We still support Howard Dean!


Can you believe the media is playing that tired, distorted "Dean scream" clip again? All because he dared to say that Iraq is not winnable? You can't "win" a trainwreck either--except by avoiding it in the first place (too late for that now--thanks, George Bush!) If you fail to avoid the train wreck, the best you can do is try to minimize the casualties, and that's exactly what Howard Dean is saying we need to do.

Howard Dean is not afraid to speak the truth. He's often criticized for that, but he always seems to end up being proven right. At Howard-Empowered People (www.howardempowered.org) we have set up an Act Blue bat, so that you can donate to the DNC in support of Howard Dean. Tell the world "Howard Dean speaks for me", and tell Howard "We've got your back!" by supporting his efforts as chair of the DNC.