georgia

60 year old living in Atlanta since 1995, originally from Boston. Our 40th anniversary will be on January 18, 2004, and guess where we'll be. You got it, Iowa for the Caucuses, helping Howard win; never would have believed we could get this involved with the campaign. I have written over 30 letters to seniors in Iowa, go to all the Meet-ups, just about hit the maximum in campaign donations, and have decided not to work next year so I can campaign full time. We have 3 sons all married, 1 grandchild this year, and another on the way next July.

Blog name: Bill from UW Madison

I’m a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Madison majoring in either political science or music. I initially supported Kerry, though it bothered me immensely that he voted for the war. When I saw Dean on Meet the Press in June ‘03, I was instantly converted. I am one of the most active Deaniacs on campus here in Madison. Helped in getting the amazing turnout for Dean when he came here Oct 5, 2003.

Here’s my great story, you’ll love it. On Monday Oct. 20, 2003, I organized a small group of students to hand out Dean flyers outside the Kohl Center here in Madison for an Eagles concert. Though I am a big fan of the Eagles, being a student I couldn’t afford a ticket to the show. While I was standing there handing out information on Dean, a man came up to me and asked me what I knew about Dean. I just told him what I told everyone who asked: He’s the former governor of Vermont, Democrat running for president. The guy then asked me if I’m an Eagles fan, and I tell him, yes of course, I love the Eagles. He then says “Want this? I have an extra.” and just hands me an Eagles ticket!! It was a great concert. Besides playing all their classic songs like Hotel California, Desperado, and Life in the Fast Lane, they also sang their new song “There’s a Hole in the World Tonight” which is a protest of the Iraq War.

But my story's not over yet. That night when I got back to my dorm room, I checked my email and found a message from our local field coordinator offering a ride to go see Dean in Howard County, the last stop on his tour of Iowa. So Wednesday, we drove 3 hours to Cesca, Iowa to see Howard Dean. But the great part is this: I got to talk to Dean personally and tell him my Eagles story I just told you!!

Blog name: billy

It is kinda silly to post a bio when you already have a website that tells people more about you than they ever wanted to know, but I love this place, so I will share. If you really want to know everything go to That is the web site of my now defunct newspaper The Upper Left Edge. I published for ten years, ran a rare and used bookstore for seven and live by the Pacific Ocean. I have a child in his mid-twenties who makes me proud every time he call me father. I found Dean before the
war but started looking for him right after the election. After 9/11 I really got serious. I wrote a few articles that were published by the remaining alterative paper at the time. I did a meet-up and got Bud Clark the former People's Mayor of Portland, Oregon to endorse Howard Dean the People's President. I shook Dean's hand when he was in Portland for the Sleepless Summer Tour. I said, "Thank you, Mr. President." He smiled.

Democracy is very important to me. Corporate responsibility is very important. Leonard Peltier is very important to me. Veterans are very important to me. The environment and the arts are very important to me. And living in a small village, community is very important to me. We are not perfect people we are real people and we are all in this together. Failure is no longer an option.

Blog name: Bob from Ohio (aka Bob in Ohio) --

I only have time to blog on occasion but I read the blog a lot. I'm 54, married with two kids (6 and 4), and have been an active Dean supporter since March. You can also look me up on DeanLink -- Bob Ellis at zip code 43215. I've been a self-employed attorney for 15 years; I practice internet law and international business law. Before Dean came along I had never been politically active in my life, but thanks to Dean (and also in a frightening sort of way thanks to GWBush) I am now working my tail off for this campaign. I'm currently the central Ohio coordinator of Ohio for Dean. I've met the Gov on a few occasions, Joe Trippi, Mike Ford, and Zephyr on other occasions, and I've spent a few days in Burlington and got to meet a lot of the folks there. Just recently I attended the Grassroots Summit in Chicago. In January my family and I will be headed to Iowa to help out there. It has been a lot of fun, but I never forget how high the stakes are and how important it is to get Bush and everything he stands for out of power. We are lucky indeed to have such an incredibly good candidate to go up against him.

Blog name: Bobbi in Va

I'm a 46-y.o. single woman living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia with my 13-y.o. Lab mix, Coco (featured in the Pets for Dean photo gallery), and two cats. Although I have a master's degree, I'm currently unemployed (thanks dubya) and uninsured. I latched on to HD back when dubya was threatening war in Iraq, and HD was speaking out against the war. Access to affordable health care is a huge issue for me. After joining MeetUp last spring, I was active in gathering signatures to get HD on Virginia's primary ballot, and I got to hear him speak at the kick-off to the Sleepless Summer Tour in Falls Church, Va. Now I'm an area coordinator for the state campaign and the outreach chair for our MeetUp group. The DFA campaign is inspiring and empowering, and I'll do whatever it takes to make HD our next president.

Blog name: Bob in Seattle

My name is Bob Shields. I’m a retired software engineer, and an ardent believer in civil liberties, fair government policies for all citizens, universal health care, educational opportunity for all, regulated capitalism and apple pie; to name a few. I tuned into Howard Dean in November 2002. I had been observing him for a few months before that. Throughout that summer, I had watched in horror as George Bush started a war in an attempt to win re-election. Iraq was so obviously a phony issue to me, yet the people who should have been speaking out about it did not, all except Howard Dean. That’s what attracted me to, and the positions on the issues I found there were good enough for me. I didn’t agree with everything, but the ones I did agree with are important issues to me.

I wanted someone who would speak for me, and Dr. Dean does.

Blog name: BrandonDEAN

My name is Brandon L., I am 14 years old, and I am a very big supporter of Howard Dean. Ive supported Dean since he was still an asterisk in the polls, and watched him(it seemed miraculously) climb to be the front runner. I go on alot, and my screen name is BrandonDEAN. I live in Balitmore, MD, and I am going to Iowa soon to help Dean- Its great how everyone is coming together to take back our country!

Blog name: brendaFL

I am 51, married, two children-- Max 17 and Grace 14. I sing jazz standards at my weekly Thursday gig at Satchel’s Pizza where the Dean Revolutionary Front holds court and the food is outstanding. I have performed in the New England area and NYC.

I now devote all my time to the Dean campaign. I have been a Meetup host since our first one in May and co-host to numerous House Parties. I was a delegate to the Florida Convention a.k.a. the Florida Dean Convention.

My first and consistent contribution to the blog has been "electronic voting machines with no paper trail" and I usually sign off with--- living under two bush regimes. :-(

I have been a supporter since Fall of 2002 and I gave my first $20 when the campaign had "7 staff people and $157,000 in the bank." And when Kate O’Connor’s posts from the road fueled us…and when the Gov personally signed his thank you notes.

So you KNOW how excited I am! I campaign every day.

Bonnie in Vermont (no blog name chosen yet)

What a great blog! I'm late to the blogs, as I failed to pay adequate early heed to the Repugnicons. Starting last September, I became a blogger/adamant Repugnicon foe, and staked out my claim as TakeBackUS on the Akron, Ohio Beacon/Journal blog, the LA Times, etc. (Regressive Vermonters coined the phrase "Take Back Vermont" to oppose Governor Dean and the majority vote for Civil Unions in Vermont. I saw an opportunity, and realized that what I wanted to Take Back was our stolen America.) And what a blog it was. There was every political spectrum represented. I got to sharpen my fangs on a few fumblers spouting the usual Rightist cant. I countered with a ration of reason and a plethora of passion. Several allies were made, and my political sensibilities were reawakened.

A bit on the bio front. I'm 63, married, with a 23-year-old son living at home. At present I own a health food store. I have a Wall Street and fashion background, coupled with an early interest and involvement in politics. apart from my interest in health. Long ago and far away, I wrote for a financial magazine in New York, then later became a Salomon Brothers floor trader. From there my husband and I started an
accessories business. We got into the high fashion end, and ended up with our designs selling in most major American department stores.

Vietnam and segregation had awakened my political consciousness early on. I had been made aware of racial hatred as a child living in a small Michigan town. I loved tropical fish, and the local aquarium was owned by a black family. One day I went to visit them, and found windows broken and tanks smashed. This was sickening and disgusting and made me very aware, before my age hit double digits, that people harbored and acted upon bad intentions.

Protesting the Vietnam war became a part of my life. I was on the Clean for Gene campaign at $5/day from early in the campaign. I made the national media at that time getting out the rural vote in Indiana on horseback. One area was so muddy that horseback was the only access to voters, so I mounted up. Since then, I have voted and read and kept abreast of issues, but pretty much let the government run itself. As I now believe it has run amok, I am back into the fray hammer and tongs.

In Vermont, Judy Steinberg, the Governor's wife, has been my doctor for over 12 years. Governor Dean has to be solid gold with Judy for a wife. She is a good and careful physician, and a very kind person. I have been a Dean fan from his days as Lieutenant Governor because of his wife. My husband and I attended his second Inaugural Ball. His wife wasn't there, Howard's shirt was wrinkled. We yakked with Howard a bit at the Ball, then went upstairs with him to his office. We continued chatting while he put his baseball jacket on over his suit jacket and took off. We found him very bright and approachable. We backed his stands on most issues, and are glad he heads the DNC. It gives us hope that the Party can resurrect itself.

It is good to be truly partisan again. I am as opinionated as Howard, and have been very aware of times and tides in society and politics. I think the Governor is the right man in the right job.

The Governor and I may have some opposing points of view on some of my healthcare proposals. I think the present healthcare system is totally off-base. The entire system, from physician to hospital, is rewarded for treating pathologies rather than practicing preventive medicine and fostering the education of the public as to self-care. I have formulated some approaches to help shift the emphasis, which I will be detailing later.

I am looking to network with activists who believe the system needs transformation from the ground up. Here the Governor and I totally agree. Without the grassroots effort, the Repugnicons have entrenched
themselves so well they are near-impossible to dislodge using conventional tactics.

What is needed is "thinking in new ways". Gorbachev cobbled this notion together to attempt to resurrect the Communist party in Russia. The Repugnicons are using the term because their cause is so bankrupt and bereft of any content but greed. If the Democrats are to retain viability, they must change, not just in thought but in policy-think. The old forms are over with. The new forms have yet to be written.

There is great opportunity at present for Deaniacs who are fiscal conservatives and social progressives. That is the mood of America, and the Bushites are blowing it. With the phony Bushite morality under the microscope, a window in time exists. Democrats must carve out their turf now, not become Repugnicon clones. It didn't work in the past two Presidentials, and it won't work in 2006. We need to focus on Social Security, a Wellness Initiative to revise the moribund federal funding of present health care programs, and a fiscal stimulus package for small businesses to promote job creation in the most productive sector of the American economy - the American small business. It is not the GMs and WalMarts that create new jobs with new opportunities every day, it is the small American business, the engine that drives the American economy. Democrats have lots of fertilizer these days. It's time to
plant the seeds and reap the crop.

Blog name: Bryan (CO)

I'm a 34 year old research engineer here in Colorado, and I remember that Dr. Dean made quite a first impression on me in November of 2002, when I saw him on one of the Sunday morning talk shows. I remember being surprised that I was listening to a politician and understanding every point he made -- no need for a legal translator. Then, in April-May, when his campaign really started to take off, I found the blog and realized that I was not alone in my hopes and desires for the country. At that point, I ceased being a consumer of politics and began to be an active participant.

I jumped in with both feet during the Sleepless Summer Tour, and compiled some of the most powerful blog posts in a one-page handout that can be downloaded here. (You're welcome to take this and post it anywhere else.) Now I host a Meetup, organize local tabling outreach activities and occasionally
contribute to the blog. Hopefully, you'll soon see a campaign button I've designed that sums up what is, to me, the single most important point of this great campaign. It says, simply, "YOU have the power."

Blog name: Bubie in Chicago

I'm Bubie in Chicago - a 64 year old grandmother. I have not been politically active except to consistently vote (and vote Democratic, oh yes, and one year worked to get some local school board members elected) since I worked with my mother on Adlai Stevenson's campaign as a kid. I certainly
have never contributed to a campaign before, and never even passed out leaflets, much less had a House Party for Dean, as I did in October. I joined the campaign in April after checking out the candidates online and looking at Dean's site. At first, I was a little skeptical, but keep reading
the blogs and position statements, and by the Sleepless Summer tour, had taken the afternoon off work to hie myself up to the top of Navy Pier in the withering heat to hear Dean in person, my first political rally! Now I'm a groupie, and a Deputy Registrar, and an editor for the House Party site, and
a petition wielder, and a pamphleteer, and a Meet-up denizen, and I'll be whatever else Dean calls for that I can do to get him elected. Dr. Dean reminds me of my heroes, Harry Truman, Paul Douglas, Paul Simon - plain spoken, fearless, individualistic, high-minded.

Blog name: BushCorp

My name is Tony and I post under the name BushCorp. My wife Sue and I live in Los Angeles. We are big supporters of Dean and even more fervent haters of Bush. I tend to write screeds against Bush but am trying to balance that with positive actions for Dean. I am starting to work on some grassroots
literature for Dean (rather than against Bush) and we're probably going to max out in donations by the end of this thing. I'm particularly interested in the movement to knock the RNC out of complete control, while working to get Dean elected. is the name of my antiBush site, but I don't update it often enough. Perhaps I'll be starting my own pro-Dean site -- or a pro-Dean extension of BushCorp -- soon.

Blog name: CAD

I'm 47, mother of 3 boys, 2 of whom served in the Marines. I live in north Idaho, and am a new poster to the blog. My blog name is CAD, real name is Cynthia. The following is my first post (posted today Sunday, December 6): This is the first time I've posted, but I've been a Blog reader for weeks.
Until a few weeks ago, I was a political sideliner. Registered as an Independent, I usually voted without much passion for the lesser of two evils. Since Bush took (stole) office, I've been unbelieveably depressed about our political system and what has happened to our country under Republican control. For the last two years I felt that it was too late for America. We had let corporate greed infect the noble character upon which our country was founded. Even our sacred institutions were seduced by
conservatism as preached by the divisive right. But a few weeks ago, I saw a glimmer of hope. I saw a program on "Now with Bill Moyers" about income disparity in America. Bill Moyers interviewed
seminary president, Dr. Joe Hough
, who stated it was imperative that the people of faith in this country stand up and speak out about the widening gap of haves and have nots in America. Dr. Hough said he is speaking out about, "The growing gap between the rich and the poor which has become almost obscene by anybody's standards, and the stated intentional policy of bankrupting the government so that in the future there'll be no money foranything the federal government would decide to do." (Please read the entire transcript here )

After watching the program, I decided to look for the candidate that could inspire us to take America back. I did my research and found such a candidate in Howard Dean. For the first time in my life, I contributed money to a political candidate, and am becoming actively involved in ensuring his
election as President. I expected to be disappointed by my chosen candidate sooner or later (born
of past experience), but instead, find myself more and more impressed by what Dean says and what this campaign stands for. The speech in South Carolina was THE most inspiring speech yet. He's a man of common sense and conviction, and he continues to give voice to Americans like me.
Thank you, bloggers, for your persistence and your faith in taking back this country for the people. And thank you, Howard Dean, for restoring my faith in the noble character of those who wish to SERVE their country, not STEAL it.

Blog name: Camille in NJ:

I've been a registered voter since 1971, and cast my very first vote for George McGovern. I'm 50, a mother of three boys (one who is going to be 17 in February and dangerously close to drafting age, one 14 and one 11), and a criminal defense attorney for the past 20 years in New York City --I'm lead partner in Abate & Preuss ( I live in Glen Rock, NJ, and have hosted letter writing parties for Dean as well as a New Year for America party which netted about $1200. This is the first time I've been active in politics since Mario Cuomo ran for Governor in 1984!

Other interests besides children, law, and politics -- I've been a Sunday School teacher many years and am currently a Trustee at our local presbyterian church. Also I love to cook!

Blog name: carberryc

My name is Curt Carberry ( carberryc) and I live in NW Oklahoma City. I am a Meetup host and serve as co-chair for the volunteer committee for the central region of Oklahoma. I spend most of my time recruiting volunteers for our phone bank where we call likely Democratic primary voters
and determine who they will vote for. I have been a Dean Supporter since June of 2003.

I have hosted a house party, and traveled to Iowa for the Jackson Jefferson Dinner. I will travel to Iowa the 1st 5 days of January to help volunteer in Clear Lake. I can’t wait. I also plan to travel to Boston to watch Dr. Dean accept the nomination.

Blog links:

I am the Curt in
Drive for Democracy: Pam, Angela, Carter, Curt Group Guest Blog from OKC

House Party Link

You can reach me at for personal stuff
and for Oklahoma volunteer opportunities.

Blog name: Cat

My name is Catina. My handle is Cat. I am 31 years old and married with two children. I live in the suburbs of Maryland and work primarily in Northern Virginia as a Recruiter for a Tech company. I believe Governor Dean speaks directly to issues facing African Americans today. What impresses me most about the Governor is the fact that he does not advocate enabling Americans to settle for the status quo. Rather, he encourages Americans to empower themselves. I have found a new hope in our campaign. A hope that in the future my daughters will not face racial stigmas placed on them by society. A hope that I will not have to tell my future grandchildren that they have to work twice as hard as everyone else in order to compete. A hope that Governor Dean can set right the irresponsible policies of this administration. I'm not angry. I only hope that America can become the land of opportunity again. This one ray of hope that I have is firmly anchored in Governor Dean.

Blog name: cay

I'm a 34 year-old high school science teacher (Biology, Astronomy, and Philosophy) in Los Angeles, and my husband and I have been Dean supporters since March. I saw Dean speak on C-SPAN when he was in Sacramento, and I was hooked. He had the passion that was lacking in the Democratic party, and I liked the fact that he was a doctor/governor. I have contributed to the bat several times and have seen Dean live in LA and have even shaken the good doctor's hand (firm) and gotten a picture taken with him. Viscerally, I know he can beat Bush. He just needs to stay the course and ignore what others say--he's the one, and I have him to thank for giving me hope at a time where it is scarce. GO DEAN!

Blog name: cdmarine

I'm 35, live in Chicago, work in Evanston at Northwestern University's Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools. I'm also a part-time graduate student. My heart was with Dean all along,
initially because of his role in signing and then courageously defending (complete with Kevlar vest) the Vermont civil unions law. As I watched him campaign, listened to him speak, and investigated his
positions and method of governing, my support solidified into firm commitment to do everything I possibly could to get this man elected. Gov. Dean and his campaign are literally changing peoples' lives by re-engaging them in their own political process, and teaching them to believe in their own power to make a difference in the world, through the expression of their conscience and will. I am one of the changed. I have the power! Woot! On a more pedestrian level, I'm apparently responsible for having dubbed the good doctor "Dr. Steelies" for, well... obvious reasons.

Blog name: Charles Sullivan

Also known as Charles in San Francisco or Charles in Santa Fe because I live (and campaign for Dean) in both places. I am a retired dean and professor of behavioral science. I still write books including
poetry, and I appreciate a clever turn of phrase. Like many other Americans young and old, I had really given up on politics until I heard about the Dean campaign and became part of it. I love the feeling of participation, and the idea that "We are all in this together." The blog is great, but so are the real encounters here, there, and everywhere with dedicated Dean supporters and potential
new ones. At this point (December '03) I believe that I'm in first place writing letters to Iowa voters (360 to date) but I will cheerfully bow to anyone who does more. Can't wait for the events of 2004 to unfold.

Blogger name: Charlie Grapski

I am 38 years old, a Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at the University of Florida, where I am teaching American Federal Government and Great Political Thinkers courses. I also have a pending PhD in Law from University College London. My work focuses on democracy - what it is, why what we have isn't it, why we should have it, and how we can get it. I never expected to study politics - or even really be political - but it happened because I was unhappy with what I saw going on around me. I was originally a scientist - but in particular became disappointed with the sorry state of education, and began to look at the political origins of the problem, and then I became who I am today. I am committed to restoring America to the path of democracy - and once back on that path - actually getting there.

Blog name: chelle (a.k.a. Michelle in St. L.)

I am a 39-year old single mother of a 15-year old daughter. I spend my days working as a Marketing Project Coordinator and my nights feeding my blog addiction and writing letters setting the record straight whenever I see another coumnist or talking head get it wrong. My daughter thinks I've lost my mind, but hopefully I'm setting a good example - democracy is not for sale - it takes work and passion and commitment. I don't drink latte - I drink Coke and strong, black coffee. I don't drive an SUV - I drive a 1999 Mazda Protege. I'm not rich - I just make a decent living. I didn't go to college - I've been working since the day I graduated high school. So apparently, I don't fit any of the typical descriptions the pundits love to tag Dean supporters with! I've been a moderate Democrat my entire life. I sat in front of the TV and cried when I realized that Gore was denied the Presidency, and since that day, I've tirelessly talked to anyone and everyone about how important it is to get the liar in the White House OUT. I was first attracted to Dean because of his position on the war in Iraq (yep, I was one of the protesters that Bush likes to call a 'focus group'), but since then, I've become convinced that his positions on so many issues are exactly what this country needs now. Governor Dean is the first candidate I have ever donated money to, and I intend to keep working and donating for him until he's in the White House.

Blog Name: ChiTownBri

As you can probably guess, my name is Brian and I'm from Chicago. We moved here about a year ago after living in Delaware, but I am really from Massachusetts. Because of that, I thought about
supporting Kerry for a while. However, after Kerry helped give Bush his blank check to invade Iraq, and
hearing that Dean was "representing the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" (in the tradition of
Paul Wellstone), I knew I had to check him out. It was truly refreshing to hear a candidate say what he
thought, and stand on principles, not polls. It's particularly siginificant in an age when the White
House is selling off the nation and its legacies to the highest campaign contributors.

I am working as an editor for an educational publisher right now, but I consider myself a teacher (I taught high school social studies for 8 years, but moved to Chicago in late summer, so could not teach here). I definitely approve of Dean's criticism's of the No Child Left Untested Act. I'm married, no kids, with a cat (I'm really a dog person, but don't think it's fair to keep a dog in the city).

Dean is restoring hope and excitement to America. I have a reason now to feel positive in my volunteer
efforts for him, instead of just feeling negatives when I think of the current misadministration. GO DEAN!

Blog name: CKC

I am a 30 year old male graduate student at UCLA - originally from CT. Right now I'm finishing up my PhD in Neuroscience, which has kept me from participating and blogging as much as I'd like. I study how the brain encodes fear memories and work to improve drugs and treatments for overcoming pathological fear and anxiety. Its a no-brainer for me to oppose Bush. He feeds off fear and uses it to enact policies that wouldn't have a chance in the pre-9/11 world. I'd never been involved in politics before Bush and never contributed to a campaign before. I was so tired of ranting about how much I despised Bush and was deeply disturbed by having my patriotism challenged by the comander in chief. But then Howard Dean came to speak at UCLA and that changed. I swear he can articulate my own thoughts better than I can. He seemed too good to be true. The prospect of defeating Bush and replacing him with someone I could respect was too much to resist. So I've been active and recruiting
friends, family and strangers ever since. And I'll sell whatever I have to in order to contribute the
maximum to our campaign. Dean and his movement make me proud to be an American again and I appreciate the efforts of all you good people. On to victory!

Blog name: "cmcd" AKA Connie McDonnell

I'm a 71 year old, married grandmother of four, a retired health administrator, and, with my 75 year-old husband, owner of a small mail order business. I am of sound mind, pretty good health and have most of my original teeth. Speaking of which, I cut my political teeth on JFK, but later broke my heart on Eugene McCarthy in 1968.

McCarthy, like Dean, knew a dead cat when he smelled one. But, Howard, unlike Gene, wants and intends to win the Presidency more than the petulant poet ever did. And I am ready for a winner.This one can go the distance. I was irresistably drawn to Dean a year ago, when he said (loosely translating) "Whatever in the world was the Democratic leadership thinking of when it voted for Bush's war resolution?" What a clarion call! I am uplifted and energized by this grassroots campaign, because it recaptures the idealism and dedication of the anti-Vietnam War movement. While only two of my four children so far have signed onto Dean's campaign, I am thrilled at the surge of younger people at last called to politics and Dean's cause. It is a new generation for a new journey of progressive politics. We have lived through dispiriting times. But the Bush Presidency is the worst that I can remember (and remember, I go back to FDR) and it cannot be allowed to continue. Thanks for letting me rave on.

Blog name: Common Sense Mom, age 39

I am not the fringe lefty radical peace marcher that so many pundits have described Dean supporters to be, but a middle class suburban "soccer mom" independent voter who has never done anything political except vote.

Last spring I was upset and depressed by the lack of leadership in both parties concerning our obvious bad move invading Iraq and Bush¹s radical domestic agenda. I couldn¹t believe the lack of opposition to Bush, the incompetance of the media and the apparent gullibility of the American public. I felt like an island caught in some kind of nightmare dream where I was the only one who saw the truth.

Then late one night in May, I channel surfed past CSPAN and saw about ten minutes of Howard Dean. I instantly knew he was the leader I had been praying for. In fact, Howard Dean is the leader I have been looking for my whole life ­ a fiscal conservative social progressive who has the courage to stand up for what is right.

I went to my first Meet Up in June and found out that I am not alone. I checked out the Dean For America website and discovered that not only am I able register to vote, volunteer and donate to my perfect candidate online, this campaign wants me to share my ideas with them and join a community of
people just like me. That is when I met THE BLOG.

Now, I am a certified political junkie. I created my own Dean website ( where I sell my personally designed home-made Dean T-shirts. I use every spare moment that I can sneak away from my family to check the BLOG, contribute my 2¢, and write LTE rebuttals to negative media. I watch CSPAN and cable news obsessively, go to meet ups, write letters to undecided voters, read everything I can about presidential politics and continue donating regularly all I can afford until I reach FEC limits.

To say that I am passionate about Howard Dean is an understatement, but for a Dean blogger I am probably close to average.

Blog name: Corinne

My name is Corinne Marasco and I'm a wife, mother of two boys (8 and 5), working woman, and lifelong Democrat from Kingstowne, VA. I first noticed Dr. Dean when I read that the first stop on his Sleepless Summer Tour was going to be in nearby Falls Church, VA. I couldn't go hear him speak that day but I watched the news and read all about it in the paper. I was mightily impressed by what I heard. Then I visited the DFA site and saw he was a social progressive, fiscal conservative, with a solid record of delivering results. As a mom, I was very impressed by his accomplishments on behalf of women and children in Vermont.

Dr. Dean gave me hope. I think American voters have been conditioned to believe that they have no role in the electoral process unless they can bring money or influence to the table. Dr. Dean changed that by reminding us that we should be active and have a say in what goes on. Howard Dean is *authentic*. He says what's on his mind and stands his ground. He's the only candidate I've ever contributed money to (not even for Bill Clinton) and the only candidate I've ever felt genuine enthusiasm for. He's passionate, determined, and energized. And he's going to win.

Blog Name: Craig Van Degrift

I am a retired physicist on a llama ranch in the foothills near Yosemite National Park, and I work part-time teaching Linux and computer programming courses at a community college adult program. I have two daughters, one a Quaker hospital chaplain, and the other a pilot in the Air Force. When they
were very young, I tried to make them into little physicists, but when that didn't take, I helped them follow their own interests. Now I just cheer them on and try to help make our country better for them.

When MoveOn had a straw pole of candidates, I signed up with Kerry and Dean. Very quickly, I zeroed in on Dean alone, and started giving him what little money I could afford. The biggest reason I support Dean is that he is funded by small donations; no big donors will dictate his policies. His M.D.
training shows in his logical thinking, and his record in Vermont is proof that he is a leader who can balance budgets. His long-term view of our nation's problems is exceedingly rare in politics. All our nation's policies need to be optimized to enhance the quality of the nation and world that we pass on to our grandchildren.

Blog name: cresmer in winooski

I'm a 28-year old freelance writer living in Winooski, Vermont. My partner and I were civil unioned in August 2000--thanks Howard Dean!--though I actually worked for Dean's Progressive opponent in the 2000 gubernatorial election. I voted for Nader in 2000--heck, we named our dog Nader! But this year I'm leaning towards Dean, mainly because I like his campaign. Its de-centralized nature appeals to me. The creativity and resourcefulness Dean supporters display is reason enough for me to hop on the band wagon. I also like Dean's focus on health care. Two years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.If I didn't have health insurance through my partner's job, I'd be fending for myself, as I'm self-employed. Having an unpredictable chronic disease, I can handle. Losing my health insurance, now THAT'S terrifying.

Blog name: Cynthia in Massachusetts

My name is Cynthia Germain Bazinet, and I'm a 45-year-old public school English teacher from Central Massachusetts. I have been following Gov. Dean since he declared he would not run for a 6th term as governor of Vermont and would, instead, run for the presidency. As a Vermont neighbor, I have long been envious of the progressive vision Gov. Dean and the people of Vermont have typified. I've been a life-long Democrat and deeply support the founding principles of the Democratic Party as we have come to understand them. I'm a member of my town's Democratic Town Committee and worry about the direction our Party is taking. Gov. Dean's vision for redirecting, indeed, restoring, the Party and our nation on the path to social and economic justice is clear, concise, and practical and worthy of the support of all thoughtful, fair-minded Americans.

I have tried to spend as much time as possible volunteering for the campaign. I have canvassed, donated, written dozens of letters, phone banked, held a couple house parties, and tabled. I'll be caucusing right here in Massachusetts as well as volunteering in New Hampshire on the 27th.

As for me, personally, my hobbies are politics and literature. I've a BA and MA from University of Massachusetts in English and a BS in Earth Science from the same. If someone would pay me to be a professional student, I'd take them up on it. I love teaching 8th graders; the middle years are a blast and the kids are tremendously fun. One minute they want to be treated as adults, learning all about death and disease--their favorite subjects--and the next minute they want to color. I've a 6 y.o. son who is becoming well versed in the art of politics and recognizes most of the candidates by sight. Heh. I love music and am especially fond of Ellis Paul these days and am an NPR junkie. I enjoy posting on the BFA blog and dKos and read most of the political mags, The Nation, The American Prospect, etc., on-line. Oh, and I don't watch TV unless Gov. Dean is on C-SPAN. lol.

See you in Boston next July!!

Blog name: Dancing Larry

I'm 48, a real estate title examiner, I co-own the title company with my sister. I also have as my "hobby" an original rock band, in which I play guitar and am one of the singers/songwriters. As far as the campaign is concerned, I am the local Meetup host, and am active in just about every kind of grassroots Dean activity: letters, canvassing, tabling, visibility etc. The most I've ever contributed to a political campaign before was $100 back in 83 when my best friend ran for City Council. I expect that by the convention I will have maxed out for Dean.

In the late 70s and early 80s I was heavily involved in grassroots community organizing around energy and environmental issues through a group called Massachusetts Fair Share. I was active in 2 Jesse Jackson campaigns and 3 Jerry Brown campaigns. By the 90s however, I had gotten totally turned off by both major parties, as the Democrats seemed to be in a race with the GOP to see who could cozy up to the fatcats most closely, and that the Democrats had no place anymore for the grassroots. Votes for Perot, McCain and Nader followed. I deeply appreciate that Howard Dean has given me and all grassroots activists a home again in the Democratic Party where we really do make a difference, where we really do have the power.

Blog name: Darrell in Iowa

50 year old Gay male living with HIV. Retired/disabled but most recent job was Director of Planning and Permitting for the City of Pasadena, Ca. Single parent with one daughter still living at home.

For 18 months, I was depicted on the notorious Rev. Fred Phellps ( website in an obscene cartoon with the caption below calling me the "Gay American poster Boy." I have been picketed by the Phellps clan several times.

Recognition's: A few years back I was selected as the Outstanding Young Iowan and was named the following year as one of "forty up and coming Iowans" under the age of 40 by the Des Moines Register. Kglo Radio named me in the top ten most influential North Iowans. I was listed as No. 17 by a Los Angeles area newspaper as one of the most influential persons in the area....primarily because I was the highest ranking openly gay public official.

Blog name: Darwin

I'm 36 and married. My lovely wife and I have two dogs, a stray cat and a bunch of nieces and nephews we love dearly. Oh, and great nieces and nephews too. We live in Utah and are both deeply troubled when we see the direction George Bush is taking this Country. I went into a news coma for almost a year because I couldn't stand to hear what he and his circle were doing. Well, I obviously came out and I really hated what I saw, and it gets worse with every passing week. But all is not lost because this community gets stronger every day, and in the end, I think it is going to be as the good doctor says a community spirit that pulls us out of this mess. We really do have the power to do this. Thank you Howard Dean for leading in a way that leaves room for all of us to lead as well.

Blog name: Dave in PA

I am a 25 y/o Network Engineer from south central Pennsylvania. I voted for Gore in 2000 simply because I was worried what a Bush presidency would do for this country. I tried to convince most of my delusioned friends to follow along, and alas, I couldn't. I was raised in a VERY republican household, but realized early on, that, with the exception of their usually sound economic policies (EXCEPTION BEING BUSH), I did not agree with most of their positions. I was also tired of labels, and discussions of left, right and center. I want a candidate who is good for this country. A candidate that stands up for "common sense" (love that Dean Common Sense doc btw) ideas. A balanced budget, a foreign policy that is INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUSIVE, TRUE equality whether you are black, brown, orange, or yellow, a woman's right to choose, and the Bill of Rights that made this nation what it is. Any president who exploits a tragedy like 9/11, invades a country without reason, refuses to work with the international community, believes in isolationism, and will do anything at all to become re-elected, does not need my vote. Here's to replacing the Republican establishment with one that is *TRULY* BY THE PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE.

Blog name: Dave in VT

I am a 66 year old, semi-retired engineer and small business owner. Until this year I have NEVER been politically active. Though I supported US military intervention in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afganistan, I felt the war in Iraq was not justified, and am proud to have marched against it on January 18, 2003 in Washington DC. My wife and I live in Warren, VT. We have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Foreign affairs is my hot button, and is the reason I joined the campaign back in May, 2003. The blog has been a source of inspiration. Lately, I've taken up letter writing. With campaign HQ only 1 hour away, we are thinking of volunteering there.

Blog name: DaveinBoston

Obviously my name is Dave. I'm a 22 year old first year law school student at Boston University. I have been an Avid Dean supporter since oct. of 2002 when the first articles started appearing on his "quixotic" campaign. My interesting sidenote was that i was one of the "kids" who went to the winter DNC meeting in DC along with Michael Whitney and Ari Mittleman (both staffers now) this past February to cheer Dean on. Greatest political experience of my entire life and sealed the deal on my support for him.

Other than that i'm a pretty standard supporter. I give money when I can, write letters, etc. I discovered the blog about 2 months ago but only started posting regularly in the past few weeks.

Blog name: David*A*Stevenson

David A. Stevenson is my chosen blog name because it *is* my name, and what I feel comfortable with. My chosen profession is real estate marketing, mainly because I am a skilled still-life photographer. A quick plug - my two principal websites are and , with about 150 other addresses link to them.

I read about Howard Dean in July 2003, after having spent what seems like an eternity screaming at my television. My sweetheart and wife Diane and my three children will attest to the fact that I was ready to explode. After seeing Dr. Dean speak in Bryant Park NYC during the Sleepless Summer Tour, I gradually became confident in Dr. Dean's ability to change the political landscape. In November I attended my first DeanForAmerica meetup and signed up to go to New Hampshire in January to spend a week campaigning for Dr. Dean.

Although we did not achieve our goal of getting Dr. Dean the nomination, we *did*, through DemocracyForAmerica, achieve the goal of becoming a force for change. As I write this, DFA has achieved some impressive small victories with our Dean Dozens. Dr. Dean has selflessly and aggressively campaigned for John Kerry, and if Senator Kerry will speak up and excite the Democratic base - we can begin the process of taking back America from the Neo-cons.


Blog name: David in AK

Bio: By day, I'm a professor at the University of Alaska. I'm 44, married, and have one daughter. My politics are "Independent" and near the libertarian wing of the Democratic Party. And I will register as a Democrat before the Alaska caucus in March. I'm a local coordinator of Dean events in the interior, an administrator of, moderator of, and owner of

David Valentine
P.O. Box 318
Ester, AK 99725-0318

Blog name: David in Seattle

46 y.o. gay male. First heard of Howard Dean when he signed civil unions into law. When I heard he was running for president, I thought, "Great, but he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in ...." Then I heard in speak in person in Seattle in May 2003. And I knew. At that moment, I knew I was listening to the next President of the United States! And for the first time in a long time, I believed it was possible to reclaim our government. I'm a writer and editor by trade.

Blog name: Dawn in MD

I am 34, and am the proud Mom of 2 boys, ages 17 months and 5 years. I am an attorney, but am hoping that some changes are going to happen soon in my husband's job that will allow me to stay home. I'd like to be able to have more time with my boys, and also more time to devote to DEAN! I live in Howard County, Maryland, and am very active in the Howard County for Dean group. Here's our website.

I have never been at all active, or even interested, in politics before. I've always been registered as a Democrat, but up until now, I've never done anything more than vote. That has changed this time around, for a couple of reasons. First, this election feels so incredibly important -- I can't imagine anything scarier than 4 more years of a Bush administration, where he doesn't even need to worry about being re-elected. So working to get W out of the White House is something I am doing for my kids. But the main reason I have been so active and involved is because I've "discovered" Howard Dean. I agree with Dean's stands on *almost* all of the issues, but more importantly, I trust him. So I am able to "forgive" him on those issues where we part ways. Additionally, the Dean campaign has truly made me believe that I can make a difference -- and that is so exciting. I would never have thought it possible to have a true "grassroots" campaign on a national scale, but that's exactly what DeanforAmerica is. And I am immensely proud to be a part of it!

Blog name: dc

Hello American Friends. My name is Daniel C. I’m 47 yo living in San Jose, California- the southern end of “Silicon Valley.” Raised in a military family (USAF), we traveled the world during the Vietnam and
Cold War eras. In 4 years of high school, I attended 4 different schools on 3 different continents while living in 8 different houses. I still love to travel, but as you can imagine, I’m not fond of moving.
After a 4 year enlistment (USAF), I earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (and a business minor) at the U. of Colorado, Colorado Springs then landed in the Bay Area working for a laser company where
I’ve remained for 15 years. After 1st marriage divorce, I raised my toddler daughter alone. My how much one learns as a single parent!

Brigette and I met 10 years ago, fell deeply in love, and blended our families. It’s been the very best years of my life ever since. We purchased a home, raised our kids and started a successful small
business- 3D Preschool-my wife is the CEO! Yes, I’ve taken early childhood development classes and can “teach” preschool, but I’m sticking to the laser business for now, hoping for an IPO.

First and foremost, I am an environmentalist. Growing up, I saw the replanted forests of war-torn Europe, the bombed and dynamited coral reefs of the Indo-China sea, skies polluted orange in the US Midwest,
and everywhere, more people. Engaging the environmental movement, I learned our earth is experiencing the greatest extinction event in 65 million years, that ocean fisheries have largely collapsed, that ecosystems from rain forest to everglades to artic tundra to coral reef are declining worldwide, and that the very temperature of the earth is climbing.

On this earth, a fundamental power structure is derived by energy industrial conglomerates. They have cornered the most powerful government office on earth- the Presidency of the United States of
America and they control media presentation of the presidential message to the American people. The result is a litany of the worst possible environmental nightmares. Simple examples- drill in ANWR and you get 6 months of oil supply 10 years from now; nuclear power is absolutely untenable in a free market; the source of all conflict, terrorism, and instability in the middle east is a 3 letter word- o-i-l; right now the technology exists for every single building in America to produce enough energy for itself that it nets zero cost from the power grid. Under George W. Bush, environmentalists are labeled extremists, war is peace, the earth is a slush fund to payback political supporters, and children will pay.

When I heard Howard Dean speak forcefully against the Iraq war, I perked up and investigated. The Doctor’s secret weapon is his energy-efficiency economic plan. The Doctor recognizes the potential of
distributing renewable energy generation to every household in America. The American people must gain power over energy. The possibiities: your electrical meter spins backward, your home is heated and cooled by thermal exchange with the earth, your automobile gets amazing miles per gallon and omits no pollutant, free markets return (no more opec, Cheney, nuclear, Enron, coal-bed methane), renewable energy jobs in America can’t be off-shored, illnesses are reduced as pollutants fall,
nature returns...

My wife and I have both reached an all-time high level of political involvement and commitment with the Howard Dean campaign. Our combined perspectives, as early childhood specialists, small business owners, a high tech worker, parents, environmentalists, a military veteran, home owners, registered independent California voters, world travellers, and Americans lead us undeniably to support Howard Dean. Thank you Dr. Dean, because with you we still have hope!

Blog name: DCDenverPortland

I spend far too much time reading the blog, and don't post as often as I should. However, reading the blog keeps me going in these insane times.

DC is home, attended graduate school in Denver, and landed in Portland, OR for work. I started my anti-Bush tirade while watching the presidential motorcade lined up at to pick him up for his inaugural ride...and noticed he had switched the license plates!!! He took the time to demand that the "Taxation Without Representation" plates be removed before he got in the limo. That symbolizes, for me, his administration -- take away the voices of people who don't support his tyrannical policies. He's destroying public education, making a mockery of the Constitution, and focused on feeding his political contributors.

Come January 2005, I'm going back to my beloved DC, standing front and center for Dean's inaugural parade! And I bet he'll change those license plates to read -- Washington, DC: home of taxation WITH representation.

Blog name: deanforokc

This isn't a campaign- This is a lifestyle! I am Pam. I am 39, and I live in Oklahoma with my partner of 6 years DeAnn, my grandmother (Nana), DeAnn's son Paul (17), and a corral of domestics. I am a care-giver and a full-time Dean Volunteer. I am originally from Boston. I am a late bloomer, Aug 15th 2003 to be exact. I love Howard Dean, I love this campaign, and I love the feeling that I have had for the last 4 months. I Host MeetUps, organize events, I am the Out-For-Dean-OKC Rep for Oklahoma, I put together "Okies For Dean" , I send out a weekly Digest, I am Planning the Oklahoma Tea Party, started the "Faces for Oklahoma" album, and the "Show Us Your HQ" album in . States are encouraged to add their own Faces Album, and please add your personal DFA campaign office pictures to the album. We are going to Iowa in January, and will be staying with Darrell. Thank you Darrell! Can't wait for the Apple Jam! And the pickled fish!? My heartfelt thanks to all who have made this such an inspirational, and educational journey!. Spread the Love!

Blog name: DeAnn Deason

My name is DeAnn Deason, I am 41 years young and teach 8th grade Science in a multicultural inner city school of Oklahoma City. I have taught for 13 years and I am very passionate about my students and the quality of science education available to them. I am in pursuit of my National Board Certification. I never planned on teaching, I am actually a biochemist by trade. I covered a class for a semester for a friend and the kids contaminated me with the teaching bug. My beautiful companion DeanforOKC was the first in the family to jump on the Dean train. I wondered "What is she looking at all the time over there on the computer?"

If you can't beat them join them! I am constantly amazed at the events she is organizing here in OKC. I volunteer to show up where she tells me to. I am an Oklahoma contact for Educators for Dean. In my spare time I stand out on street corners waving signs, handing out literature and registering voters.

I wish to earnestly thank each and every one of you for giving me hope at a time I so desperately needed it. This is my absolute first experience in politics. I met Gov. Dean in Norman Oklahoma. ( I was the woman waving the American flag)...he pointed at me and said "Thank you". What a trip!
He was thanking me for waving our American flag. I wish to thank Howard Dean for really putting himself out there. Every morning when I stand with my students to pledge allegiance to the flag, I now do so with hope instead of despair.

Blog name: Deb Colorado

I am the mother of a 6 year old kindergartener, co-owner, with my sister, of an awesomely popular Mexican Restaurant near Vail, Colorado (high up in the mountains) where we hold our Meetups for Dean. I have been active in the Colorado Democratic Party for years and currently hold the Co-Chair position for my county. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dean when he spoke to the Colorado Dems in March 2003 and again when I attended a fundraising luncheon in Denver in last spring, where I was immediately turned-on. I observed the “energy’ being generated by the web and blog and after seeing that there were a few supporters in my area, which is unheard of over a year in advance of the election, I moved forward to help organize a Dean Meetup. I consider myself a Democratic idealist who values fairness and honesty in government and politicians. I was recently reminded of how deep my political roots are during the 40th anniversary of JFK. I commented to a friend of mine that I felt that we, our generation, has been asleep, dazed, unaware since JFK, MLK, RFK and Cesar Chavez, my personal hero, passed as leaders. While we slept, the GOP has taken over. We did not build the country we thought we would back then and now we are confronted by a dimwit in office whose backwards policy frightens me. Well the good news is the younger voters have helped us wake up and its time we move forward and make the country the country we idealized when we were growing up. That is a model of democracy, civil rights, human rights and environmental rights are what we live. A country that reaches out to others with compassion. A country where my daughter will not have to be burdened with a huge deficit. Where my daughter does not have to be embarrassed and confused when Mom, who worked so hard to get Al Gore the most votes, says that the other guy was appointed, even when he didn’t’ get the most votes. Making a difference for our children begins with us making a difference in our government now, before it’s too late. That’s the story of this occasional Latina, almost an MBA, Dean blogger from Colorado.

Update to blog family member Deb Colorado – June 12, 2006

Debbie Marquez (debbieforDNC(AT) is a DFA blogger who credits herself for being the first on the blog to suggest that Gov. Dean run for Chairmanship of the DNC after it became obvious that he was not going to become the Democratic nominee for President in 2004. As with many things on the DFA blog, this idea took off and not only did Gov. Dean become DNC Chair, Deb Colorado ran for the DNC in Colorado, got elected at her state convention and was there to vote for Gov. Dean for Chair! After two years on the DNC, Deb Colorado, the first Latina elected to the DNC from Colorado and the first rural/western slope member in over 20 years, she is now vice-chair of the DNC Hispanic Caucus – for the Western region and an active member of the Women’s caucus and Rural caucus. Her daughter, now 8 years old will be attending the next DNC convention (2008) with her. “I continue to believe today what I wrote in 2004 as a DFA blog family member – and more so! I am proud to be a member of the blog family, the DNC and having played a small role in seeing the DNC leadership go to Governor Howard Dean. I continue to work hard and fight for progressive values that will lead to a better world for my child at the DNC, state, local and national levels. I encourage others to run for the DNC in their states and help us build a better Democratic Party”, says Deb Colorado today in an addendum to the blog family.

Blog name: Debby

I'm a 38 y.o. stay-at-home mom of one from Indianapolis who's been interested in Howard Dean since I heard him on NPR last winter, speaking out against Iraq. May was my first Meetup; I went curious and I came home committed. I was lucky enough to briefly meet Howard shortly after that when he came into town for a speaking event. He was friendly and so gracious. Like many here, I've never been involved in politics before but I have voted and tried to pay attention. Howard Dean is the first person who's motivated me to get involved because I believe in his message and we're in desperate straits now in this country. I've contributed, I've written letters, held a birthday bash and I'll be heading to Iowa on Friday to knock on doors for the caucus. I've got the bumper sticker and I wear my button everywhere. My daughter wears her "Kids for Dean" button and is also a big fan! I'm here for the long-term. I can't wait to see Dean's inauguration!

Blog name: democat

i'm a 50-year-old mother of three, and i work in times square, nyc. i lived in france for thirteen years with my french husband, and we brought our kids up there to a point, then wanted to come back to the good ol' usa and have the young'uns go to h.s. in america. when i got back, it was just after the monica scandal, and i vowed to give my family a wonderful life here and a great education and something to be proud of. so i voted for al gore, and, well, we all know what happened.

so, now it's four years later, and i'm gonna work my heart out for dean, 'cause i see this as our big chance for change. my kids love it here, my husband's doing real well in his job, too, and i'm doing real well in my job. the thing is, all around us, the economy, the foreign policy, the government, seems to be taking us down the tubes. and after i built up to my family how great america is for so many years!

i'm going to keep on working for change in washington, so that my kids will have something to be proud of, being half american. we're not giving up, we're not going away.

Blog name: Denise

Greetings from the Bay Area of California! My name is Denise and I am a single 47 year old event planner for a prominent biopharmaceutical company just south of San Francisco. I am a native Chicagoan who decided to leave the humidity behind, as well as a boring banking job. I now plan meetings and conventions, having honed my skills on those parties I'd throw on Thursday evenings back in the 70's when mom was at bingo!. In fact, it was that decade when I started to become politically involved. I was disgusted with the Vietnam War and Nixon so much that I've been politically active ever since. I served for three years on the school board in Lyons Township, IL. That was an eye opener! I also worked for the Clinton campain in Chicago.

Howard Dean speaks to the issues I am concerned about, and he does it with a style that I can appreciate (All of my grandparents were from Sicily, what can I say?) He is articulate, passionate, tight with a buck, but most importantly, he is HONEST. Though I have no children, they have always been my soft spot and I will work hard to make sure they have an America to live in which I was blessed with. We need to make sure our kids will have excellent health care, clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, redwoods that contine to take our breath away, schools that aren't crumbling, teachers who are allowed to TEACH and not be muzzled, ALL books available to them, and a voice of dissent without fear of repriesal.

Blog name: dervish for dean

At 53 years of age I find myself living in Albany, NY, self employed as a small publisher and bookseller, selling mostly at interfaith conferences. In the winter of 2002/2003, I found myself yelling at the television set as the news of the pending war with Iraq kept unfolding (not to mention Bush's other exploits). I was screaming, hoping some Democrat with some level of experience would wake up and take a stand. I didn't care if it was Hilary or Ted Kennedy, anybody who wanted to really be the leader of the Party could have my support if they just stood up and said NO! in the face of what the Bush team is doing. But for most of the life-long Democrats they were too invested in the political game, in which taking a tough stand on an issue, showing real willingness to lead, was risky business. Too risky for most, it seems. Then sometime last spring I heard Howard Dean give a speech. His was a vaguely familiar name because the local NPR station covers Vermont political news, but I had not paid that much attention. And yet here he was, saying exactly what I had been waiting to hear. Calling a spade a spade, speaking in plain language with ideas that seemed pretty easy to grasp: democracy, equality, integrity. I think it was that last one, integrity, that really won my heart. Not that Dean was speaking the word, no. Howard Dean was bringing the atmosphere of integrity right out there, front and center, in his very approach to the campaign, and in his very being. Now, I refuse to believe that in the contrast between the integrity of Howard Dean and the absolute bullshit of George Bush that the American public would be so gullible as to vote for the current president. The contrast is not yet fully seen, partly because of the media and partly because for many people we are a long time away from the election. But when the contrast is perceived, when the choice--and a real choice it is -- is put before the people, I think the overwhelming number of Americans are going to be standing behind Howard Dean. And the legacy of George W Bush will be that his administration generated the largest and most successful rebirth of a truly compassionate society the world has ever known. This is, as others have said, more than a normal election, more than this person or that person in the white house. Certainly more than choosing between a Democrat and a Republican. This could be the last chance for a generation for those who have a social conscience, those who care (for real) about the environment, those who mourn the loss of a sense of community within our country, those who wish to see us as leaders in building a world community based on inclusivity and understanding--this could be our last chance for a generation to move firmly in that direction, and by golly we are going to do it. We have the tools, we have the candidate, and WE HAVE THE POWER!

Blog name: D Grubbs

My name is David, I'm 48 (until mid-April 2004, but who's counting), and I live in Harrisburg PA with my wife Diana, aged 37, who though not a blogger has been an engetic letter-writing, leather-scuffing Deaniac. I've done quite a variety of jobs in my life, including opera-house janitor, woodworker, milker of cows and hospice LPN; currently working in a group home for mentally retarded adults. Except for stuffing envelopes and such for the McGovern campaign in '72, back in my high school days, this has been my first real campaign. In fact, I was so disenchanted with the Democrats that until the GOP started getting seriously fascistic a few years back, I rarely even voted. This year, though, there was no question of that, so I was delighted when one man emerged who was vastly more than a "lesser evil" on the one hand or leftie's longshot pipedream on the other.

Diana and I have been active in the Harrisburg MeetUp and PA Coordinator's Council. We coordinated the tabling event at the PA State Farm Show in January (the largest indoor agricultural event in America-- our booth was directly across the aisle from Rick Santorum's and I got a chance to talk with him about S. 1980). Immediately afterward, we took the bus to Iowa for the Perfect Storm, which was where CNN (well after the fact, in their "True Believers" documentary) gave me my 15 seconds of fame when they featured someone singing the "We Want Howard" song that I made up to the tune of "Frere Jacques" at the Cedar Rapids IA rally when I got bored with the stupid monotonous chanting.

It wasn't until I was trying to figure out the returns for the Maine Caucus on the night of February 8 that I really discovered the blog. Since then, my wife has sometimes complained of being a "blog widow," so I try not to get too carried away with it.

In mid-February, as the active campaign was coming to its untimely end, we were still going door-to-door collecting petition signatures to put the Governor and his delegates on the PA Primary ballot. We got involved with subsequent visability events and waited for Phase II to roll out. Our MeetUp is still doing well; in March we had a reporter from the local NPR affiate in attendance, who did a piece on the local Deaniacs' future plans. We have three Dean-inspired candidates running here in the midstate: Lois Herr, who is running for Congress in the PA 16th congressional district, and Dan Holt and Ben Donahower for the PA House of Representatives in the 106th and 43rd districts, respectively.

In other news, my wife's job at the Earthlink call center here has been sent sailing away to some exotic foreign land on the other side of the planet, so we're a little up in the air here.

Blog name: Diana in northern Virginia

Hi--I'm a marketing services manager for a large corporation in Reston, Virginia. I'm in my third year of studying to be a priestess in the Dianic tradition, and in my spare time (?) I'm writing my seventh novel. My husband and I live here in conservative old northern Virginia with two beagles (both Democrats) named Missy and Molly. (Our sons have grown up and moved to San Diego and Baltimore.) My husband and I have always voted, served as election officers, and supported local Democratics running for office. Although I was active in pro-choice politics in the early 90's, I haven't been active politically until June 2003, when my sister urged me to attend a Meetup! BD (before Dean) I had never in my life given money to a candidate. Now I'm batting $100 and spending most of my spare time working for Dean in the daylight hours and blogging at night!

Blog name: Diane B

Diane B. in FL, 51, poet, homemaker, married 29 years, born and raised in southwest Ohio. Lives now in Central Florida. I found Dean while researching candidates for the MoveOn vote. [And, yes, even back then, my pick was Dean.] I love this campaign for its inclusion and reason.

I love the Blog. I love the nerds, the policy wonks, the plain folks telling us in every entry what their interests are, what their little place in the world is like. I love the shared hope, the knowledge that everyone is doing what they can, when they can, to refresh and reform the American Dream. You can find my Dean gear shop, which has a variety of images and items here.

Blog name: Dina in Seattle

I'm a 51-year-old artist, costume designer, writer, dancer who works at home. I've never been politically active before. I've never felt like part of a movement. All I did was vote. That's all changed this year.

Since 2000 (and before) I've been disgusted and cynical about our government. Now I feel hope and optimism at the prospect of a Dean presidency. I want to feel proud of my country once again. I'll work to make it happen. I contribute money, write letters, attend Meetings, and talk up Dean to everyone I can. I plan to entertain at a fundraising party, and I got other dancers to do the same. I want to be a precinct victory captain. My husband thinks I'm a little obsessed, but he's proud of me.

You don't know how unlike me this is. I wrote an impassioned email to my sister about my commitment to Dean, and she replied, "Who are you and what have you done with my sister?" Another friend who was apolitical told me my enthusiasm won her over and now she wants to participate.

I feel so welcomed in the Dean campaign in spite of my political inexperience. I'm quite happy hanging out with the bloggers too. It's like a huge circle of smart, funny, energetic, optimistic friends, all of us part of history-in-the-making. Click here to see Dina's "who we are" poster--she's the one wearing the Carmen Miranda costume and posing with "Flat Howard".

Blog name: Distracted

I am 18 years old, a student at Hope College in Michigan, and a liberal since I was old enough to care. I can't stand lattes, and I don't even have a car, let alone a Volvo. I'm studying physics, but my other passion is social justice, which leads me inevitably to politics. I came to the Dean campaign
through the blog.

Other than that, I am a confirmed news junkie, a flute player, a fan of good jazz music, and a J.R.R. Tolkien freak.

Blog name: Donna in Evanston

I am a former business manager who retired to attend graduate school on a full time basis. I have always considered myself to be a writer who doesn't write, and a political observer who doesn't get involved. The Howard Dean campaign has changed all that for me. I write on the blog comments of course, but I also write letters to Iowa. I am now so involved in our movement that sometimes I think that I am the Presidential candidate. I attend MeetUps, House Parties, Fundraiser events, and I am available for weddings and bar mitzvahs too, if it helps Dean get elected. I am happily married to a man who has accepted that he will only see the back of my head until the election, because I am always facing the computer. My two kids are grown, so I have replaced them with a puppy for Dean named Sydney.

Blog name: Duane in Chicago

I'm a 34 year old Architect in Chicago. I've always voted in every election and am a registered Democrat. I'm engaged to a great woman who happens to be an Independant and is a big Dean supporter too.

I've been "Dean" since June 2003 and plan on being "Dean" for his incumbant election in 2008.

Blog name: Elaine in CA

I am 46, and I am one of those ‘born in November’ birthday people like Gov. Dean. November 5th. I am a stay at home mom, RN wanting a new direction, and live with my family in California, my husband, two children and our dogs. I was born in Germany into a large southern USAF family. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I had lived in any house or city for more than two years. I went to so many schools that there was never room on an employment application to list them all. My husband, USNA class of 78, and I came to the Bay area of California after deciding the military separations, 6 month+ deployments, were too hard on our family. I came to the Dean campaign in July of 2002 after hearing Dr. Dean give his restoration speech via DVD at a meet-up. I had just heard of Dr. Dean on the on line election. I was very impressed with what I read, and the number of people who voted for him. I have never been active in politics and never donated to a campaign until now. The most I ever did was to volunteer at my kids schools and go on field trips. But I did take my kids to hear Al Gore speak in San Jose and Bill Clinton in Oakland. In fact many of the teachers at my sons high school were all there, we couldn’t get to the front to shake Bill’s hand because they wouldn’t let us in, they didn’t look behind themselves to see one of their own students wanted to meet the President. We were very concerned about the state of our democracy after the last Presidential election and have been waiting for our chance to ensure the future of our children.

Before we learned of Howard Dean our youngest child had been recently diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, we almost lost him the night he was diagnosed, and I was looking for a candidate who would put children’s medical research high on the list of his priorities. Someone whom I could feel comfortable with believing he understood the difficult life kids with high risk chronic health conditions faced. For the first few months of dealing with diabetes and learning to accept that we and our child would have to live with it, my husband and I were in a state of grief that was very painful. Our hearts literally ached all day and night. Often all we could think about was finding a cure as our child was looking at thousands of shots and a much more complicated life with terrible long term health risks. Amazingly our child accepted it and the insulin shots more easily than we did. He has managed very well. So after hearing Dean’s positions and listening to him, I realized immediately how lucky we were to have Howard Dean come into our lives at this particular time. Our child needs someone like Dr. Dean to be the leader of this country. And as his parents, we want to know his interests are well served into his future as well as millions of kids like him.

Blog name: Elaine in Roanoke, VA

I have posted on the blog as Elaine in Roanoke VA for a long time. I first picked up on Howard Dean as the candidate I wanted as president in December 2002.

My husband, after hearing me rave about the former governor of Vermont for several months, went to a conference in Washingtion in March 2003 where Howard was speaking and came home a confirmed supporter.

I started going to Dean Meetups when I found out about one in Blacksburg VA in March 2003, then began to host Roanoke Meetups a couple of months later. I still am the host of Roanoke DFA.

Three "claims to fame" I am quite proud of:

*I think I first said of Howard Dean that he was "Harry Truman with a medical degree."
*I spoke at the first stop on the Sleepless Summer Tour in Falls Church VA and got to meet Howard backstage - be still my crushie heart!
*When I arrived home from quintuple bypass surgery in August 2004, I got a phone call from a very special doctor...I will never forget your thoughtfulness, Dr. Dean!

I became active in politics in my area because of Howard Dean. He remains my hero!

Blog name: Elizabeth in NH

I’m a 45 year old family practice physician in Concord, NH. I left a hospital owned practice to open my own practice not quite 3 years ago. It’s been a struggle financially (that’s why you don’t see many docs in independent practice anymore), but very rewarding in all other ways.

I was introduced to Howard Dean’s campaign platform while involved in a Peace group last June. I went to hear him speak locally, and was sold. I’ve since gotten deeply involved in the local campaign, and believe that like others here, my outspoken support of Dean has had a ripple effect on those around me. My office staff thinks I’ve gotten a little loony with my political activity, but that’s OK. Once Dean’s in office I’ll return to normal again.

I was never politically active until the drum roll started for the Iraq war around 10/02. Since then, I’ve taken part and helped organize protests, written letters to the editor, and now support Howard Dean with my time and money. I no longer attend a Peace group, as I’m hopeful once we get the right person in office, that sort of protest activity won’t be necessary.

We are truly a campaign of hope. We can again become a country worthy of the respect and admiration of other countries, but we need the leadership of Howard Dean and the involvement of patriots, such as those who populate this blog.

Blog name: Ellard

Bio: Andrew J. Resignato is a published economist with a Master’s Degree in economics from Florida State University. He is the director of a San Francisco-based nonprofit, an owner of a record label called Zeitgeist Rekords, and member of two bands called Pono and Pillow Pusher under my stage name Ellard. I was arrested in San Francisco on March 21 2003 for protesting the Iraq War.

I have been going to Meetups for about nine months. I lived in Florida for the 2000 election and didn't do anything but vote. I promised myself I would do everything in my power to help influence the election this time. Dr. Dean has heart. He has courage. He has compassion. He has charisma and he doesn't have cable in his house. He is a pragmatist which is a stark contrast to our ideological president. And last but not least believe it or not he is not angry. That is a media produced myth. Go Dr. Dean. Take our country back.

Blog name: El Payo

I'm 36 years old and work in Seattle as an advertising copywriter. I'd never contributed financially or in any other sense to a campaign other than by voting. But after the 2000 debacle I felt duty-bound to get
more actively involved in reclaiming the country from the corporate interest that our founders warned us would one day destroy this noble experiment in self-governance. Dr. Dean is the one candidate who lives up to the maxim of government 'by, of and for the people.'

Blog name: elpolvo

it means "the dust" in spanish... my name is dusty. a 53 year old native of new mexico living in albuquerque, i haven't met page or kathy flake yet but i'm sure i will before the election. i work in media, internet and TV. i lurk more than i post on the blog. i encoded and posted the video of
HD's appearance at the Native American Indian Conference in november that some people had trouble viewing, <g> sorry.

what excites me about the deanforamerica campaign is the bottom-up, networked model for a new democracy that is emerging. this campaign is truly people-powered and the star is NOT
dr. dean -- it is YOU. and it's great to have a candidate who is perceptive enough to see it and is humble enough to support, nurture and inspire people to participate and work together to take this country to a higher level of human responsibility and compassion than it's ever seen before. it takes humilityand trust in your fellow earthlings to let them grow freely wherever the universe and life is taking us.

that's something that can't happen from a top-down, authoritarian model of leadership. the world will never be the same now that the "new networked democracy model" has been born - i'm excited
to see it arrive. when our descendents look back on the 21st century it won't be sept. 11, 2001 that they see as the turning point for change - it will be the birth of the information age and
the new networked democracy model. (uuuhh... unless i'm wrong) <vbg>

albuquerque, nm

Blog name: EMKennedyLucio

Community college student over in Raleigh, NC. I support Dean because of his brave stance on the war in Iraq and his ability to attract younger people and first time voters to the poltical arena.

Blog name: emmas4dean

emmas4dean(Mary): I am 38, married with two daughters, 4 and 2, and live in the Shenandoah Valley, near Skyline Drive in Virginia. I have always been a democrat(since voting age) and have not missed a single vote in the Presidential, state or local elections. Democratic politics have always been important to me, but became disinterested in it for the past few years, seeing the Democratic party splintering and having no direction. Then I saw Howard Dean being interviewed last year and all that changed. I thought his views on all the issues discussed that day; taxes, healthcare, the economy, foreign policy were common sensical, logical and rational. Characteristics that have been removed from politicans today.

I want my two daughters to live in a world that Dean describes and espouses. But for that to happen Dean has to be a part of it, not on the sidelines, but right in the middle of it.Whatever happens in 2004, I hope Dr. Dean will always have an active voice in politics to guide our country and give it the direction it so desperately needs.

Blog name: ET in KC

I am sure this is a cliche by now, but I have never gotten involved or donated to a campaign before this. I am a 37 year old ex-Californian now living in Kansas City with my wife and 2 young kids, who continue to amaze me with there support as I spend most of my free time volunteering for this campaign. I host one of the local meetups (we currently have 10 in the greater KC area, and I regularly get over 100 people at mine) and have tried my hand at fundraising (house parties, Dean Team) and organizing other volunteer activities including trips to Iowa. Some of this can currently be found on my Dean Team page but I change that every so often and I wanted a permanent record of why I got involved in the first place.

When I started on this campaign, back in March of 2003, I was angry. There was this war, and the patriot act, and the environment, and so much more that I couldn't stomach anymore that I had to get off my ass, stop bitching, and start doing something. I had directed my anger at George Bush, but looking back on it now, I had expected Bush to be a bad president and he has exceeded my expectations. No, looking back, I believe I was angrier at the Democrats.

I was angry that they were so worried about getting re-elected, that they forgot to do their job. This has not always been an easy country. We had a rocky start and at times it could have gone either way. But we met those challenges head-on and did the hard things, which resulted in promise and progress. I could not just stand by while it disintegrated and those who were tasked with safeguarding our future, were too worried about their own. Through it all, what angered me the most is that they didn't trust us, the people, to know the difference between right and easy, truth and lies.

I got involved in the Dean campaign because I liked what Dean stood for and I knew I needed to do something. At the time, he was an asterisk in the polls, and no where near the top of the fund raisers. I stayed involved because of the people I met, and the hope that they gave me. As the campaign grew, so did my hope. Yes, Dean is leading in the polls and yes he is raising the most money, but what gives me the most hope is the number of people who are engaged and active in the process. The campaign became a movement. A movement of people and ideas. A movement of principle and action. A movement of Hope.

Blog name: farmboy

Born and raised on a Wisconsin Dairy Farm, Attended U of Wisc - Madison to get EE degree, subsequently lived in Schenectady NY and currently Troy MI. Married and currently 62 years of age, 3 children emancipated from the home. Our baptism with politics was the Gene McCarthy campaign in Madison. Last April 14 I had a heart transplant at U of Mich and was recovering over the summer. 100% disabled and recovering to the point that I can start participating. Initially favored Kerry but became less enchanted (still am) and migrated to Howard Dean. Things were going so well for Howard that I thought he would be a shoo in. Saw the scream treatment after Iowa and immediately sent in $100 to counter the media. Since then attended meet up, put Dean signs in our lawn and wore Dean tee shirts in the local mall. Went to see Howard at local rally and was impressed. Joined the local Democratic party and will be promoting Howard Dean objectives, especially balanced budget and small business promotion. Will be participating with the Dean effort what ever it does to promote his objectives which are mine.

Blog name: flixfreak (in OK)

I am 32 years old and an attorney in Oklahoma City. I became interested in Howard Dean in late July/early August when he was on the cover of the various news magazines. The extensive coverage he got caught my attention and I checked out his website and was immediately "hooked." After reading his
positions on various issues, I sat down for dinner with my family and told them that I had found the person I was going to vote for in the Presidential election. My dad asked me who it was, and I told him, "Howard Dean." I then dragged my mom to a Presidential candidate forum in Stillwater, OK (about an
hour from our house) so she could see who this "Howard Dean" person was I kept talking about. She was just as impressed as I was, and immediately became a Howard Dean supporter, too. While seeing Howard Dean and immediately becoming a supporter may not be that unusual on the blog, what is unusual about my story is that I have followed politics all my life. Every election season, I read anything I can get my hands on, I watch any news program I can about the candidates. In fact, my parents usually ask me who they should vote for because I follow candidates so closely. However, I have NEVER actively campaigned for any candidate. Now, both my mom and I attend Meetups, flyer,
pick up trash in parks, attend house parties and wear Howard Dean clothes--anything to get the word out about the person who is going to give us our country back. Whenever we go do something related to Dean, we call it "Deaning." I haven't been contributing on the blog much since I've been working, but I read it every day--it's an addiction. I can't wait for the election. You can see flixfreak's response ad here--look for the "Ice tea drinking, red meat eating...Dean Supporters.

Blog name: FL Kate, Cutting-edge Kate in FL, diehard4dean

As my blog handles suggest, I’m having an identity crisis, midlife crisis, and post traumatic stress as a mental health (MH) provider from the collapse of MH services. I confess the Dean campaign has been my Prozac. I now have the power to lift my spirit up by my own bootstraps while practicing a profession which no longer produces income.

My husband and I first saw the good Governor over the summer on C-span and fell in love with his ideas and ability to articulate them. When we saw him in person at the FL convention, I had an epiphany that an important charisma factor may be lung capacity (It goes a lot further then Breck hair).

While I have solid democratic friends, they still do not get Dean—hence I’ve decided growing up inside the beltway and being radicalized while attending college in Boston in the 60’s has made me cutting-edge in the solid Republican, backwards, countryish FL county where I live. It was only at meet-ups and on the web where this 58 year old woman, former McCarthy campaigner, could find “water-buddies.”

Thanks Renee for allowing me to meet the blog family, and thanks to the blog family for giving me insights, inside scoops and getting to watch democracy in action.

Blog name: Foodies for Dean

Resistance is futile! I love the Blog's attitude, vigor and creativity. I'm Meredith Sayles Hughes, a writer and presenter, with a background in theatre, music and advertising, married to Tom in NM. My particular contribution to Dean's campaign here in New Mexico involves humor, friendliness, and a goal of disarming people. My role seems to be to amuse people, entertain them, win them over and them rev them up to go out and work their buns off for Dean. Or vote for Dean! Or both.

Foodies for Dean is a reflection of our shared involvement in years of studying food, collecting food history artifacts, doing programs about food, and so on. ( We are working toward turning it into a more accessible web site, on Dean Space.) We are concerned about a myriad of food issues and hope that Dean will ultimately have a Food Issues Platform put together by "foodies" from all over the U.S.

Are you a closeted foodie? Foodies love to eat, buy unusual veggies and other ingredients, cook, go to restaurants, support organic growers and sustainable ag, try new tastes, garden, feed their kids and friends well, travel with food destinations in mind. Foodies are not generally fast food junkies,
( though the fish and chips at our local semi-fast Red Lobster is remarkable, ) and have worked hard to improve the quality of school lunches and school vending machine offerings.

Blog name: Fran

67 year old former technical writer, I’ve worked with computers since the early 80s (I remember when there were NO personal computers) Prior to that I was jewelry designer at Gump’s in San Francisco for 10 ½ yrs. and then a housewife for eight years. I was born and raised in Texas but moved to San Francisco in 1962. I lived in the Bay Area (SF and Marin) until 1992 when I returned to Texas to be closer to my mother. She’ll be 91 in January. I’m an avid gardener although I’m being tried her in Texas where, as my cousin says, “Gardening is a challenge”. I recently found out that I have a type of RA. I also had a disaster with a failed orthopedic surgery that caused me to have six more surgeries in two years and resulted in my right wrist being fused.

My husband and I belong to a pet rescue organization that rescues cats and dogs from shelters, where they would otherwise be killed and holds Adopt-A-Pets to get homes for them. We run the “cat program” and so our home is somewhat like living in an animal shelter.

I was active in the anti Viet Nam war movement and in politics in the 60s and 79s but after my divorce in ’79 I became pretty apolitical. I heard Dean interviewed on NPR back in the spring and said to myself “We’ve got to have this guy in the White House”

Mr. Bush’s economy has hit us hard because we were both downsized in 2001 and he has not found work yet. He’s a computer networking hardware designer. I am now an “Advertising Coordinator” (read glorified admin).

I’m a yellow dog Democrat and proud of it. I’d just prefer that Bush be sent back to his dad’s home in Maine unless I can move out of Texas. ;-)

Blog name: Fran in Austin

I'm a 51 year-old paralegal in Austin, TX, happily single (actually, blessedly divorced, but I'll spare you the details), and I'm allowed to live in a lovely, little, older home by my two cats. Despite having a master's degree in poli sci, I was totally uninvolved in politics other than voting, which I referred to for decades as "my favorite spectator sport."

Life changed in June when I first heard Howard Dean speak in Austin. I felt as though his exhortation to Democrats to "quit whining and get up off your rear ends" was directed right at me. I honestly didn't think he could win when I walked into Plaza Saltillo that night, but by the time I left, I did. Since then, I've given four house parties, registered voters, worked more outreach events than I can count, and traveled to Iowa as a Texas Ranger (with a return trip coming up next month). I'm serving as the volunteer coordinator in Austin and am blessed with an abundance of enthusiastic, committed volunteers who make my "job" fun.

I've heard Governor Dean speak four times since that first night, shaken his hand twice, and even stood on stage with him. Each of those events has reinforced what I knew that first night - he's a winner. We're all winners.

Blog name: Frank in A'dam

I'm Frank (in A'dam), a 34-year old software engineer from Amsterdam. I first heard of Howard Dean in February, when a Dutch blogger pointed to, which had a link to an article about Dean opposing the mad dash to war in Iraq. I went to the campaign website, the blog (when it was still, and later I have been inspired by the Dean community, and enjoy hanging out with all you folks. I hope that, come November 2004, we can all celebrate a new American president with sane policies, especially foreign

Blog name: freegirl

I’m a 40ish, female, small business owner who lives in New York City. I’m a coach / speaker / writer. What I love to do most is to help people figure out what they want to do with their lives and to give them courage to follow their dreams. I also coach business executives. Politically? I’ve worked for a Senator on Capitol Hill, but I’m a newbie when it comes to grassroots campaign efforts. The Dean campaign has given me a crash course: I blog, I give money, I write letters (to Joe Trippi as well as New Hampshire & Iowa voters) I attend Meetups, I flyer, I wear buttons, I do Dean parties…I’ve even changed parties! Why?

Three years ago, I can still remember when on Election Day, the broadcast announcers reported that the state of Florida had gone to GW Bush. I cried. I cried…because I knew in that moment that the election was over. I knew what that meant for our country. I knew what we were in for. Nothing Bush has done has surprised me.

You see, I always grew up believing in the strength of the American political system, that we are a system of laws and that no matter what happens or who comes along, the system will right itself. After all, look what happened after Watergate. We went on. But this past year, for the first time in my life, I had lost hope that this was true. Then, I found Howard Dean. From the moment I saw him on Tim Russert’s show over the July 4th weekend, I knew he was the real deal. Someone who not only was saying what we all were thinking, but expressing it in a public forum, unafraid. I love his courage. Howard Dean inspires me. He appeals to my heart as well as my head – and that’s the “Power of Howard.” I immediately signed up to work for Dean. Howard Dean represents everything I believe in and I’m so grateful to be part of this community.




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